Clinton fundraiser canceled

More from the Trent Lott resignation story, from WSJ, by Mary Jacoby….

A Dec. 15 fund-raising event for Hillary Clinton at the home of prominent Mississippi trial laywer Richard “Dickie” Scruggs is off, now that Scruggs has been indicted for bribery.


Bill Clinton was set to be the star attraction at the event at Scruggs’s Oxford, Miss., home. Hillary Clinton wasn’t scheduled to attend. It was the first event that Scruggs, who made a fortune suing the tobacco industry in the 1990s, had offered to host for Clinton, a campaign spokesman said. It was canceled on Wednesday, after the Federal Bureau of Investigation raided his home and the federal indictment was announced.

Unlike Norman Hsu, the apparel executive who raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for the campaign before it was revealed he’d been charged in California with fraud, Scruggs was not a Clinton “bundler” funneling donations from friends and associates, the campaign said.

Over the years, Scruggs has been a generous donor to Democrats, but he’s also given money to Republican candidates. He gave $4,200 to Clinton’s Senate campaign in 2005 but hadn’t made a donation yet to her presidential bid. Scruggs’s brother-in-law is Sen. Trent Lott (R., Miss.), who just announced his intention to leave the Senate before the end of the year.

Federal prosecutors in Mississippi have alleged that Scruggs tried to pass a $40,000 bribe to a state-court judge who was hearing a dispute between Scruggs and another lawyer over fees related to Hurricane Katrina litigation. Four others were indicted as well, including Scruggs’s son, Zachary, and another lawyer in the Scruggs law firm.

Hillary picks questions for CNN – GOP debate?

If I had a nickel for every time I’ve heard CNN referred to as Clinton News Network, I’d have a bunch of nickels.

So, imagine my surprise when I heard Bill Bennett refer to one of the YouTube questioners as a “member of Hillary Clinton’s campaign.”

Oh, really.

I waited for CNN to post the transcript so I could get the Retired Brig General’s name…..

Keith Kerr, retired Colonel., U.S. Army; retired Brigadier General, California National Reserve

Well, a quick look at Hillary for President website speaks for itself. Sure enough, there he is…..see for yourself.

I took a screenshot cache of Hillary’s website, (just in case).


What an absolute failure of editorial control by CNN. The lack of disclosure is a complete breach of the public trust.

CNN Debate transcript

Cool Carl has more

Busted: Trent Lott’s bro-in-law lawyer Dickie Scruggs

Ho-Lee Cow!

The Trent Lott resignation announcement keeps spinning off  in crazy, interesting, and jaw-dropping directions.  The latest?  Richard “Dickie” Scruggs, the Gozillionaire Trial Lawyer, mover and shaker, big-time political player and Democrat donor was indicted on bribery charges.

Here is the report from C-L

 Multimillionaire trial lawyer Dickie Scruggs has been indicted on charges of conspiring to bribe a judge in the case involving $26.5-million in attorney fees involving Katrina claims.

Others indicted in the alleged scheme include Scruggs’ son, Zach, former State Auditor Steve Patterson and attorneys, Sidney Backstrom and Timothy Balducci.

According to the indictment, Lafayette County Circuit Judge Henry Lackey cooperated with the FBI in the investigation after reporting a bribery overture to authorities.

According to the indictment, Scruggs and others tried to influence Lackey by giving him $40,000 in cash to resolve the attorney fees’ dispute in favor of Scruggs’ law firm.

Some of the conversations between Balducci and Lackey were captured on tape.

Each are charged with conspiracy to defraud the United States, coverting property and wire fraud. If convicted on all counts, each of those indicted face up to 75 years in prison and $1.5 million in fines.

What is next?  Stay tuned.

More (weird looking) 80’s bands with short names

From across the pond….The Clash…

Judge Charles Pickering for Senate?

Update:  G-Men raid Trent Lott’s Brother-in-law’s law firm.

The FBI confirmed this morning that a search warrant had been executed at the law firm headed by high-profile attorney Richard “Dickie” Scruggs, who successfully sued Big Tobacco and has represented hundreds of policyholders suing insurance companies over Katrina damage.

