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Mid-week Open Thread

Here are the latest clips from myway.com…

Pakistani Police Beat Protesters photo
ISLAMABAD, Pakistan (AP) – Police swung batons and fired tear gas at supporters of former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto demonstrating near Pakistan’s parliament Wednesday, deepening a political crisis triggered by the imposition of military rule. Associated Press reporters saw hundreds of…

Oil Prices Stall in Climb Toward $100 photo
NEW YORK (AP) – Oil prices stalled in their climb toward $100 a barrel Wednesday after a government report said oil inventories fell less than expected last week while refinery utilization remained flat. Light, sweet crude for December delivery rose 19 cents to $96.89 a barrel on the New York…

General Motors Loses $39 Billion photo
DETROIT (AP) – General Motors Corp. posted a company record $39 billion loss in the third quarter, as a charge involving unused tax credits brought an abrupt end to a string of three profitable quarters for the nation’s largest automaker. The loss reported Wednesday was one of the biggest…

Sarkozy Touts US-French Friendship photo
WASHINGTON (AP) – French President Nicolas Sarkozy, opening a new, cozier chapter in relations with the United States, assured an embracing Congress Wednesday that “our friendship and our alliance is strong.” Sarkozy also told lawmakers that such improved relations should lead to much closer…

8 Dead in Finland School Shooting photo
TUUSULA, Finland (AP) – An 18-year-old gunman killed eight people at a high school in southern Finland on Wednesday, then shot himself but survived, police said. They said the high school’s principal was among the dead. Police said the gunman, who used a .22-caliber pistol, was taken to hospital…

Discovery Prepares for Midday Landing photo
HOUSTON (AP) – Discovery’s astronauts aimed for an early afternoon touchdown Wednesday to conclude a 15-day mission that saved a space station wing and allowed construction to continue at the orbiting outpost. The weather forecast still looked good by late morning for Discovery’s planned landing…

8-Limbed Girl Has Successful Surgery photo
BANGALORE, India (AP) – Doctors in southern India completed a grueling 24-hour operation Wednesday on a girl born with four arms and four legs that surgeons said will give the 2-year-old a chance at a normal life. The surgery went “wonderfully well,” said Dr. Sharan Patil, who led a team of more…

CMA Awards Could Have a Surprise or Two photo
NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) – When it comes to surprises, the Country Music Association Awards usually don’t have much to offer. But even the staid CMA is good for the occasional twist or two, and this year’s best bet might be Vince Gill, who’s nominated for album of the year for his ambitious four-disc…

Thousands of Bananas Wash Up on Shore photo
AMSTERDAM, Netherlands (AP) – Thousands of bananas washed up on two Dutch North Sea islands on Wednesday after at least six containers fell off a cargo ship in a storm and at least one burst open, a local official said. “I think everybody on the island has a bunch now,” said Gossen Buren, a…

Marlins Shopping Cabrera at GM Meetings photo
ORLANDO, Fla. (AP) – Miguel Cabrera figures to be one of the big name to change teams during the offseason, with the Florida Marlins’ young slugger being dangled at the general managers’ meetings. On a day when GMs voted to recommend the limited use of instant replay, action started to percolate…
I think it’s time to go fishing………

Here’s an open thread till I get back.

Comment posted by no2liberals
at 11/8/2007 8:19:13 AM

This is good…real good!

Re-sinking John Kerry

From Davy Jones’ locker a zombie emerges,

A Purple Heart phony with political urges;

Assuring the press he regrets his Swift boating,

John Kerry believes his boat is still floating.

He readily admits that he got torpedoed,

But he’s up on his sail board, defiant and Speedo’d.

The arrogant fool believes his wife’s riches

Is enough to trump all of us Swift sons-of-bitches.

But John is a zombie, a dead sailor walking,

His brain is long dead but his mouth is still talking.

He needs a torpedo through his political heart,

Reducing his speeches to a bubbling fart.

Though Kerry pretends that his life isn’t haunted

By Vietnam vets he slandered and taunted,

The younger among them will bury this knave,

And stand waiting in line to piss on his grave.

If I were John Kerry I’d consider cremation,

Lest I lie in the soggiest grave in the nation.

Russ Vaughn
101st Airborne Division
Vietnam 65-66

Comment posted by no2liberals
at 11/7/2007 11:07:00 PM

Just about to drag my wore out arse to bed.
Yeah, been busy this week. Thought I might have a little time for some personal stuff tomorrow, until I got home and checked emails, and the phone started ringing.
I’m whupped.

Comment posted by Nuke
at 11/7/2007 10:32:54 PM

so did you make any money today?

Comment posted by no2liberals
at 11/7/2007 10:12:29 PM

Well, at least Swampie had sumpin’.
I got diddly.

Comment posted by Nuke
at 11/7/2007 8:46:00 PM

I hate it when that happens

Comment posted by Swampwoman
at 11/7/2007 8:34:59 PM

Oh, now, you missed a really important news item that somehow didn’t make myway: Watch Out for Falling Cows!


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