The Country Club for Growth Strikes Again

The Club for Growth spinoff group, Club for, has their sights set on Mike Huckabee. Jackson “Steve” Stephens, Jr. and his poodle, Pat Toomey are at it again.This time, Toomey is announcing a major ad buy in Iowa and SC, and is threatening to “dramatically increase the buy in the near future.” See for yourself….

Even as their favorite candidate languishes in the polls, their battle cry has become “Anybody but Huckabee.” Hiding behind a pro-business facade, CfG’s tactics reveal them to be nothing more than a self-serving organization bent on preserving the status-quo. It really isn’t much of a stretch to believe that given their visceral hatred of Governor Huckabee, Stephens and the Club for Growth would support a Hillary Clinton candidacy, should Huckabee gain the Republican nod.

For those of you who may not know, Toomey was a congressman from PA who made the right money connections in the brokerage/securities biz. He parlayed those connections into a multi-million dollar campaign war chest, along with an additional million-dollar ad buy (courtesy of the Club for Growth), in an unsuccessful attempt to unseat Arlen Specter. His reward for losing to Specter? He was named President of the CfG. The Toomster now spends his time criticizing and campaigning against other Republicans who aren’t as conservative as he thinks they ought to be.

Stephens, Chairman of, is from one Arkansas’ richest families, as well as one of the largest contributors to CfG. His feud with Huckabee goes back several years. It has seemingly become a personal blood feud for Stephens, as previously documented here. Stephens is not above using the CfG imprimatur to campaign against so-called “earmark spending”, just so long as some of the pork spending is reserved for his own companies.

idareyou.jpgAs an interested observer, I get the distinct impression that the Country Club for Growth is almost daring Mike Huckabee to run a new type of populist campaign. It would combine social conservatism with economic populism. And, while this type of campaign is probably new ground for most Republicans, especially a yankee like Toomey, Stephens really should know better.

We Southerners have watched the quadrennial gubernatorial runs of various and sundry silk-stocking trial lawyers who would don a hard hat and carry a steel lunch bucket to various and sundry factory locations, claiming that they were the true-blue supporters of the working man. It really didn’t matter that they were all Democrats. Everybody was a Democrat. Arkansas and Louisiana are the last two southern states who suffered under the Federal occupation (euphemistically called “Reconstruction”) to fully embrace two-party politics. Suffice to say, we are quite familiar with populist campaigns.

I would say to the Country Club for Growth: be careful what you ask for. You have been unable to answer the most basic “tax-cuts for the rich” Democrat mantra in a palatable way. What makes you think you can take on someone with the rhetorical skills of Huckabee who doesn’t mind using similar economic language, and who is operating on familiar territory?

What we are seeing now, should Huckabee prevail, is a dramatic realignment of the Republican coalition. And, we will have The Country Club for Growth, in part, to thank.

Bring it on, poodle-boy.

also at The Hill, and at Hot Air

12 Responses

  1. So who do the country club crowd support…I forgot.
    They must support someone who meets their standards, tax cuts, but no reformation of the current tax codes….hmmmm.

  2. mitt first. then guiliani

  3. They’re still po’d at Thompson for supporting mccain-feingold. but, I would guess that he would be their 3rd choice.

  4. So Mitt never raised any taxes in Taxachusetts while Gov.?
    Guiliani…phfffft! If all they are focused on is taxes, and not any of the major social issues, including gun control, then even commenting on them is ridiculous.

  5. all they care about is preserving their own tax breaks

  6. I found a link to this over at Gateway Pundit,

    The Inside Story Of The SwiftBoaters Finally Told

    might be a Christmas present in the making.

  7. The Greenest Hypocrites of 2007 Top 10. #6 is my favorite.

    . Every home a Superfund site? “Mercury is highly toxic to everyone, but particularly to children and developing fetuses,” says the activist group Environmental Defense, a long-time campaigner against mercury from power plant emissions and in automobile convenience lighting.

    So it came as quite a surprise when the group began advocating that consumers bring the “highly toxic” mercury into their homes in the form of compact fluorescent light bulbs in order to reduce power plant CO2 emissions. CFLs are so hazardous, according to public health officials however, that special safety precautions must be taken for disposal or if the bulbs break.

  8. Where is everyb………..nevermind, Saturday, TV, football, college. I’ll keep checking in.

  9. Dang…wish there was some college football, instead of the lower division playoffs.
    Nah, just goin’an’blowin’, trying to get some weekend things done. Only needed a few things at WallyWorld, but had to circle the lot twice to find a parking place within eyesight of the building.

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