9 dead in Omaha mall massacre

squad1.jpgWitnesses report confusion, fear, and the sounds of multiple gunshots inside Von Maur Dept Store, at a Westroads Mall in Omaha, Nebraska.

Authorities report 9 dead, including the killer in this breaking story.

More at Fox News.com

One witness, Todd Trimpe, told FOX News that he saw police apprehend a man, dressed in camouflage, who was hiding under a bus-stop bench outside the mall. Trimpe said the man “stood out like a sore thumb.” He did not know what was happening inside the mall when he witnessed the arrest.

Police had put the Westroads Mall, Omaha’s largest shopping mall, on lockdown while it searched for the shooter.

One of the victims was reportedly an elderly man found near an escalator inside Von Maur department store, one of the mall’s anchor tenents.

Witnesses described hearing “dozens and dozens” of shots being fired, with one witness saying she heard more than 30 shots.

Watch Livestream video from KETV

8 Responses

  1. How horrible!! I can’t wait to hear more details.
    What is the deal with “mall shootings” these days?
    The huge crowd factor?
    More here Nuke

  2. I just wish these goofballs would commit suicide before they killed so many innocent people, instead of after.
    God Bless those suffering family and loved ones.

  3. Lots of updates on this at Gateway Pundit.

  4. Here’s more on the shootings.
    The Jawa Report

  5. Dang n2l, that’s the second time today.

  6. We just doubling the fun, I guess.

  7. […] 9 dead in Omaha mall?massacre […]

  8. RIP Westroads Mall Victims.

    We would like to pay tribute to the victims, and have created a memorial site at


    Please feel free to contribute your comments and thoughts.


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