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Inspired by Robert D’s lament


The Climbing Tree

We ran all day and climbed the trees

Without the fear of falling

But with respect for gravity

And always felt it calling

We rode in cars without air bags

The steel dashboard projecting

On slick hard seats in front and back

With no seatbelts protecting

We ate the food called poison now

And still grew into Titans

Because we ran or rode our bikes

And did our own fist fightin’

We heard an independent call

And hated slavery’s chains

We roamed at will and rode the waves

And suffered freedom’s pains

That one or two were taken out

Pursuing freedom’s verve

Was caution tale and understood

And served to steel our nerve

Yet now the children prattle by

In uniforms once earned

A tear comes to my wizened eye

And lesson hard is learned

The pain that you’re protecting from

Was once a stage of growth

So chose between a man or child

You cannot have them both

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  1. I sure do like that one beto.

    Here’s a reason to shop Sears even more. You may have already seen this, but what the heck.

    Sears is voluntarily paying the difference in salaries and maintaining all benefits, including medical insurance and bonus programs, for all called up reservist employees for up to two years. I submit that Sears is an exemplary corporate citizen and should be recognized for its contribution.

    Read the rest here.

  2. It’s a good’un!

  3. Robert D, good to hear Sears step-up. The only problem I have with shopping at Sears isn’t Sears itself, but it’s customer base. The last time I went into one, I thought I was in Chihuahua, not Dallas.

  4. n2l, they have excellent on line shopping with some specials online only.

    Sears online

  5. searsonline

    Hope this works.

  6. If you like Mike, you gotta see this.

    Chuck Norris’ Presidential Campaign Ad
    from Ace of Spades

  7. I didn’t realize AoS had such idiots at their site.

  8. That’s a good ad right there, I don’t care who you are.

  9. They are everywhere!
    /ceptin here

  10. Did y’all see this post from Gateway Pundit from yesterday?
    Brrrr… South America Has Coldest Winter in a 90 Years.

  11. But..but…nooo…that has to be a lie. Damn VRWC…..
    / algore

    I did see that, sweeet.

  12. I mean…dang but that’s cooooold!
    Algoreia…such a twit.

    Well, the Cowboys play in town today, in about twenty minutes, which means most people will be at home watching, which also means the streets will be all but abandoned…it’s in the low 80’s…the sun is shining….I’m wearing sunglasses….I’m on a mission from God!
    Time to ride the scooter.

  13. Sounds perfect, have a ball n2l.

  14. The Cannonball Rally still lives, although much smaller.

    Cannonball’ driver burned across US in 31 hours

  15. MOSCOW (Reuters) – At least 30 members of a Russian doomsday cult have barricaded themselves in a remote cave to await the end of the world and are threatening to commit suicide if police intervene, officials and media said Thursday.

    “They have covered the entrance and refuse to come out and are threatening to blow themselves up,” an official in the local prosecutor’s office told Reuters by telephone. “They threaten to detonate a gas tank and blow themselves up.

    Why can’t they just leave these people alone? They’re only camping for cryin’ out loud, no guns, no trespassing, no violence. Just getting away from society.


  16. Just putting up some reading material for later comment. I thought this only happened in the south. 😉

    CLIO, Mich. – A police officer checking on a truck that got stuck in the mud at a city park was startled to find a 13-year-old boy behind the wheel. The boy’s father, who was sitting in the passenger seat, told police he had had too much to drink and let his son drive. The boy had been drinking, too, police said.

    “(The boy) even said he didn’t want to drive because he was too drunk,” McLellan told The Flint Journal for a story published Thursday.

    The rest of the story

  17. Robert D, good point. If they want to stay in a cave and wait for the end of the world, more power to ’em.

    /The suicide part if police intervene is kinda strange, though.

  18. Well there only threatening themselves, and if they believe the world will end soon anyway, it’s just a little quicker end. And I don’t get the point of the cave either, but let them be.

  19. beto78722, on November 18th, 2007 at 7:34 pm Said:

    Heart Attack Pokes!

    I’m thinking beto of many numbers just might be a Cowboys fan…..

  20. Which one beto? Dennys or the holing up thing.

  21. Yeah, I like Dennys, the end of the world….not so much. I still won’t go quietly!

  22. Oh, I do go quietly to Dennys. But I will not cower in a cave if the world is ending.

  23. #
    beto78722, on November 18th, 2007 at 8:30 pm Said:

    Beto of many numbers…..
    I like it

    Well then beto omn it shall be, if my CRS lets me recall that.

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