Monday Blues

n2l sends a nice one from Johnny Lang.
Not a bad way to wind up the day.

Nite y’all.


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at 10/30/2007 6:00:16 AM

The right way for politicians to approach these issues is by putting the individual’s wallet ahead of Washington’s, an approach that puts property rights and incentives for hard work and growth ahead of government revenues. Understanding incentives has always been a key to the supply-side argument. It’s good politics and good economics. While the Party’s deep thinkers of today may dismiss it as hoodwinking, hijacking, crackpottery, or evil spirits, there was a time the Democrats were on the right side of the issue. Ask JFK. Our own prediction is that to the extent the tax issue drives the debate in 2008 — and we think it will be a big factor, though not the only one — the key point won’t be which candidate wins the votes of the economics faculties, but which one can show voters he or she understands it’s their money, and Washington should take as little as it possibly can.
That’s a mouth-full…and he’s right.

Comment posted by no2liberals
at 10/30/2007 5:49:16 AM

Nice piece on Mike Huckabee.

Hillary! Uncensored. It’s in the Times, so I guess it’s a story now….

This is a Special Truth-boating Post for all those who believe a “story” isn’t news unless it’s published in the New York Times, the following is an AP story from the Business and Financial section…..LINK
and Screenshot (in case they change their minds and take it down). hat-tip n2l

First came the Orwellian mash up YouTube video that portrayed Hillary Rodham Clinton as Big Brother. Then came a clip of her off-key rendition of “The Star-Spangled Banner.” Now, a stinging 13-minute video by a bitter Clinton foe is finding its own Internet audience.

The clip, a preview of a longer film by one-time Clinton donor Peter Paul, has scored more than 1.4 million hits on Google Video and about 350,000 on YouTube during the past week. Its popularity has driven it to the top spot on Google Video over the past two weeks.

Paul is a Hollywood entrepreneur, former partner of Spider-Man creator Stan Lee and convicted felon who has sued the Clintons in connection with a celebrity-packed fundraiser he helped organize for her 2000 Senate race. A California appeals court earlier this month ruled that Sen. Clinton should be dismissed from the suit.

But Paul has devoted a Web site to the case and his film, “Hillary Uncensored,” in recent days has been touring New England College campuses. On Tuesday, the film is scheduled to be screened at the Metropolitan Club in New York City.

The Clintons have long argued that Paul’s criminal record discredits him and in court pleadings have denied Paul’s claims against them.

“Peter Paul is a professional liar who has four separate criminal convictions, two for fraud. His video repackages a series of seven-year-old false claims about Senator Clinton that have already been rejected by the California state courts, the Justice Department, the Federal Election Commission, and the Senate Ethics Committee,” the Clinton campaign said in a statement.

Paul’s anti-Clinton effort is getting help from two technical producers who set up the Web site for Swift Boat Veterans for Truth, the 2004 campaign that went after Democratic presidential nominee John Kerry by raising questions about his decorated military service in Vietnam.

Robert Hahn and Scott Swett operate, the Web site that Paul set up in 2005 to showcase court documents, videos and news articles related to his lawsuit. The video trailer “Hillary Uncensored,” and the schedule for the movie are prominently displayed on the site.

Among those featured in the video speaking in support of Paul is David Schippers, who served as chief investigative counsel for the House Judiciary Committee during President Clinton’s 1998 impeachment hearings.

In his lawsuit and in the film, Paul says he spent $1.9 million for the August 2000 Hollywood fundraiser that featured such stars as Brad Pitt, Diana Ross and Cher. Paul maintains he organized the event because President Clinton falsely agreed to assist him in a new venture with Stan Lee after leaving the presidency in January 2001.

Campaign reports filed with the Federal Election Commission estimated the cost of the event at about $500,000. An ensuing criminal trial of Clinton’s former national finance director, David Rosen, on charges that he lied to the FEC about the fundraiser resulted in an acquittal. At the time, Rosen’s lawyer said Paul concealed the actual cost of the event from Rosen, a claim Paul denies.

The film also includes a tape recording recently obtained by Paul of Sen. Clinton thanking him in advance for staging the event, which he says is proof that she illegally coordinated the fundraiser with him. The appellate court ruling that dismissed her from the case concluded the call did not amount to new evidence.

The complexities of the case are all fodder for the video clip and the movie, spiced with clips of Hollywood performers.

