Mea culpa, mea culpa

In the spirit of political apologies, I want to apologize for saying that Fred Thompson “just might be as dumb as a box of rocks.”

It isn’t fair for me to blame Fred’s forgetfulness on stupidity.

He couldn’t help it. He just plain forgot. I accept that. It can’t be comfortable for the Thompson crowd to have his lapses of memory to be pointed out and held up for public ridicule.

Fred was asked about last year’s Senate hearings on the nomination of Chief Justice John Roberts, whom Thompson “shepherded” through the confirmation process. The former Tennessee senator had this to say in response:

“Even though the other party controlled the Judiciary Committee, we got some votes there. For a good, sound, what I would call conservative justice.”

News flash: Democrats didn’t regain control of the Senate until 2006. Roberts’ confirmation took place in 2005, when the GOP was still firmly in charge of both chambers.

Just a momentary lapse. Besides, he’s been real busy filming ‘Law and Order,” who can blame him if he hasn’t had time to follow current events.

Although no cable channel could get enough of the Terri Schiavo saga two years ago, Thompson claims he doesn’t “remember the details of it.” And Everglades drilling is an important issue in Florida — something one would expect a southern Republican senator to know. Perhaps the most surprising statement he’s made came last week, when Thompson said he didn’t know lethal injection procedures in his home state of Tennessee had recently been ruled unconstitutional.

And, when asked about Iran, it just isn’t gentlemanly of me to point our Fred’s misnomer….

his answer included the statement, “I’m afraid that the Soviet Union & China are not ever going to do anything that’s going to hurt them that badly but we need to ratchet those up if at all possible.”

Uh, Fred, the USSR has been kaput since before your Senate race in ’94, Remember? Back when you were unabashedly “Pro-choice” .

So, please accept my apology. Or not. Whatever.

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  1. Okay, so there I am, tooling along, on the way to my last appointment. I turn on the Michael Medved Show, as is my custom, as I can only listen to Hannity for a few minutes at a time…he is so hyper, or loaded up on guarana and double espresso’s, he makes me nervous. Or it could be the cultural difference, me from Texas, and he from Long Island…I do have a thing about Yankees, and can only take their funny talking for so long.
    Anyway, so I’m listening to the laid back, clearly enunciating Michael, and he is talking about Mike. If you aren’t familiar with Michael’s show, his position, which he has stated clearly, is that he hasn’t endorsed anyone, and that he refuses to climb on or off anyone’s bandwagon. It is intention to support the GOP candidate in the general election, and cautions anyone from digging in their heels. Sounds remarkably like some people I know and like.
    In his monologue, he is explaining about Mike’s apology to Mitt over the NYSlimes article, which quotes him as asking a question about Jesus and Satan being brothers, and Michael explains that he thought it was big of Mike to apologize, eventhough he didn’t need to.
    Michael explained what happened, and how that question came to be quoted, and that it was intended to create a controversy. Ten words, a question, in an 800 plus word column.
    It turns out that Mike did indeed ask the question…from a man, that Michael knows and respects, as one of the most informed scholars on religion in this country. This gentleman, whose name I don’t remember, was riding in a car with Mike, and Mike was asking him serious questions about religion, that he didn’t know. Mike’s question was a legitimate question to a religious scholar. The Slimes reporter takes that, and twists it into a slam on Romney…journalistic black-ops, plain and simple.
    I can’t access Michael’s show, as you have to be a member, so you will just have to take my word for the exchange, but Michael did write the following piece in TownHall, back in July.
    Huckabee: He could be the “real deal.”

    Each of the other front-runners have managed to tick off some substantial segment of their fellow Republicans: McCain for his support of campaign finance restrictions and immigration reform, as well as his opposition to Bush tax cuts; Giuliani for his moderate positions on social issues like guns and abortion and his complicated and much-too-colorful personal life; Romney for his slick shifts in position on a range of issues and (unfairly) for his devout commitment to a controversial church. It’s true that some militant secularists will feel uncomfortable with Huckabee’s fervent Christianity and his background as a highly successful Baptist pastor, but those who are put off by his genial brand of religiosity are probably unavailable as GOP voters in any event.

    It’s another excellent article by Michael, well thought out, researched, and expressed.

  2. I’ll go read it, then I need to hit the sack so I can get the gate up and horse caught before dawn.

    G’night, y’all.

