The U.S. backs down in Bali

Just what kind of people are representing us these days? Wimps, that’s what kind. After being booed for rejecting global welfare, to be paid mostly the US, Undersecretary of State Paula Dobriansky caved to a couple of third world countries that want to be on the welfare roll.

The head of the U.S. delegation, Undersecretary of State Paula J. Dobriansky objected, setting off loud, long boos in the hall.

Next, delegate after delegate took aim at the United States, with South Africa saying Dobriansky’s intervention was “most unwelcome and without any basis,” and Uganda saying “We would like to beg them” to relent.

Then the delegate from Papua New Guinea leaned into his microphone.

“We seek your leadership,” Kevin Conrad told the Americans. “But if for some reason you are not willing to lead, leave it to the rest of us. Please get out of the way.”

The U.N. climate conference exploded with applause, the U.S. delegation backed down, and the way was cleared Saturday for adoption of the “Bali Roadmap.”

And once again, It’s all Bush’s fault.

A turning point may come a year down the road following the U.S. election of a new president, who many environmentalists hope will support deeper, mandatory emissions cuts in contrast to President Bush, who favors only voluntary approaches to reining in greenhouse gases.

Never mind the fact that the Senate voted 98-0 not to join the Kyoto treaty while Clinton was president, it is always Bush’s fault. See how the dhems have exported their BDS throughout the world? Uganda and New Guinea make the United States back down? Pitiful, just pitiful. There’s more in this AP story that riles me, such as the lie that the US was the only major industrial nation not to sign Kyoto, but I’ll let you read it for yourself.

Read the rest here.

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  1. Many more questions than anwers in this gaggle of goobers.
    I was under the impression that Clintoon didn’t even send the Kyoto Treaty to the Senate, that he just put it in his desk.
    So, if they come up with another way to extort wealth from the most productive economies, will it be in the way of a treaty? If so, it still has to get past the Senate by a two thirds majority, or it fails.
    If those countries that ask…no…demand cash payouts from the U.S. would take the cash they are getting for their raw materials, and reinvest it into their own countries in the forms of education, infrastructure, health, business development, and manufacturing, then they could expand their own economies. Instead they extort money from wealthy nations by crook or guilt, and the leaders of these countries spend it on gold plated Rolls Royces, or sterling silver Audi S8’s. And hookers.

  2. I thought the Senate voted,but it stopped right there because of lack of interest.

    John Bolton has some thoughts.

  3. Do you know how to make algore say idiotic things?
    Give him a stage, a mike, and a camera.

  4. I was wrong. 95-0

    On July 25, 1997, John Kerry and Ted Kennedy, along with 93 other senators (with five senators not voting and none voting in opposition) adopted a resolution stating that ‘the United States should not be a signatory to any protocol to, or other agreement regarding, the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change of 1992, at negotiations in Kyoto.’ Shouldn’t someone who has held the office of vice president of the United States and who has sought the presidency disclose the facts, even when reviewing a book? The reason that Gore’s name is not found with the 95 others is that as vice president presiding over the Senate, he could not cast a vote unless there was a tie. On the Kyoto vote the result was 95 to 0 against the treaty.


  5. Informative.

    No doubt Sen. Feinstein was recalling a test vote taken during the Clinton administration in the late 1990s on the Kyoto Treaty which resulted in a 98-0 defeat. Both President Clinton and Vice President Al Gore signed the Kyoto Treaty in defiance of the Senate vote.

    Support for Kyoto beyond the year 2006 is collapsing on nearly every front.

    Canada, one of the signatories to the Kyoto Protocol in 2004, has reneged on its commitments. Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper has referred to the Kyoto Protocol as a “socialist scheme designed to suck money out of rich countries.” Canada was obligated to the draconian provisions of Kyoto by former Prime Minister Jean Chretien’s socialist government.
    The European Union (EU25) is experiencing dissention and dissatisfaction within the ranks.