“Her abuse of her power as reflected in my case should make everybody pause about entrusting her with the reins of government,” Paul said in an interview.

Paul is awaiting sentencing on his 2005 guilty plea to charges of stock fraud involving Stan Lee Media, the company Paul had wanted Clinton to join. In the 1970s, he was convicted of cocaine possession and of attempting to defraud the Cuban government of Fidel Castro.

Swett, who is running Paul’s HillCAP Web site, said the video has helped drive more traffic to the Web site, but that the activity is far less frequent than it was on the site he operated for Swift Boat Veterans in 2004.

“Then it was in the final months before the election and we’re a year out at this point,” he said. “There’s a lot of complexity to the Peter Paul lawsuit. You have to read through some of the documents to get a handle on it. That was less the case with the charges that the Swift Boat Veterans and POWs were making against John Kerry.”


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Comment posted by no2liberals
at 10/29/2007 9:06:23 PM

Well, hey….the lefties call it the “paper of record” or some such self-congratulatory term, so I guess there is no turning back from the info now.
Will there be cameras in the courtroom, when she and her hubbie, the Horny Hick, are sworn in as defendants and material witness?
/i think there will

Huckattack from the Left

US News and World Report was a favorite read of mine going back almost 40 years. I first discovered USNWR when going through the Readers Guide to Periodical Literature while doing some research for a current events paper while in Jr High. I loved it. And, when I could afford it, I became a subscriber. It was probably the last news magazine subscription that I let expire a few years back. I just never read it any more. By the time it came in, the stories were cold, and the opinions, sadly, predictable.

I still read occasional posts that show up on some of the internet forums that I frequent, like this one from Bonnie Erbe which takes aim at fast-rising Mike Huckabee.

Erbe recycles a couple of stories that have made the rounds over the past few months, and breathlessly asks…

Destroying records? Misusing mansion funds? Helping a convicted rapist? Would Clinton still be a viable candidate if she faced such stories? Would Rudy Giuliani? Methinks not.

Oh, please.

Erbe, who claims to have covered Washington politics since God was a baby should be aware of at least some of Hillary Rodham Clinton’s numerous “stories.” There are so many. Story after story during the Clinton Administration, as well as the “Greatest Campaign Finance Scandal in American History” from HRC’s first run for the Senate. Maybe Erbe was out of pocket when Norman Hsu’s dirty money somehow made its way to HRC’s campaign war chest. Perhaps the Chinese dishwasher money or the Milberg Weiss money that also made its way to Hillary’s campaign is just the product of Republican lies, like Ms Erbe told Linda Chavez,

“I expect insecure people and especially conservatives to lie and play games.”

I expect very little from PBSers and progressive journalists like Ms Erbe, and they seldom fail to meet my expectations. Why is it that people like Erbe seem to fit the stereotype of the burned out hippie who substitutes nasty cynicism for journalistic judgement? This quote taken from her Scripps-Howard column as it appeared in the Denver Rocky Mountain News:

“I have a confession to make: More than 25 years ago I used an illegal narcotic. I’m not running for President, nor any political office for that matter. And the statute of limitations has surely run out on my transgression. So it’s safe to come clean. I won’t make you guess about which drug it was. It was heroin. And here come the gory details. I snorted it — no, I didn’t inject it. I was caught up in the drug culture of the late ‘60s and early ‘70s, which I state as a reason, not an excuse. And, oh yes, prior to trying heroin I smoked a lot of different types of marijuana and hashish (yes, inhaling all the time) and took a wide variety of hallucinogens: mescaline, LSD, you name it. Well, I not only survived that stupor, I excelled at high school studies and extracurricular activities during it.”

I do hope the Clinton campaign is “salivating”, as Ms Erbe suggests, at the prospect of facing Huckabee in the general election. It will be more than interesting. And, as I mentioned in yesterday’s column, it will be vicious…

Long stymied by their self-imposed quagmire of Dixiephobia, the over-the-top rhetoric from the Left, and wildly exaggerated claims of “theocracy” serve only to unite Southern Christians. Left-wing interest groups frame their criticism around their pet issues, but these early attacks signal a growing fear of the potential generational loss of Judiciary favor. Their fear will serve to drive a form of rhetorical arson in the general election that will make the current anti-war silliness look tame by comparison.

