Saturday Strat

Eric Clapton is groanin’ the blues……….enjoy!

Nite y’all.

Comment posted by Nuke
at 11/11/2007 12:14:32 AM

Don’t you just love it )

Comment posted by Angel
at 11/11/2007 12:10:10 AM

ni ni Nukester!..I saw Clapton do an all blues concert some time ago..ah!! )

State Takes Bama 17-12

2007: The Turn-around Season

We had glimpses of it last year in several close-but-no-cigar games against the SEC’s best.
2007 is different. Those close losses are now close victories, and the State faithful couldn’t be prouder.
This one turned out to be a low scoring, tough, physical battle in Stark Vegas, just as predicted. The difference is the key plays that State couldn’t make last year, they are making this year.

Play #1
1st Quarter. QB Wes Carroll suffers an interception on his first pass of the day. Bama is in business, but can only manage a field goal.

Bama’s first two possessions brought them in scoring range, but State’s defense held them to six points. The game could have been over early, but a flat Bama offense was unable to take advantage.

Play #2
The play of the game occurs with 24 seconds left in the first half, Bama has 3rd and goal from the 2, Titus Brown pressures John Parker Wilson into an ill-advised pass which is intercepted 3 yards deep in the endzone by AJ Johnson. AJ takes it to the house…..103 yards.
Halftime score State 10-9

Play #3

Bama’s first possesion of the 3rd quarter ends with a Derrick Pegues interception and return to the Bama 25. RB Anthony Dixon did the rest, giving State a 17-9 lead.

For 2007, Mississippi State is 3-0 vs Alabama teams, having defeated UAB on Homecoming, and Auburn on the road earlier this year. State is now bowl eligible for the 1st time since 2000.

For Bulldog Nation, Life is Good.

More at

Comment posted by no2liberals
at 11/11/2007 9:18:55 AM

I see your chest cold is still bothering you there, Swampie.
Yeah, the Gator named Tebow was in a bird killing mood, last night.

Comment posted by Swampwoman
at 11/11/2007 8:35:16 AM

Lemme try that link again (what did I leave out?)

Red Mafia and its connectivity.

Comment posted by Swampwoman
at 11/11/2007 8:31:04 AM

Speaking of Hillary, Dumb Looks Still Free is looking at the . Very long and detailed.

Comment posted by Swampwoman
at 11/11/2007 8:26:09 AM

I see Steve Spurrier’s boys didn’t do too well against the Gators last night.

Comment posted by no2liberals
at 11/10/2007 10:20:32 PM

Bout to shut it down.
If any of you are still up, and you have ESPN2, check out the game. The best QB in the country, that you have never heard of is playing for UofHawaii.
His name is Colt Brennan, with a fascinating story of a young man who used bad judgement, and was given a second chance.

Comment posted by no2liberals
at 11/10/2007 9:41:15 PM

Oh yeah, I’m all over that.
/now I have to clean the skid marks off of my monitor

Comment posted by no2liberals
at 11/10/2007 9:37:49 PM

Guess she would blame it on the nearest little person, like a waitress.

Comment posted by Robert_D
at 11/10/2007 9:37:12 PM

Take a look at this.

Contribute And Win A Lunch Date With Hillary!

I’ll bet you are just all over that one…..

Comment posted by Robert_D
at 11/10/2007 9:32:48 PM

/you scare me too… (not really)

Comment posted by no2liberals
at 11/10/2007 9:28:27 PM

Can you imagine what she does to the environment, when she cuts the cheese?
/i scare myself

Comment posted by Swampwoman
at 11/11/2007 3:46:50 PM

I think I’ll go by a doc-in-the-box tomorrow. As for the link, the story was there at earlier (I swear!). Maybe it was taken down. And maybe I’ll hallucinating again.

Comment posted by no2liberals
at 11/11/2007 1:39:54 PM

Hey Swampie, found your post #41 in the spam filter.
The link is not just busted, it’s non-existent.
Work on that cold, woodja?

Comment posted by no2liberals
at 11/11/2007 10:38:47 AM

Not bad, but the Vols stopping D Mac wasn’t quite what you expected. Vols are sneaky good, and might be in the Championship game.
/they just might

Comment posted by Nuke
at 11/11/2007 10:30:37 AM

Yeah, I missed on the USC upset pick.

But, I did pretty good on the rest.

Comment posted by Swampwoman
at 11/11/2007 10:07:50 AM

The dilemma of the values voters: A vote for Huckabee is a vote for Giuliani.