    The president of the Czech Republic stated openly his belief that the human-caused global warming issue is a “myth,” adding it is “green ideology and environmentalism, which can be identified as the incarnation of leftism.”

    Industry, particularly in Germany, is expressing concern.

    Lufthansa (German) International Airlines CEO Wolfgang Mayrhuber reacted strongly to the imposition of the EU Emissions Trading Scheme, threatening to move some airline hub operations to Switzerland, a non-member of EU.

    Porsche AG head of development Wolfgang Duerheimer told Die Welt newspaper his company would be unable to meet carbon dioxide emissions standards set by the European Commission by the year 2012. Other German car manufacturers are expressing the same doubts � one in seven manufacturing jobs in Germany are in automaking.

    French automaker Renault expects a collapse of new car sales in Europe.

    The United Nations and the Western industrialized world had relied heavily on U.S. participation in the Kyoto Protocol.

    America was the most productive nation on earth with the world’s single largest economy, producing 25 percent of global wealth. Without the United States, Kyoto was left, principally, with Canada and the EU, a fraction of the anticipated combined wealth of all.

    The Kyoto Protocal was the centerpiece of what former Vice President Al Gore called his “Marshall Plan” for cleaning up the world’s environment.

    Ironically, his “Marshall Plan” would receive its most serious setback to date on the 60th anniversary of the real Marshall Plan begun for Europe in 1947.

    So bill and algore did sign it, after the failed test vote, knowing they would not have to face the wraith of the American people, but look like heroes to all of the Marxist in the world.
    How quaint.

  6. Yup, the Goracle will end up muttering to himself in a corner of a mental hospital when this hoax is exposed.

  7. I disagree.
    You have to have a mind to go mental.

  8. There sure are a lot of different versions of the same story out there. One thing seems true though, Bush didn’t have anything do do with it when it was rejected all the way back in ’97. Or did he? 👿

  9. Of course it is W’s fault…everything is!
    From the Lusitania to the next mass extinction, it is all his fault, according to the BDS crowd.

  10. I’ve got a couple of Honey Do’s to take care of. Be back shortly…….

  11. Dang…need to get some things done.
    Laundry, vacuum, mop floors, and balance my check book.
    I haven’t balanced that thing since…when did we invade Afghanistan?

  12. Henh…Robert D….we did it again.

  13. I wonder how the defeatists on the left will try to spin this? General: Iraq at its quietest since ’04. The AP gives it’s opinion in the 4th paragraph.

  14. Here’s another from AP. US: Afghan border attacks drop 40 pct.. The reporter starts his opinion in the 3rd paragraph this time.

  15. Sheesh. If I wanted to hear the opinion of a dumbass, I’d ask a politician. I don’t want somebody’s opinion, just who, what, where, when, how, and why.

  16. The AP seems to put their opinion in every article. There’s plenty out there but I read these two back to back and the pattern was evident.

  17. I think I’m going to make some pecan caramel rolls tonight, and maybe a raised coffee cake with apricot jam and peanut butter. I would like to make something for the faculty Christmas dinner for breakfast, and I need to practice. Gotta run to the store to get some yeast.

    Later, y’all.

  18. How do you get algore off your front porch?

    (pay him for the pizza)

  19. Heck, I thought he was selling Snake Oil.

  20. Why is it that I get more wore out on a day off than a day on?

  21. During the summer months I thought HRT was unbeatable for the donk nomination. I didn’t follow the news much back then, but I think the majority thought the same. But her antics lately have all but assured she won’t make it. People are finally seeing her for what she is.
    The American Thinker and Dick Morris have some thoughts on the subject.

  22. I don’t know what could be the cause of that n2l, but after a couple of hours at home I need a nap.

  23. A nap….that would have been nice.
    I had so many things to get done. Normally I get some of those things done during the week so I don’t have to spend time on the weekend doing them. It just sort of piled up on me, and I ain’t done yet. At least I got most done before I roasted that lemon-tarragon chicken, basted with garlic butter.
    I’ll fold clothes in a little while, time for the Simpsons.

