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AC~DC: Turn it up LOUD

Comment posted by Angel
at 10/21/2007 9:56:39 AM

woohoo..have a great weekend Nukester!:)

Huckabee impresses FRC voters

Byron York writing in NRO

The results from the Values Voters straw poll are in. As I suggested yesterday, there is a significant difference between the tally that includes Internet ballots and that of just those people who actually attended the conference. Of the conference attendees, Mike Huckabee won with 51 percent of the vote. Mitt Romney was second with ten percent. Fred Thompson was third with eight percent, followed by Tom Tancredo, Rudy Giuliani, Duncan Hunter, John McCain, Sam Brownback and Ron Paul.

Looking at the tally that includes Internet voting, Romney won with 27.62 percent of the vote, with Huckabee very close with 27.15 percent. Ron Paul was third with 15 percent, followed by Thompson, Brownback, Hunter, Tancredo, Giuliani, and McCain.

Redstate – Huckabee crushes all comers

The FRC Action Straw Poll confirms that Mike Huckabee is the big winner here today.
In the online poll that the Romney campaign pushed hard to win, he only managed to get thirty more votes than Mike Huckabee — 1595 to 1565 or 27.62% to 27.10%.
But, of the crowd *at* the Washington Briefing, Huckabee dominated everyone else.

David Brody – Huckabee’s Grand Slam

I’ve covered a few of Huckabee’s speeches and he’s always funny and clear. But he took it to another level today. He was as sharp as a tack. He came with a purpose. Three purposes in fact.

First of all, he started his speech talking tough on fighting terrorism. The whisper campaign against him is that he may not be up for the fight with radical jihadists. Huckabee’s speech though was full of “we’re gonna get them” talk. Clearly, this weak on terrorism perception has been communicated to him and by leading his speech with terrorism Saturday and speaking forcefully, he addressed it head on.

Then he addressed the electability issue. There’s this idea that he’s VP material or can’t win a General Election. Huckabee riled the crowd up and said nonsense. They loved it and rose to their feet.

Finally, he came with a very straightforward purpose. He told the crowd that he’s one of them. He is a value voter. The crowd gave him standing ovation after standing ovation.

Ross Douthat – Who owns the GOP?

….the current Republican race is so interesting – it’s a laboratory, in a sense, for determining which interest groups really have clout in the GOP primaries, and which issues really excite the faithful. If Rudy Giuliani wins the nomination, it will tell us a lot about the real influence (or lack thereof) of folks like James Dobson; if John McCain gets the nod, we’ll know that immigration and (to a lesser extent) campaign-finance reform are more important to activists than to actual voters; if Huckabee becomes a significent spoiler (or, though it’s much more unlikely, an actual contender) then we’ll know the Club for Growth doesn’t have quite as much clout as most people, left and right, assume to be the case. And if Fred Thompson or Mitt Romney wins, it will reinforce the notion that all of the various issues and interest groups jostling in the GOP tent really are a package deal, and that the best way to take the nomination, now and forever, is to make sure you’ve checked all your boxes, even if it means flip-flopping like crazy.

UK: Racial profiling encouraged

How bad must it be in Britain for a senior police officer, the President of the National Black Police Association, no less, to be calling for a dramatic increase in the use of a policy which amounts to racial profiling?

The story from Guardian UK:

Speaking at the group’s annual conference, Keith Jarrett will ask Police Minister Tony McNulty and Sir Ian Blair, Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police, to consider escalating stop-and-searches among black people to reduce the number of shootings that have claimed the lives of another two teenagers in the past week.

The disputed use of stop-and-search has arguably caused more conflict than any other modern policing tactic and first achieved national notoriety during the Eighties, when it was blamed for precipitating inner-city race riots. Black people are four times more likely to be stopped than white people, according to Scotland Yard’s figures, which continues to give rise to charges of police racism.

Jarrett admitted he was braced for a negative backlash during his headline speech in Bristol last Wednesday. It is the first time that a senior black officer has called for an increase in stop-and-search among the black community.

Traditionally the association, which has 8,000 members ranging from senior figures such as Tarique Ghaffur, assistant commissioner in the Metropolitan police, to backroom staff, has pointed to the ‘alarming’ and disproportionate numbers of black people who are stopped and searched.

Jarrett told The Observer: ‘From the return that I am getting from a lot of black people, they want to stop these killings, these knife crimes, and if it means their sons and daughters are going to be inconvenienced by being stopped by the police, so be it. I’m hoping we go down that road.

When guns are outlawed, only outlaws have guns.

Comment posted by SwampWoman
at 10/21/2007 4:30:21 PM

Racial profiling in an ever so politically correct place? Whatever will be next? (And how did Bush do this?)

