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The two-headed threat

Is there anyone left who fails to understand the nature of the jihadist threat facing this country? Anyone other than the leadership of the democrat party, and their allies in the MSM, and supporters of Ron Paul, that is?

I present two separate perspectives for your consideration. First is an analysis from Family Security Matters on the immediate threat posed by infiltrators, and the cover given to them by an American Fifth Column.

The second focuses more on the long-term threat, generational, and demographical in its nature.

Our country is facing what I consider to be the “perfect storm.”

We have a powerful foe in radical Islamofascists who want to destroy our country. They want to eliminate our constitutional Republic, replacing it with a government run under the totalitarian tenets of Sharia Law. And as they prey on the good will of the American people, extracting money under the guise of charity for the oppressed, they have mastered the American legal system and are effectively using it against us, even as they establish enclaves of radical ideology within the borders of the United States.

We have another foe in the American Fifth Column, a group of visionless lemmings adherent to the Marxist/Leninist dictums of Socialism, who promote political correctness and multiculturalism. This group champions a mythical one-world utopia over the principles of self-sufficiency, liberty and personal freedom. They promote a caretaker government that provides as many entitlements and services as can be established through the extraction of private income while empowering that same government as the arbiter of all societal parameters regardless of the liberties granted to us under the United States Constitution.

Lastly, we have an American citizenry, who, because institutionalized education has moved away from instilling critical thinking skills in deference to special interest indoctrination, doesn’t understand the ideology behind the principles that founded our nation. Couple this with the fact that our society has grown to be incredibly narcissistic, and you achieve a populace so apathetic and unaware of the critical events taking place directly in front of their faces – in real time – that their freedoms will have already been abolished before they are motivated to defend them.

read more at Family Security Matters

Next from Middle East Quarterly, Should Muslims Integrate into the West?

because Islamist jurists in the Arab world have considerable resources, they at times drown out or wear down more pro-assimilation voices. The collision between Western interpretations of personal freedom and some Islamist interpretations of Muslims’ rights and duties is inevitable. For mainstream Muslim jurists, Islam trumps all aspects of human activities.

Herein lays the challenge. Many ethnic and religious minorities seek to establish an autonomous sphere within multicultural societies, but only Arab Muslim jurists consider such an autonomous sphere to constitute a substitute for the liberal state itself. Many ethnic and religious minorities attempt to speak for their countries of origin through the political systems of their adopted countries, but only Arab Muslim jurists regard their Muslim nation as overstretching the boundaries of all nation-states in its political demands.

How then should liberal nation-states, using the principals of liberalism and multiculturalism as their shield, deal with individuals who resist their very existence? How can Western societies distinguish between those Muslims who seek a place for their beliefs and traditions within a pluralistic framework and those who adhere to a school committed to the destruction of that framework? Perhaps a good point of departure would be to understand that it is not veils that matter, but the individuals and ideas that are behind them.

Bush hates frogs

Rapper Kanye West went on a BDS rant during a live fundraiser for the victims of Hurricane Katrina with his famous declaration that “George Bush hates black people.”

Not to be outdone, Kieran Suckling (her actual name, no kidding), policy director for the Center for Biological Diversity, informs us that George Bush hates frogs, too.

Is there no limit to this man’s hatred? Heh™. source

Once plentiful across the Gulf Coast, the Mississippi gopher frog has dwindled down to just a few hundred specimens in three south Mississippi ponds.

A lawsuit filed this month in federal court says the gopher frog and four other species in danger of extinction are the victims of political corruption. The suit, filed by the Arizona-based Center for Biological Diversity, alleges Bush administration appointees to the Department of Interior overruled the opinions of scientists in the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and failed to provide protection and habitat for the near-extinct animals. [snip]

[Will] Hodges said the Mississippi gopher frog may be “fairly obscure,” but he said that is no reason to let the species go extinct.
“If we concede on the gopher frog, what is the next species? … you have to draw a line somewhere.”

Director Suckling and Hodges, whose official title is “Biodiversity Advocate,” (how does one get a gig like that?) forgot to mention one rather interesting detail. The count of gopher frogs has increased in recent years. Five years ago, fewer than 100 adult gopher frogs were known to exist. The headline could have read, “frog population triples in 5 years,” but then all of that BDS would have just gone to waste.

The Church of the Goracle demands a sacrifice

I can think of a lot of adjectives to describe the Gormon movement, but one just seems better than most:


Fox is reporting the latest sacrifice for saving the planet  —  human sacrifice, that is…..

Giving birth is a burden on the world. This is according to British born, Toni Vernelli, 35, who had an abortion 10 years ago to ensure her carbon footprint would be kept to a minimum, the U.K.’s Daily Mail reported Sunday.

Vernelli — who works for an environmental charity — was later sterilized to help “protect the planet”, the Mail reported.

Now, before y’all go saying this is just some isolated nut, I think you might want to read the original article at The Daily Mail.

Also, Romans 1:20, which may encourage us to call Gormonism by an even more accurate adjective:



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