Muslim “yoots” riot in France (again)

Somebody might want to make a quick search to verify this, but flash-back to 2005, and nothing that the yoots did in the French rioting merited coverage by the MSM. If you got your news from anywhere but the right-of-center blogosphere, then there’s a good chance that you didn’t even know about it.

Compare that to the present situation involving the yoots, and the MSM is all over the story.

Anyone want to bet that it has to do with the fact that Sarkozy is a conservative?

Eight people were arrested and 21 police officers were injured — including the town’s police chief who was beaten in the face after he tried to negotiate with the rioters, a police official said on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to speak to the media.

Interestingly enough, even Fox News did not mention the fact that the yoots are muslims.

[That is because islam is a religion of peace, and the rioters who have been quoted chanting “allah ahkbar” have nothing to do with islam.]

Get it? Got it?  Goooooood.

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  1. I’ve just driven back from London – listening to 3 hours of BBC news and no mention of this. Ho hum. It’s only to be expected I guess – because all of polite French society is up in arms against the nasty Sarkozy for trying to get the French economy on a competitive footing. He will have to have the steely resolve of Thatcher to beat the coalition of the feckless.

    On the other hand the poor English teacher in Sudan in prison facing possible 40 lashes for allowing her junior class to a teddy bear ‘Mohammad’ was providing a bit of Multiculti mirth. Poor woman.

    Pip pip!

  2. I said it over two years ago, and I’ll say it again…Le Quagmire!!

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