What does leadership look like?

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  1. I like it. Simple and to the point.

  2. I like it fast then slow, then…oh, wait…sorry, my mind is on something else.

    Definitely a short attention span plug. Poking around, I’m finding more people talking about him, and his scholarships for illegals is still an impediment for him. I ain’t asking him to go against his principles, but he does seem weak on illegals, and I think opposition to illegal immigration and border security is the winner for 08.

  3. I really like the commercial “What does leadership look like?” Of all the political comercials out there,
    this commercial doesn’t out right attack anyone and
    asks the question that separates the candidates and
    separates the political parties when it is time to vote.
    I have watched a number of people respond to this
    commercial positively and most of them didn’t know who Huckabee was before they watched it. The result was that all of them found Huckabee appealing and
    were opened to know more about the capbable likeable speaker that he is.

  4. I like it too, Benjamin.
    You know, n2l, I expect Huck to re-frame the debate on the illegal immigration issue very soon. There really isn’t anyone else in the field, on either side, with the rhetorical touch to pull it off.
    The crux of the issue is border security. A sovereign nation has the right, and must exercise the right, to decide the definition of citizenship. Lost in the debate is the simple fact that both the southern and northern borders are historically porous, by design. It has been a matter of national pride that the borders are largely undefended.
    That changed with 9/11/01.
    I have repeatedly shook my head at the fact that the Bush administration just refused to get it. The large majority of the nation wants the borders to be secured, and the government has not been responsive.
    Watch for Huck to reframe the debate according to the priorities of the people: First– Border security. And well down on the list of priorities — guest worker program.
    This won’t sit well with East coast elites, CFG, and the Romney crowd. Thompson will continue to try and demogogue the issue. But Huck will speak with clarity and purpose and change this liability to an asset. You watch. Remember, you read it here first.

  5. Okay, then. I just don’t want to see no flippin’ and a floppin’, though. Like I said, he has portrayed himself and his principles honestly, and to change just to be more electable, would be a sour note.
    As much as I have enjoyed listening to, and reading the blog of, Hugh Hewitt, I’m getting really tired of his tireless promotion of Mitt Romney, and his constant dismissal of Mike as not a conservative, but a populist.

  6. It’s almost as if the Romney crowd is daring him to run a populist campaign.
    That would be interesting.
    It would also split the party.
    The Main Street vs Wall Street argument is a valid one. I don’t expect Huck to carry it much farther than that.

  7. Thanks for kind words, Nuke.
    This was one of the earlier ads from the set. Seems to be the one that most folks remember.


  8. You did a bang-up job wp. Hope you’re gearing up for the next run! Thanks for dropping by.

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