The split

The Republican Primary is a wide-open, bare knuckles brawl.

I can’t remember anything like it, and I’m no spring chicken. It is fascinating to watch it unfold. Also maddening at times, as well as frustrating, and exciting.

What has bothered me is some of the positions and statements that I’ve seen, not from the candidates, but in the Right blogosphere.

A number of bloggers that I’ve read and admired for the past few years have made the statement that if Mike Huckabee wins the Republican nomination, then they will either vote Democrat, vote 3rd party, or not vote at all.

It makes me wonder if the split in the blogosphere mirrors a larger split in the Party, or if it’s just an internet thing. I really don’t know.

Time will tell.

But, I will say this to those hot-heads who have decided that they will either switch Party affiliations, or not vote at all if their candidate doesn’t win: Pissonya.

You can kiss my rebel azz.

Update:  Adam says it much more politely than I.  “Huckabee Derangement Syndrome.”


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  1. And, I mean every word.

  2. But, I will say this to those hot-heads who have decided that they will either switch Party affiliations, or not vote at all if their candidate doesn’t win: Pissonya.

    I’m with ya on that nuke!!!

  3. Just to be clear, I’m not officially affiliated anywhere but I vote conservative. My vote will go against the democrat. And that means for the republican candidate no matter who he is.

  4. On your point about if it’s the blogosphere or the real world that would rather switch than vote conservative. I think there are a lot of really over inflated egos out there, and they will get there ass handed to them when all is said and done. I have not made up my mind yet, but I don’t get to vote in the primaries anyway, so it’s a mute point. But if you vote donk, and you talk like a conservative, or if you don’t vote or vote for a 3rd party and still consider yourself on the conservative side, you are a moron. (if this wasn’t a family friendly site I’d tell you what you really are)

  5. geeze, to the point, it’s the blogs that think they are so important, real people will vote with the party that brung em.

  6. Well said, Nuke!

  7. I don’t know, with the multitudes of kisses required, you would be kept very busy.

  8. Found something over at Gateway Pundit, that is just in time for Christmas caroling season.

  9. Henh.
    When I went to school they provided the knives.

  10. Yeah, same here….(sigh)

  11. Surprised? no. 😯

  12. How’d ya do dat?

  13. on wordpress?

  14. Avatar.

  15. Thanks beto omn, I’ve been wanting to do that.

  16. So beto is a siddhartha fan.
    What you gonna be, Robert D?

  17. I dunno yet. But Mrs. D tells me your one evil SOB. (avatar)

  18. beto! where’d your avatar go?

  19. Henh.
    Tell Mrs. D I like to videe…videe well.
    /also a big Beethoven fan

  20. A rip in the innernut, no doubt, beto.

  21. I see you’re logged in beto, that may have something to do with it. If I log in to wordpress it points people to my place, and I’m not sure if I want that.

  22. n2l, is your avatar from Clockwork Orange?

  23. What do you mean it points to your place, Robert D?

  24. Why….yes it is, Robert D.

  25. My practice spot for posting here. I clicked something wrong when nuke invited me to post here and ended up with a blog.

  26. Mrs. D thought it was from Clockwork………I on the other hand, know very little about movies.

  27. There was me, that is Alex, and my three droogs, that is Pete, Georgie, and Dim, and we sat in the Korova Milkbar trying to make up our rassoodocks what to do with the evening. The Korova milkbar sold milk-plus, milk plus vellocet or synthemesc or drencrom, which is what we were drinking. This would sharpen you up and make you ready for a bit of the old ultra-violence.

  28. Oh!
    I wondered why you never logged in and helped keep the icky stuff out of the filter.

  29. I’m learning more about it. I don’t want to get in there and screw something up. Click and take a look, then I can delete it, although you can’t even get to it by entering the url in google.

  30. The thing about A Clockwork Orange is, it is visually stunning, with characters it is easy not to like. The violence, especially when he is beaten by his old droogies, who are now cops, is so revolting you want to look away, but you can’t.
    The moral of the story is, which is worse, the criminal or the cure.
    Great movie.