FBI agents were barring all but employees from the office Tuesday during the ongoing search, which has been ongoing since 10:30 this morning.  Agents are searching for a specific document that is “ancillary” to Hurricane Katrina insurance litigation.


Leave it to Trent Lott to not just retire and be done with it. Lott’s resignation announcement yesterday has given rise to a raft of rumors and speculation ranging from Trent’s wanting to be able to game the new lobbying regulations by retiring before they take effect, to his trying to get out in front of rumors of a homosexual affair.

It has also given us political junkies something else to speculate about…his successor.

The general feeling is that Roger Wicker or Chip Pickering would be the logical frontrunners. But I read something earlier this evening that I thought was pretty interesting. I imagine Governor Barbour might just be chuckling a little bit just thinking about the possibilities. From Paul Bedard at the News Desk (USNews)

pickering.jpgIn a longshot campaign to use Sen. Trent Lott’s retirement as a slap to Democrats, Bush allies are pushing for Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour to choose retired federal Judge Charles Pickering, rejected by Democrats for higher office, as Lott’s replacement in the Senate.

“It would be the biggest in-your-face move if it happened,” said one proponent of the move. Pickering was nominated for a federal appeals court post in 2002 but was blocked, in part because of his antiabortion position as well as charges of racial insensitivity. He was renominated and given a recess appointment but eventually withdrew his name.

Proponents of picking Pickering, 70, say it would also help to revive the issue of the role of judges and presidential preferences on the eve of the 2008 presidential race. Pickering’s son, Rep. Chip Pickering, and Rep. Roger Wicker are considered the front-runners for the post, however, and GOP sources close to the situation say that Wicker has the advantage.

Well, Mr. Bedard may be right about Wicker having the advantage over Chip right now. However, if Gov. Barbour does appoint Judge Pickering to serve until November 2008, then his son Chip might be a little better positioned than those “GOP sources close to the situation” might think.

On eve of St. Pete debate: Huck surges into 2nd place

Huck-mentum in Florida……….

By Gary Reese
Florida Insider

November 27, 2007 — Mike Huckabee has moved into second place among Republican presidential hopefuls in Florida, according to a new InsiderAdvantage/Majority Opinion Research poll of likely voters in the Jan. 29 GOP Florida primary.

The poll’s results serve to ratchet up the drama as the Republican candidates prepare to debate on CNN Wednesday night from St. Petersburg, and InsiderAdvantage and the Florida Chamber of Commerce prepare to conduct an unprecedented poll that will determine the winner of the debate.

Here are the results of the pre-debate poll, conducted Sunday and Monday nights:

Question: “If the Florida Republican presidential primary election were held today, would you vote for…”

Rudy Giuliani (26%)
Mike Huckabee (17%)
John McCain (13%)
Mitt Romney (12%)
Fred Thompson (9%)
Ron Paul (3%)
Duncan Hunter (1%)
Tom Tancredo (1%)
Undecided (18%)

The poll was conducted Nov. 25 and 26 among 675 likely voters in the January Republican primary. It has a margin of error of about three-and-a-half percent. Southern Political Report

Still a large swath of undecided voters. This race is completely up for grabs.

Another grim milestone

from…  10,000 islamic terror attacks since 9/11

In the mind-numbing aftermath of 9/11, who would have guessed that within just a few years American politicians would be campaigning on promises to ensure the comfort of incarcerated terrorists… that Hollywood writers would be generating reams of scripts replete with noble Muslim characters persecuted by fictitious American bigots… that footbaths would be making their way into airports and public universities… or that Muslim travelers would be chasing lawsuit dollars by scaring the hell out of fellow airline passengers with deliberately provocative behavior.

Welcome to this brave, new world, where even Osama bin Laden must be shaking his head over the spasm of Western butt-kissing that follows high-profile Islamic terror. Each new attack in the name of Allah seems to bring a fresh round of public groveling to the religion that inspires it – even if we can count on one hand the number of Muslims courageously calling the Islamic world to accountability for the violence. (h/t Rene’)

It is as much the responsibility of the Democratic Party to separate themselves from radical leftists as it is for moderate Muslims to separate themselves from radical Islamists.

The convergence of the radical left and radical islamists is the mortal enemy of Western democracy.


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