And, just in case Ms Erbe needs a few links to jog her memory on some of the Hillary “stories”, here are a few that I’ve gathered under the category heading “Truth-boating.” Enjoy.

Sources for this article: USNWR,, and special thanks to: Media Research Center.

Update: Hey Erbe—-guess what, it made the Times, so it’s officially a story now, right?


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Comment posted by Swampwoman
at 10/29/2007 8:21:12 PM

Is she supposed to be a writer or a gardener? Looks like a load of horse sh** she’s tossin’ around there. Hope she’s gotta garden so that there is a point to all of this.

/Probably went to the Carter movie this weekend, too, and thinks Carter is an economics God.

Comment posted by no2liberals
at 10/29/2007 8:08:51 PM

Well, actually…yes, yes I would.
Breathing in those toxic fumes has clearly effected her perceptions.
/brains gumbo…as opposed to Brian Gumbel

Comment posted by Nuke
at 10/29/2007 6:32:20 PM

you wouldn’t hold that against her wouldja?

Comment posted by no2liberals
at 10/29/2007 6:27:50 PM

I think she must have overlooked that little ‘cooking’ meth, as a weekend hobby, when writing this article.

$20.08 for Huck in 2008. We Like Mike!


We Like Mike!


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Hillary’s dirty money: Part 3,209,830

This article is a week or so old. I can’t recall if it was before the Chinese dishwashers started making maximum contributions to Hillary, or after.

All the dirty money scandals with the Clintons start to blend together after a while, till it just seems like one giant stinkhole.

This is from the Miami Herald

Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign is raking in so much dough that it’s hard for her staff to keep tabs on all the donors. Consequently, some embarrassing checks have been cashed.

A bunch of them came courtesy of Norman Hsu, the natty schmoozer of high-level Democrats who was recently busted on fraud charges. Hsu raised about $800,000 for Mrs. Clinton, who has said she’ll give back that money to the individual donors.

Now comes the revelation that Mrs. Clinton and several other Democrats, including presidential candidates John Edwards and Joe Biden, accepted contributions from trial lawyers implicated in a sleazy kickback scheme.

The facts, as reported in The New York Times, make it difficult to believe that taking money from these characters was an innocent oversight. The scandal was already in full bloom, and well publicized, when the candidates banked the donations.

At the center of the case is the New York law firm of Milberg Weiss, which made billions in legal fees by initiating class-action suits against large, publicly traded corporations.

The firm’s approach was aggressive and effective. When a company’s stock dropped significantly, Milberg Weiss would quickly sue, having recruited a shareholder as a plaintiff.

Typically, the lawsuit accused executives of misleading or defrauding investors. More often than not, the company would settle the case for big bucks in order to avoid a trial.

Milberg Weiss soon became the leading class-action firm in the country, though its activities drew the scrutiny of federal investigators. In May 2006, the firm was indicted for fraud and bribery.

Prosecutors called it a ”racketeering enterprise,” and alleged that Milberg Weiss paid people kickbacks to act as plaintiffs in 250 cases. The law firm has denied all charges, but at least three former partners have pleaded guilty to conspiracy.

One of the lavishly bribed was Howard J. Vogel, 61, of Aventura. Prosecutors say he got $2.5 million under the table for acting as lead plaintiff in several Milberg Weiss class-action suits. Vogel and former Milberg partner Steven G. Schulman have pleaded guilty.

So has ex-Milberg partner William S. Lerach, a former fundraiser for Edwards, who is himself a trial lawyer. Lerach is also a buddy of Bill Clinton dating back to his White House days, and donated more than $100,000 to the Clinton presidential library.

The odor of the criminal probe has been hovering around Milberg Weiss for some time, but apparently many top Democrats don’t mind the stink. Twenty-six candidates, including Rep. Tim Mahoney of Florida, have accepted campaign checks from donors connected to Milberg Weiss since the 2006 indictments.

Edwards took $4,600 from Lerach this year. Biden collected $2,700. Hillary Clinton grabbed $3,000 from Lerach, and a total of $4,600 from two other former Milberg Weiss lawyers.

She has also accepted $4,600 from the firm’s co-founder, Melvyn I. Weiss, who stands charged with conspiracy and obstruction of justice. Surprisingly, a Clinton spokesman told The Times last week that Clinton doesn’t intend to return Weiss’ money. We’ll see.

