Breakthrough lithium battery charges to 90% in just 5 minutes

Toshiba announces a groundbreaking alternative to hydrogen fuel cells……

December 13, 2007 Toshiba have stunned the world with their announcement of what’s pretty much the holy grail in Lithium battery technology – the Super Charge ion Battery, which recharges up to 90% of its energy in just five minutes, and has a lifespan of over 10 years. Slow charging has been the key hurdle to public acceptance of battery-electric vehicles as viable distance travelers, so this breakthrough has all sorts of implications for the automotive industry as well as being a very welcome upgrade to a whole host of other portable devices.

The first of Toshiba’s groundbreaking SCiB packs will ship in March 2008 to an industrial systems market that Toshiba forecasts being worth 100 billion Yen by 2015. There’s no mention of when the technology is likely to hit the consumer market, but with such rapid charging ability, ultra-long life and high resistance to rupture and combustion, the SCiB looks like the first of a new generation of battery cells that will allow electric vehicle drivers to top up their cells in nearly the same amount of time a petrol vehicle takes to fill.

To this end, Toshiba is working on a high-performance version of the SCiB targeted at the automotive industry.

Five minute recharge time? It takes that long to fill up my tank with gas. They might just have something here. Certainly bears watching.

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  1. They’ll have add some sound. And power. Naaawwww I still can’t do it.

  2. Might make a bunch of wimmin folk happy, though.

  3. Seriously, anytime there is an improvement in battery tech, I’m happy. As for powering cars, I still have my reservations, due to the energy cost of producing batteries, versus the energy requirements of fossil fuels, over the life of the vehicle.

  4. *NUKE*
    Check my comment on the bottom of the Happy BD thread, it pertains to Mitt’s tax cuts while in office, and the Country Club’s view.

  5. Not to mention the deleterious effect on the environment from the batteries.

  6. Perhaps, Swampie, though I don’t think we know enough about the manufacturing process, or all of the raw materials needed for these batteries, as opposed to the nickel-cadmium types.
    I’ll with hold my opinion on this tech, until more info is available.
    Still, as Robert D has said, what about the noise.
    Guess we could get one with wire wheels, so we could use clothes pins and playing cards on them.

  7. Heh. Yeah, that would work. Otherwise, we’re all gonna be whopped by one sneakin’ up on us.

  8. In the meantime, grandson is all excited about riding with papa in papa’s truck to go see big papa up in middle Georgia this weekend. He’s likely going to successfully cadge a tractor ride from either big papa or his uncle before Saturday is over.

    I was looking at my bank balance glumly this evening (think negative range) when I got a call from a friend. She needed a place to put her two horses immediately. I told her I needed to replace some fence before I took in anybody. She said she’s desperate, and offered to help with the post hole diggers. That was an offer I couldn’t refuse! I suppose we’ll be out there over Christmas replacing fence posts, so I need to come up with the money from somewhere to get fence posts and fence wire along with Christmas feast stuff for a crowd, Christmas presents, baby presents (my friend is about to be a first time grammaw), horse feed, chicken feed, sheep feed, and then the farrier called. He’ll be here first thing tomorrow morning, so I need to get a gate put up to confine the mare sometime early in the morning before I go to work. Yep, more cash outflow. It figures. *sigh* My pay should hit the bank Friday morning just in front of the bad checks I wrote today which will leave me broke by Friday evening. I need to take a trailer of sheep off to auction so I can regain solvency.

  9. Dang!
    Holidays….and critters, is expensive.
    /head’em up…mov’em out

  10. I called up son, and perhaps he will put some men on the fence thing before I have a chance to get on it. I suggested that I could use some landscaping in the front yard to replace what was eaten by sheep, too.

    /Heh. While sons are generally good to their mommas, I don’t know if he’s gonna be THAT good.

  11. Swampie, you have challenged my perspicacity…what kind of colloquialism is “cadge?”

  12. Well…I hope he do.

  13. Cadge is to beseech or beg.

  14. hmmmm…… cadge. I like it. I like it a lot.

  15. Henh…is that a Florida/Georgia thang?

  16. Dang, made me look it up.
    Actually, from a three year olds perspective, riding the tractor is an it not?

  17. Swampie, if you haven’t, you need to check my comment on the top thread.

  18. Okay, headin’ up.

    The three year old refused to ride with them when he was a 2-year-old, but I think he may be braver this year.

  19. How can he resist?
    Noisy, shaking, diesel exhaust fumes, chickens scattering…what’s not to love?

  20. My other computer has a dictionary function on it. Double click any word and it gives the definition. (wish I could remember where I downloaded it from)

  21. I Want a Ride!!!

  22. Well, I keep a Funky-Wagnall right next to me, and it weren’t there.

  23. I’m gonna check on the other one.

  24. Yup, it’s there.

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