  3. Dang!
    Night, country gal.

  4. Well, it IS nearly 10 p.m. G’night!

  5. No it ain’t!

  6. nite swamps! good luck with the cadging

  7. How did you put that nuke? nuh uhh.

  8. huh? you mean cadging?
    /it’s a southern thing

  9. No, n2l said no it aint… in nuh uhh, it is not.

  10. I said “no it ain’t” to it being near 10p.m.
    Maybe in the Swamp, but not here, and certainly not where you are.

  11. And it should be:
    /very nasal sounding

  12. And it should be:
    /very nasal sounding

    That’s what I wanted to know. thanks

  13. No probs, honorary southerner.

  14. I need a little tv time.
    I’ll check back in about an hour.

  15. Southern grasshopper. 😉

  16. ok, looking for that dictionary download.

  17. Well, I was getting too comfy, but ma’boy wouldn’t join me, he got his blanky nice and toasty, and didn’t want to leave it.
    Then it occurred to me, that perhaps y’all hadn’t heard of the signing of the Lisbon Treaty today.
    Welcome to the birth of the EUSSR.
    According to James Lewis at American Thinker, it will do the following:

    Without ever putting it to a vote of the people, the ruling classes of Europe have pushed through a constitution under the heading of a “treaty,” because it was voted down in the form of a Constitution by the people of France and the Netherlands two years ago.

    The new Lisbon Treaty will give EU centralized control over:

    * civil and criminal law,
    * justice and policing,
    * immigration,
    * public services,
    * energy and transportation,
    * tourism, space, sport,
    * civil rights,
    * public health and
    * the EU budget

    God Help Us!
    This is a direct threat to the U.S. economic and domestic policies, as well as our national interests abroad.

  18. Is this another Soviet Union?

  19. In my opinion, it is worse or could be.
    Think about all of the adherents of the Big Green Scare Machine in the EU, their generous immigration policies towards muslims, and realize that no former sovereign nation in the EU can make policy changes contrary to the EU’s.
    I’m deeply concerned about this.

  20. I see. The libs will love it since everything european is good with them, and with no big military threat it will seem harmless. Dang!

  21. How long do you think that shiitehead would’ve lasted if you and I were in that jury room?

  22. Sumbitch wouldn’t have bullied me, that’s fo’sho’!

    The libs will love the EU-SSR because they are all Marxist, and also because the EU was designed to be a force in opposition to the power of the U.S. All of those things are what the libs believe in. Leftist are the same, all over the world.
    They will be able to effect U.S. policy on trade, the environment, military action, shipping, etc… infinitum. And the citizens of the 27 countries are removed from the process, the EUSSR elites are unelected.

  23. HRT is going down. No, not that way.

  24. This ain’t good!

    The results, which were released last week, show that American students are below average in math and science. Out of 30 industrialized nations, American students rank 25th in math and 21st in science, and our average scores on both tests are below the U.S. averages from the 2003 test. America is falling behind its global competitors and the economic security of our children is at risk.

  25. Her thighs are so big, when she jumps off of the Golden Gate Bridge(and she will), she will break the sound barrier within two feet of her jump, and cause a sunami that will wipe out SFO, and all coastal regions within a 1,000 mile area.

  26. We’ve been losing that race for quite a while now. Our kids are fat and happy, others are excited about learning. It’s not new, but something needs to be done to turn it around. A lot of kids around here are home schooled and they’ve gone on to college whereas the public schooled kids mostly shack up some where. (well that’s a little harsh but you get the idea)

  27. wipe out SFO, and all coastal regions within a 1,000 mile area.

    Not an entirely bad thing.

  28. It will be her greatest contribution.

  29. See ya’tamale, Robert D.
    I would say goodnight to nuke and Swampie, but one is chasing a pony, and the other is probably already asleep.

    /over and out

  30. man yawna bud………

  31. now, now. I’m gonna hafta write another mea culpa if yall keep that kind of talk up. Heh

  32. see yall next time

  33. Hee-Hee!
    You don’t need to apologize for us, we just a couple of bad boyz.
    Night nuke.
    Hope you can B-slap the Country Club with their own words, when you have some time.

  34. G’nite nuke. Dangit, didn’t hear ya come thru the door. 😉

  35. B-Slappin the Country Clubbers.
    Coming Soon!

  36. I can already tell….it’s gonna leave a mark!

  37. Nuke:
    Right on!! Excellent piece. I just posted a blog refuting Rich Lowry’s latest hit piece against Gov. Huckabee. With the rate the pundits are putting these hit pieces out, we’ll be writing all day!

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