Half the country doesn’t like Hillary….the other half hates her

“… half of likely voters nationwide said they would never vote for New York Sen. Hillary Clinton, a new Zogby Interactive poll shows.” source

I don’t know why anyone would be surprised at this poll.

It does mean, I think, that the Clinton manipulators will be doing everything they can to either depress Conservative turnout, or encourage a Libertarian run by Ron Paul.

What say you?

see also: Why supporting Hillary is stupid, Liberal Journal

Comment posted by Nuke
at 10/21/2007 12:03:51 AM

So true.
thanks for the links.

Comment posted by ross
at 10/21/2007 12:00:24 AM

They are the masters of the politics of personal destruction. No doubt they’ve been working on Rudy already. That’s what they do. And when their target responds, it is reported as he who is attacking Clinton, or whoever.

I’d like to see it happen, her getting the nomination that is.

Here she is last year doing more of the same. And Giuliani took the high road, showing Hillary for who she is.

Right now there is no conservative movement, and a lot less conservatives than I thought there was. Way too many one-issue voters. It is the one-issue voters that make minority parties.

Comment posted by Aurora
at 10/20/2007 5:53:01 PM

I should clarify that what I think Ron Paul is really strong on is the shrinking of big government and the reduction of tax.
However, most of his policies are way off base.

Comment posted by Aurora
at 10/20/2007 5:46:10 PM

Nuke, I got a good laugh out of the title and pic you’ve come up with! No, we shouldn’t be surprised at the results of this poll, but I’m constantly amazed that this woman has enough credibility that she could possibly be the next president. The big problem is that Conservatives can’t seem to unify for this election. There are huge rifts in the Conservative movement between the moral Conservatives and the Objectivists especially. I see this as the biggest threat to the nation right now. We have to go all out and do whatever we need to do to make sure Hillary doesn’t get in.
To be honest, I don’t mind some of Ron Paul’s ideas but I think he’s so despised by large factions of the movement that he doesn’t have a hope of unifying the party faithful.

News from Iraq

One item from Baghdad, today. The news is that there is no news“……..Charlie Gibson, ABC News. Source

I expect a sea change in the rhetoric coming from the Democrat Party in time for the next round of debates, as the progress of the counterinsurgency continues to yield significant, visible results on the ground. Michael Yon recently predicted “some sort of milestone for the war in Iraq will occur early in the next year.” And, although that welcome milestone may be expected to get far less publicity than car bombings and kidnappings, my gut tells me that the Democrats will try to claim credit for the progress in Iraq by saying that it was their insistence on benchmarks that finally brought the Iraqi people to their senses.

Speaking of progress on the ground, Jammiewearingfool reports a “crippling blow against the enemy.” Even though I’ve heard nothing about this on cable news, I suppose I’m not too surprised. Charlie Gibson isn’t, either.

The day the music died

A lot of folks around these parts have vivid recollections of the plane crash that claimed the heart and soul of Southern Rock–Lynyrd Skynyrd. That was thirty years ago today.

Where are they now?

Of those who were members when the plane crashed Oct. 20, 1977:

ARTIMUS PYLE Drummer: Lives in North Carolina and plays with the Artimus Pyle Band

CASSIE GAINES Backup vocals: Died in plane crash

BILLY POWELL Keyboards: Lives in Jacksonville, still playing with Skynyrd

LEON WILKESON Bass: Died 2001 of chronic liver and lung disease

ALLEN COLLINS Guitar: Died 1990 of pneumonia, following paralysis from a 1986 car crash

LESLIE HAWKINS Backup vocals: Lives in Middleburg, still dealing with health issues from plane crash but sings occasionally with tribute bands

GARY ROSSINGTON Guitarist: Lives in North Georgia, still playing with Skynyrd

RONNIE VAN ZANT Vocals: Died in plane crash

JO JO BILLINGSLEY Backup vocals: Now a minister in Alabama, left band two months before crash

STEVE GAINES Guitar: Died in plane crash

Just how high could Lynyrd Skynyrd really have flown? Wonderful piece in the Jacksonville Times-Union. Read it all

Here is Lynyrd Skynyrd, from 1976, doing a live performance of “Searching”

Enjoy your boiled peanuts and root beer on this beautiful college football Saturday in Dixie! Later y’all.

Comment posted by Nuke
at 10/20/2007 11:32:00 PM

Nite RD

Comment posted by Robert_D
at 10/20/2007 11:13:17 PM

I do miss good southern rock.

g’nite all…….

Comment posted by SwampWoman
at 10/20/2007 8:47:27 PM

Wow. I read that earlier today, but didn’t think anybody would be interested.


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