Thursday Night Classic

 Tony Bennett.

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  1. Ol’Tony.

    So I come in, from a long hard day, play with ma’boy a little, and put some food down for him. Then I turn on the tv and tune to the Packers-Cowboys game, and then I turn on the ‘puter. While I’m checking emails, I keep hearing this play by play guy’s voice, and something about it is familiar. I’ve never watched the NFL channel before, and seldom even turn on a NFL game, so I didn’t know who it was. I fix a tuna sammitch, and sit down to watch the game for a minute, and lo and behold, I see the announcers and not just hear them, and the voice I heard but couldn’t recognize was none other than Brains Gumbo, the failed and former liberal hack talking head from several different network shows.
    At least I know where he is now, so I don’t have to worry about him getting major air time.

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