Giving Thanks Is For Iraq, Too!

I don’t know if President Bush will make a surprise visit to Iraq this year, or not. Personally, I hope he has the opportunity to spend this holiday with his extended family, and enjoy his many blessings. One of his blessings is now being bestowed on Iraqi citizens, as they begin to return from exile, in large numbers.

The figures are hard to estimate precisely but the process could involve hundreds of thousands of people. The numbers are certainly large enough, as we report today, for a mass convoy to be planned next week as Iraqis who had opted for exile in Syria return to their homeland. It is one of the most striking signs that not only has violence in Baghdad and adjacent provinces decreased dramatically in recent months, but confidence in the economic and political future of Iraq has risen sharply.

Road From Damascus.

Displacement and Migration Minister Abdul Samad Sultan told Reuters that 1,600 people were returning to Iraq every day. As many as 2 million Iraqis have taken refuge in other nations, mainly Syria and Jordan.

Tearful Iraqi refugees return, hoping for safety.

While I, and many others, view the developments in Iraq as a blessing, of course, there are others who view the developments as a curse, such as the conspirators in the failure of U.S. policy in Iraq, Al Qaida, the U.S. Democrat party, and radical leftists all over the world. What is good news for America, is bad news for those who view this as a curse. They should be accustomed to bad news by now, as these events are a progression of events, beginning last year, even before the Gen. Petraeus surge began.
Just a few reminders of posts from this blog since January, in descending order:
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13 Jan 07 Why 21,500 Additional Troops Is Actually Enough.
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I’m not clairvoyant, or even a good prognosticator, but a believer in the force of good over evil, the forces of freedom and liberty over despotism and tyranny, and of the ability of our President to convey what is important, and of our military to establish their mission based on a belief in what they are fighting for.
Need another example of “Hearts and Minds?” Then check this article, if for no other reason, the wonderful photo.
President Bush has been called every name in the book, and some that are too disgusting to be included in the book, and he has been criticized for every imaginable human failing extant. He has never waivered, nor has he faltered in his focus on what he believes is right, and now, even some of his harshest critics are beginning to(reluctantly) admit, that his plan is working.
I’m not here to be his cheerleader, for one thing he doesn’t need me too, he can stand on his own due to his accomplishments, and I have many bones to pick with him, but not on his approach to the GWOT.
I came across this quote from Amir Tehari, that seems appropriate, even though he was referring to Afghanistan:

In every war there comes a time when victory chooses its camp. That choice may take some time before it becomes apparent to those involved, but the more perceptive recognise it as soon as it appears on the horizon.

Victory chose it’s camp in Iraq over a year ago. Only now are many willing to acknowledge it has.
The Iraqis certainly are, and for this, our President, our military, our citizens, and the Iraqi people, can all give a heartfelt thanks.

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  1. You’re on it today n2l. And a picture really IS worth a thousand words.

  2. Wanted to add a few things, but they just didn’t seem to fit in context.
    So here is a video, and an older story.
    Iraqis Drive Al Qaeda From Ameriyeh.
    The War In Iraq Has Been Won.

  3. This is a very interesting article, N2L! I hope you guys are having a great Thanksgiving (it’s really too bad the Dutch don’t celebrate that wonderful holiday).

    Best regards,

    Mark Bogaers

  4. Oh, and something else:

    It took me some time to translate, but here’s a quote from an excellent young Dutch blogger, which I believe might interest you:

    “Today, … I am thankful to the Americans themselves. For their tireless optimism, for their adventurousness, for their newspapers and television stations, for their music, films, and TV series. But I also thank the Americans for their preparedness to sacrifice their own children for other people’s security, for freeing us from the nazi’s, and protecting us against the communists. I also thank the Americans for their inspiring opinions on freedom, capitalism, small government, and large democratic involvement by civil society. Thanks for giving, Americans!”

  5. Great stories n2l. It feels good to hear the good news.

    Thank you Mark, for the kind words from the Dutch blogger. It’s nice to know Americans are still appreciated.

  6. Hey Mark!
    Thanks for stopping by, and sharing that young blogger’s words with us. Tell him for me that many of us recognize the difference between being a conqueror and a liberator, and the American tradition is the latter.
    Continue to be a voice of reason in a sea of unreasonable leftists.

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