Chuck says, “Vote for Mike”

I just received an email from Governor Huckabee’s campaign. They’ve produced their first TV ad, and made a limited buy in Iowa. Here it is. (also posted in comments by Robert D.  sorry I missed it.)

To contribute to Huck’s campaign, go here.

Sunday Open Thread

Inspired by Robert D’s lament


The Climbing Tree

We ran all day and climbed the trees

Without the fear of falling

But with respect for gravity

And always felt it calling

We rode in cars without air bags

The steel dashboard projecting

On slick hard seats in front and back

With no seatbelts protecting

We ate the food called poison now

And still grew into Titans

Because we ran or rode our bikes

And did our own fist fightin’

We heard an independent call

And hated slavery’s chains

We roamed at will and rode the waves

And suffered freedom’s pains

That one or two were taken out

Pursuing freedom’s verve

Was caution tale and understood

And served to steel our nerve

Yet now the children prattle by

In uniforms once earned

A tear comes to my wizened eye

And lesson hard is learned

The pain that you’re protecting from

Was once a stage of growth

So chose between a man or child

You cannot have them both


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