The Ghosts of Presidents Past

Poor Rich Lowery. He and the so-called “pundit class” are haunted by the Ghost of Howard Dean.

Rich’s hit piece on Mike Huckabee is another in the long line of “get Huckabee” articles that have populated the news and opinion pages for the past couple of weeks. Here’s Lowery’s pitch: “his [Huckabee’s] nomination would represent an act of suicide by his party.”

Suicide? Really. What a drama queen.

Rich tries to soften the impact of his argument by pointing out that southern Christians “inarguably ha[ve] been an enormous benefit to the party throughout the past 30 years…” … BUT… nominating this Southern Baptist would not be a winner. I suppose Rich wants to leave the door open, just in case Fred Thompson wins the nomination. Besides, Fred is a good southerner. He’s smart enough to read a cue card, but other than that, he might just be as dumb as a box of rocks.

Not Huckabee. No indeed. The reason: Huck is “manifestly unprepared” to be President.


How does a person become prepared to take on the awesome responsibilities of The Presidency? Is Huckabee’s life experience any less valuable or important or formative than Romney’s? Than Guiliani’s? Than Thompson’s?

I know that East-coast conservatives want one of their own to win the nomination. But, if the party really wants to commit suicide, all it has to do is to nominate the NRO-WSJ-Club for Growth-AmSpec favorites Mitt or Rudy, and they might as well just hand the keys to the White House over to the Clintons.

Lowery also writes about National security being the end-all Republican trump card during the Cold War, and post 9/11, and supposedly this is another weak area for Huck. Lowery, himself was about 12 years old when Ronald Reagan was first elected to the top job, so I don’t consider him to be the great fount of of historical perspective. The fact is, by Lowery’s measure, Ronald Wilson Reagan was also woefully unprepared. I think there is a consensus that RWR actually did a pretty good job.

Gerald Ford, was well-prepared. His Presidency was memorable for “Win Buttons” and prat-falls on plane ramps. Dick Nixon was well-prepared… you really want a repeat of that disaster, Rich?

LBJ was well-prepared, Rich. He was a hard-ass Texas Democrat, Rich, not like the pansies that populate the political left now-a-days. His Presidency was a unmitigated disaster. BTW, speaking of being haunted by Presidential ghosts, Rich, here’s a video, just for you.

Update:  Rich Lowry fails to do his homework.  Again. 

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  1. Hee-Hee!
    There was a joke circulating around in the mid 60’s, down here in Texas, and it went like this.

    Did’ja hear? They gonna exhume Lee Harvey Oswald!!

    No! I didn’t hear that! Why? Whuffo?!!?

    So’s they can kick his ass for not shootin’ LBJ too!


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