Is Global Warming Manmade?

Politicians all over the world want to save us from global warming by banning coal-fired power plants, imposing carbon taxes, setting impossible fuel efficiency targets for cars, and offering huge subsidies for wind mills and solar panels.

Few if any of them have ever bothered to question whether the global warming they are so scared of is caused by mankind’s use of oil and coal or is simply a natural variation in the Earth’s climate. Instead they rely on Al Gore’s movie and what the press tells them of reports from the United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).

We all know how much to trust the U.N. And most of us know how much to trust Algore.

Some say the Earth is always either warming or cooling and nothing can be done about it. Then there are those who cite data from ice cores that show temperature rise precedes rather than follows growth in carbon dioxide levels.

I’ve said before that warming and cooling of the planet is cyclical. But that second sentence is indeed scary. What if we do adopt new rules and reduce the carbon footprint, only to find out that they had it backward? That creates another Ice Age like we just came out of, only worse because of removing more C02. Take another look at this chart.

Cyclical? Look at the COLD part in comparison to the warm part. See a pattern there? The COLD TRENCHES ARE GETTING DEEPER! We are being led down a dangerous path so some with big egos, and very little real concern, can control something and make a little more cash. It’s time to take a stand. You make the decision, where do you stand?

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  1. I stand squarely on the premise, that the above graph is manmade!
    / 🙄

  2. Well you certainly stand on firm ground there.

  3. I means what I says, and says what I means.
    There is another graph that the Gormon’s won’t like, that covers a much longer period of time.

  4. Not gonna like it at all. There’s a lot of inconvenient info there n2l.

  5. The Big Green Scare Machine is undeterred by facts or truth, they want the Big Green Score and the power.

  6. Yep, follow the money. You’re just a plethora of information. ( I need to save those two)

  7. A…plethora?
    That’s a lot!
    How about an excellent video debate on liberalism and islam?
    A little OT, but it sure is a good’un.

  8. Dangit! it won’t play…….

    Hey n2l, you’re always a plethora…..and we like it that way. 😎

  9. You sure?
    I just clicked on the link from my comment, and it played.
    Does it say connecting to media at the bottom of the frame?
    You might need a plugin or a media player update.

  10. Speaking of plethora’s and video’s, let’s go back, about twenty years, and listen to…El Guapo.

  11. Yeah, I needed a plug in but it probably won’t download until I reboot.

  12. Does Carmen have a plethora? And will she open it for Guapo? Stay tuned………

  13. Hee-Hee, I love that exchange between El Guapo and El Jeffe.
    On that MEMRI video, it is long and amazing.

  14. That falls right in with what I was just reading. It’s Bill O’Reilly, but I think we can agree on this. 😉

    Containing Radical Islam

  15. Bill’s okay, most of the time. I’ve seen him go off half-cocked many times, though.
    /not this time

  16. I need some lazyboy and tube time.
    Back in a little.

  17. See ya in a bit, or tomorrow…….that lazyboy has a sleepytime built right in.

  18. Nah, not really sleepy…just yet.
    Good episode of Dogfights on History, and ma’boy wanted to hang with me on the chair.

  19. Dogfights on History? Why didn’t you say so. 😕

  20. I’m checkin’ out, see ya tomorrow.

  21. Well…I woulda told ya’, but couldn’t get out of the chair with ma’boy in my lap, and my feet kicked up, and my big glass of sweet iced tea next to me, and…and…

  22. OK…… long as you had a good reason. 😉

  23. Had all those good reasons, and in addition, I was already comfy.
    Good Dogfight episode, too. It was about Operation Linebacker on 10 May 72, where a joint USAF/USN combat airstrike destroyed bridges, harbor fuel storage, and a significant number of Mig 16’s and 21’s, breaking the back of the commies, and forcing them to the Paris peace talks and an agreement in Jan 73. Some hellacious dogfighting going on, too.

  24. I like those shows.

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