  31. beto
    He knew what that meant, and he had no yarbles.

  32. ok, I can’t delete it. dangit…………

  33. nevermind, that was more of a test. to tell me I’m still ignorant………..

  34. Well, dang.
    I might be able to help, maybe a little, if I knew what you were trying to do.

  35. I’m just trying to get my primary blog to be nukes so when you click on my name when i’m logged in it comes here instead of going to mine. looks simple on “paper”.

  36. […] The split « nuke’s Says: December 17th, 2007 at 3:24 am […] Trackposted to ….. thanks to Linkfest Haven Deluxe. […] […]

  37. go to your profile and change the website link from Bites to Nukes

  38. Yeah!
    /what nuke said

  39. I’m done, see youse guys tomorrow.

  40. i thought i did that but i’ll go again. do you mean primary blog? or am i looking in the wrong spot…..

  41. Ok i did it

  42. Hey, it takes me longer ’cause I’m in a later time zone.

  43. Thanks once again nuke. (grasshopper is very humble)

  44. Heh. you’re welcome

  45. Don’t y’all think This would be a great avatar for Swamps?

  46. I’m not going to tell her.

    YOU tell her. heh

  47. check out his site
    building on-line communities

  48. Looks kinda liberal to me.

  49. OK! Hey Swamps! I got your avatar right HERE.

  50. Nevermind, I’m quitting for now. G’nite…….

  51. it is liberal. but, it is probably some of the coolest blog software that I’ve seen that is affordable.
    With the split on the right, and so many bloggers getting their panties in a wad about their candidates, there is an opportunity to build a community of bloggers that will blow away some of the A-list bloggers whose egos are getting in the way of there judgement.

  52. each commenter has an opportunity to have their own blog in the community.
    it looks a lot like redstate in it’s layout and concept/

  53. oh well, I’m just thinking out loud. Take another look and see if what you think

  54. I’ll look again, but I’m now having a b*tch of a time getting an avatar… step at a time I guess.

  55. Thanks for fixing that nuke. 😉

  56. For SoapBlox Developers
    by: pacified
    December 05, 2007 at 16:51:40 MST
    Thanks to Kos for pointing some folks here from his mention in a Daily Kos open thread

    I don’t know if I want anything to do with Kos.

  57. Swamps…….as an added bonus your new avatar has a Left hand in it’s mouth. Look

  58. Yeah, Robert D, PERFECT avatar for me!

  59. I knew you’d like it.

  60. So Swampie, will you be uploading that image, then?
    Don’t just be talking’bout it.

  61. Or you could go with this’un.

  62. I, uh, have the picture saved. How to upload it to WordPress as an avatar, though, is something else entirely.

  63. File Not Found would be a good one too, no doubt.

  64. Dang, son is out fixing a crane by the barn. He brought one home to decorate a tree in his yard, came out here to unload the steel box that he had hoisted up to decorate the tree from way up in the arm, and now the crane will not go back down. Since he needs it back at the jobsite in the early a.m. and the rental company only has 3 (the other 2 are out on jobs), he is doing some rewiring. Gotta go.

  65. When you get back Swamps: If you signed up for nuke’s site it’s pretty easy. It worked for me to download the pic. to desktop, then go to nuke’s control panel and update your profile. If you didn’t sign up with nuke, well WHY NOT?

  66. It’s easy Swampie, just go to your profile, and click around on it.

  67. although maybe listening to me may not be the best idea, my avatar only shows up when it feels like it.

  68. Maybe commenting after logging in might help.

  69. heeerrrrees your sign.

  70. It’s all magical and shiite.

  71. The dems finally come up with a good idea and they deny it.
    Top Democrats Try to Quash Rumors of Plan to Sideline West Virginia Sen. Robert Byrd
    They just can’t seem to help their stupidity.

  72. Keith Jackson calling out “stumbling…bumbling…into the end zone” comes to mind, when talking of the donks.

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