Discuss amongst yourselves.

I am a proponent of the fair tax so am inclined to back Huckabee in that regard; however, I do not think that he has the funding necessary to win the nomination.

Spanish King Tells Venezuela’s Chavez to `Shut Up’

His Majesty, Juan Carlos knows how to talk to dicatator-thugs…..(h/t n2l)

By Bill Faries

Nov. 10 (Bloomberg) — Spain’s King Juan Carlos told Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez to “shut up” minutes after Chavez referred to former Spanish Prime Minister Jose Maria Aznar Lopez as a “fascist.”

The king spoke in Santiago during the closing of the Ibero- American summit.

To contact the reporters on this story: Bill Faries in Santiago at . link

Heh, I love it.

There’s a life-size mural of His Majesty at the Hotel Juan Carlos in Barcelona. If I can find the photo of Mrs. Nuke and me standing along side, I’ll post it.

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Comment posted by no2liberals
at 11/10/2007 4:53:10 PM

Too bad ‘Ugo!
Just go home, have your thugs murder a couple hundred of your citizens…you’ll feel better.
/but you will never be loved or respected

This week in the SEC….Nuke’s Pix

Oh yeah baby, where yat?

Saturday in the SEC, it just don’t get better’n ‘dat.

As hard as it is to pick against the home field advantage, this week will see some surprises, and some road wins. You read it here first, folks.

In the early game, Bama travels to Stark Vegas to take on the Dogs…….This will be one of the most physical games of the year, for both teams. Coming off a heart-breaking loss to LSU, Bama will start out flat against the rested Dogs. That will be the difference in this low-scoring affair…….This week’s upset special, State over Bama by a TD.

The Razorbacks travel to Knoxville, and this one presents one of the more intriguing matchups of the week. Darren McFadden is so good he’s scary. The Vols defense will get a test, but the home field will make the difference. Rocky Top will be heard early and often, as will the call of the hogs in a high scoring affair. Tennessee by a FG

Kentucky at Vandy should be a great matchup, but coming off an open week after being humiliated by Mississippi State, the Wildcats will have something to prove. Kentucky by 21

Auburn travels to Athens for the CBS game of the week. The road team has won 11 of the last 14 in this hard-hitting series. Make it 11 of 15 as Georgia takes a close one.

Florida goes to USC, on ESPN, and takes on the old ball coach on his home turf. All the experts are picking the Gators. Nuke’s 2nd upset special of the week …..USC winning with ball control and an inspired defensive effort.

LSU polishes up their BCS ratings by entertaining Louisiana Tech in a cross-state massacre. Although Tech dreams of the upset, the dream gets crushed when the game begins. LSU scores early and often and wins by a basketball score.

Those are my picks folks…..What say you?

Comment posted by no2liberals
at 11/10/2007 6:58:49 PM

So, if Kansas wins big over OSU tonight, and Lahtek keeps LSU under a half a hundred, will the Jayhawks jump big…being the only undefeated team in the top ten?
/i don’t think so

Comment posted by Nuke
at 11/10/2007 6:37:13 PM

Tenn has Vandy at home and KY on the road.

Comment posted by no2liberals
at 11/10/2007 6:23:21 PM

Oh…I thought you meant close as in the same conference.

The UGAHS still need for Tennessee to lose a game, to give them a shot at the conference championship.

Comment posted by Nuke
at 11/10/2007 6:14:52 PM

close==as in the same stadium.

Comment posted by Swampwoman
at 11/10/2007 6:11:32 PM

Georgia! Georgia! Georgia!

/Okay, guess SwampMan gets to eat tonight.

Comment posted by Swampwoman
at 11/10/2007 6:02:56 PM

SwampMan is getting a little impatient for dinner, but hey, he’s watching a movie and I’m watching Georgia football. He’s gonna have to wait (or learn to cook).

Comment posted by Swampwoman
at 11/10/2007 6:00:03 PM

I need to find out Nuke’s definition of “close”, I suppose.

Comment posted by Swampwoman
at 11/10/2007 5:57:16 PM

I think that fat lady is standing up and yodeling at this point (Auburn 20, Georgia 45) in the 4th quarter.

Comment posted by no2liberals
at 11/10/2007 4:37:37 PM

Bowl eligible.
Can you say snow in Shreveport?

Comment posted by Nuke
at 11/10/2007 2:44:33 PM

It’s final in Starkville
Miss State 17
Alabama 12

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