Trial lawyers have traditionally supported Democrats with the same gusto with which oil companies and defense contractors have backed Republicans. Every party has its fat-cat interest groups who believe, quite correctly, that hefty political donations buy influence.

In this instance, the mystery is why Clinton and the other Democrats would take a nickel from anyone so prominently linked to such slimy allegations. There are plenty of reputable (and affluent) trial lawyers who’ve never been indicted for anything.

One possible excuse is that the candidates didn’t know about the Milberg Weiss scandal, which would mean they’d been living in a subterranean cave without the benefit of newspapers, TV or the Internet.

Another defense would be that they didn’t know about the Milberg Weiss donations, which seems farfetched considering the firm’s heavy connections to the party. After all, its lawyers kicked in $500,000 toward the construction of a new headquarters for the Democratic National Committee.

The final possibility — and the only believable one — is that the candidates knew all about the indictments and accepted the money anyway, hoping nobody would notice.

It’s not illegal for a politician to accept campaign contributions from a defendant in a pending bribery case, or from somebody who’s copped a guilty plea.

But it sure looks bad, not to mention hypocritical.

It also becomes extremely hard to position yourself credibly on the side of ethical reform, and to attack your GOP opponents for fostering a ”culture of corruption” in Washington, D.C.

There’s nothing worse than corrupting the justice system for profit, which is what Milberg Weiss is accused of doing. With the trials pending, the Democrats should have treated those campaign checks like an anthrax valentine.

Now it’s too late. All that is left to do is plead ignorance and sheepishly give back the money.

Especially if you’re Hillary.

Yeah, that’s going to happen


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Comment posted by money » Hillary’s dirty money: Part 3209830
at 10/30/2007 5:56:06 AM

[…] Read the rest of this great post here […]

Comment posted by Nuke
at 10/29/2007 10:21:31 PM


Comment posted by no2liberals
at 10/29/2007 10:19:51 PM

Guess I better take my chips and cash in.
A little late night blues.

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at 10/29/2007 10:06:29 PM

One of my all time favorite Loggins and Messina songs, and this is the only video of it I could find.

Comment posted by no2liberals
at 10/29/2007 9:51:29 PM

Yeah, I saw that burger eater story on the innernut, so between tv and innernut, it has to be true.
I can’t imagine the health effects being a “gurgitator” holds.

Comment posted by Nuke
at 10/29/2007 9:44:38 PM

there was a story about a guy who won the hamburger eating contest by eating 108 Krystals in 10 minutes.
Burrrrrrp, fart. Ahhhh

I heard it on TV, so it must be true.

Comment posted by Nuke
at 10/29/2007 9:39:13 PM

See? I wouldn’t have even noticed that!

Comment posted by no2liberals
at 10/29/2007 9:37:39 PM


Comment posted by no2liberals
at 10/29/2007 9:32:59 PM

Time for a little link dumpage.

Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week in review.
Inhofe slams the big green scare machine, and it’s loons.
Huckabee stirs up 3rd party fear.
Mississippi Miracle!
Siky Pony Accepts Federal Matching….?

Comment posted by no2liberals
at 10/29/2007 9:25:57 PM

Yes…yes I am!
I recognized the utility immediately, when I examined jkn.
I had been planning on getting a new puter, anyway, but maybe it was a premonition of events, as I began the migration.
/i vow to never install two or more program over-writes simultaneously…ever again

Hillary enjoys wide lead in poll

From Fox News

hillary.jpg Once again, Hillary Rodham Clinton leads in a poll. This time, she was top choice when people were asked which major 2008 presidential candidate would make the scariest Halloween costume.

Asked about costume choices, 37 percent in an Associated Press-Ipsos survey this month chose New York Sen. Clinton, the front-runner among Democratic presidential contenders. Fourteen percent selected former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani, who leads Republicans in national polls.

No other candidate exceeded 6 percent.

Clinton was the choice of four in 10 men and one-third of women. While a predictable two-thirds of Republicans picked her, she also was the choice of 18 percent of Democrats. Among members of her own party, that made her second only to Giuliani as the scariest costume.

About one-third of independents, nearly half of whites and just over half of conservatives selected her.


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Comment posted by no2liberals
at 10/29/2007 6:17:56 PM

I’m convinced…ain’t gonna be opening my door Halloween night!
Don’t need to being seeing anything as terrifying as that, right in my face, up close and personal…at my door!
/no sir, no way, no how

Huckabee: Secure the borders


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