What does leadership look like?

Huck is closing in

Many of us were pleasantly surprised when, after a lot of work, and digging deep, the Huckabee campaign was able to raise more money on-line in the month of October as they had in the previous quarter.

When the November goal was announced, I took a deep breath and figured that this time, Huck had bitten off a little more than he could chew. He wanted to double the previous efforts. $2,067,521.

More than Two Meelyun Dollars!

So, here we are on the last day of the month, and take a looksee……..Shows you how much I know, heh.

I’m fixin’ to drop a $100 in Huck’s tip-jar.  Let’s put him over the top!  Join me, won’t you?

Joe Biden on the US Constitution

Joe Biden, plagiarist, Senator, and would-be Democrat nominee for President, weighed in on the Iranian nuclear program (which, everyone knows, is designed for “peaceful purposes” ) in New Hampshire, yesterday …….

During an address to the Seacoast Media Group in New Hampshire on Thursday, the Delaware Senator said Bush has ‘no authority’ to unilaterally launch an attack against Iran.

“If he does, as [Senate’s] Foreign Relations Committee chairman and former chairman of judiciary, I will move to impeach him,” he added.

When asked why not impeach the President now, Senator Biden said while the calls for Bush’s immediate impeachment were valid, they might not have enough constitutional support. Source

That constitutional support is pretty important. Especially since the House, not the Senate, is the Constitutionally authorized body to originate impeachment proceedings.

Here is a link to The United States Constitution. Read it, Senator Biden. It couldn’t hurt.   (h/t Taranto)

can’t find a video, but MSNBC has a transcript

related: Barbara Boxer gets revenge for Clinton impeachment by blocking James Rogan’s appointment to the Federal Judiciary. LINK

Breaking: hostage situation at HRC campaign office

Breaking News from New Hampshire:

At 28 N. Main, Rochester, NH, police are resonding to a hostage situation at Hillary Clinton’s campaign office.

There are also reports of various bomb threats in and around Rochester.

Mrs. Clinton is not in New Hampshire. She is attending the DNC Winter meeting in Virginia.

Uodate: Mrs Clinton has canceled her appearance at the DNC Winter Meeting…

Developing…..CNN “a hostage situation that began at about 1 p.m. at the headquarters…. it is unclear how many people were being held.”

FoxNews confirmed: “Something is going on…” Man claiming to have a bomb demanding to speak to Sen. Clinton…identified as Troy Stanley…Leland Isonberg.

Witness says: “Man opened his coat and revealed a bomb strapped to his chest with duct tape.”

…more from WCVB Boston

…”An armed man” took people hostage Friday at a Hillary Clinton presidential campaign office in New Hampshire, police said.

clintonhostagetaker.jpgfrom WBZ … “We are trying to establish contact with the person inside,” Rochester Police Capt. Callahan told WBZ’s Joe Shortsleeve. He would not comment when asked if the man is armed and dangerous. Callahan said the neighborhood has been secured and they have re-directed trafffic.

UPDATE: It’s over, man surrenders…AP has the wrap-up

Check out Coz on the radio

Our pal Mike, aka “The Coz” will be on the radio, this afternoon.

He will be performing some of his original tunes, and talking about his faith.  Should be interesting.

Break a leg, Coz.

Go here to listen, aprox 3P Central.

It’s Friday!

Life is good.

Friday links of note…….

VH looks at Sudan and marvels at the tolerance and respect shown by the local populace….Feeding Frenzy

Dr. Bulldog looks at more fallout from CNN Debate-gate…..LINK

Sunflower Desert looks at Gun Control……

Politico on Murtha’s 180 on the surge …..LINK

LATimes on “compassionless conservatism “…… LINK

NRO on “The Party of Disbelief” … LINK

Sound Politics on “Understanding Huckabee and the social conservatives” …. LINK

So, what are you reading?

This is the World Famous Friday Open Thread. Your thoughts and words are welcome here, as well as trackbacks, links, or whatever.

WFFOT: “He’s thread, Jim.”

PS: Nuke’s PIX — LSU over TN, OK over MO, Navy over Army, USC over UCLA, Oregon State over Oregon, BC over VT


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