Kerry signs Form 180?

In a classic case of burying the lede, AP writer Glen Johnson revealed an interesting factoid, deep into his article which appeared in today’s online edition of the Boston Globe….

In May 2005, he began signing the Standard Form 180, giving reporters access to his full Navy record personnel and medical records — something he refused to do during the campaign.

Subsequent reviews showed those records mostly duplicated documents Kerry released during the 2004 campaign. In addition, they included numerous commendations from commanders who went on to criticize Kerry’s service during the presidential race.

kerry.gifThis is news!

(Or, it is complete BS.)

Having followed the Kerry Swiftboat saga pretty closely, and having blogged just a couple weeks ago that the grim milestone of 1000 days had come and gone, and still no Kerry Form 180 signature, this comes as quite a revelation to me.

What is even more surprising is the large number of conservative writers, commenters, bloggers, and readers who also had no idea that Kerry had fulfilled his promise to Tim Russert on the 1/30/05 Meet The Press….

So where are Kerry’s military records that were supposedly released by Kerry’s signature on Form 180 in May of 2005?

I can’t find them anywhere.

Can you?


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