  24. Yes,a nap, one of the joys of vacation………

  25. oh yeah, if ya don’t read it, at least scroll down a bit………

  26. I’m a little concerned with how enamored you are with that skankified candidate, Robert D.
    /her thighs are so big, her toilet seat is designed by structural engineers.

  27. k, i’ll quit……..

  28. On the bright side, it’s raining, 38degrees and dropping. Come on snow!!

  29. You gettin’ the same weather we had the other day, only we didn’t get no yucky stuff, just tingly toes.

  30. We’ve had the cold and the dry, now for some wet and hopefully white. The only drawback is if the power goes out, I have everything but the computer. I need the thingy that makes it work safely with a generator.

  31. They have a thingy that does that?
    What next…a radio in the kitchen?

  32. Naw, a ‘puter on yer lap………..

  33. On yer lap?
    Now come on.
    What next, a wireless communication device that is activated by the vibrations in your jaw bone?

  34. ok, got me there…..?

  35. ok, that’s more than I need. Even though I have a cell phone, I still just want it to make and accept calls. (and a normal ring would be nice)

  36. Those things are bad arse.
    You can be in a room full of people, or riding on a motorcycle, and nothing interferes with your microphone, because it is jawbone activated. It was first developed and used for Spec Ops guys. Even if you whisper, as long as the jaw vibrates.
    Dude, go into your settings and find a different factory ring. I did, and there was one that sounds almost like a regular ring tone on a home phone.

  37. Well dang.
    I sure enjoyed his music.

  38. I know, I need to do that but we have no coverage here at home and when I do leave the house I have other things to do. I need to have Mrs. D do it for me. She knows the tech. stuff about programming the small gadgets.

  39. It ain’t a thang.
    Just click menu, look for settings, scroll for ring tones, then start scrolling on them until you find one you like, as they give you a demo ring everytime you scroll to a different one.
    Even my alarm clock feature has a ring selection. I set it differently than the normal one I use, for obvious reasons.

  40. So wasn’t Fogleberg part of CCR? They didn’t mention it in the article.

  41. Was he?
    I think he was…have to look it up, but still have too much to get done, before bed.

  42. Fogelberg. I was a big fan.
    His concert in 1974 in the city auditorium in Jackson was wonderful. One man show.
    “Home Free” album.

  43. That cancer is a sneaky bastard……

  44. Yep.
    It don’t care who or what age either.

  45. Did you ever read Ronnie Barrett’s letter to the LA County Sheriff’s office?

  46. I don’t remember if I did.

  47. I’m sorry, it was to the LA Chief of Police.
    Here is the story with his letter and at the bottom is an update to the original story.
    He made someone from LA SWAT fly out to his factory in Tennessee and pick up their rifle, as he would not service it, and now will not sell to any law enforcement agency in Cali.

  48. But after Mr Romney’s latest attack, Mr Huckabee hit back forcefully, for the first time repeatedly mentioning Mr Romney by name, highlighting his recent conversion on many issues from liberal Republican to hard-line Right-winger.

    “I supported the Bush tax cuts when Mr Romney didn’t,” he said on CNN. “I was with President Bush on gun control and Mitt Romney wasn’t. I was with the president on the president’s pro-Life position when Mitt Romney wasn’t.

    “I was with the president on his position on same sex relationships and marriage when Mitt Romney wasn’t. I was with the president on the legacy of the president’s dad and Ronald Reagan. Mitt Romney wasn’t. So I don’t have anything to apologise for.”

    Chip Saltsman, Mr Huckabee’s campaign manager, said that the Romney attack strategy was a sign of desperation and would not work. “They’re attacking us in the mail, the phones, on TV. If they could find a way to attack us by carrier pigeons, I’m sure that’ll be next. “

    As questions come up, we’ll respond to them but we’re not going to talk about the other campaigns. We’re not going to get into the tit-for-tat of negative campaigning.”

    /Holy cheese grits, Batman

  49. Can’t blame him one bit. CA sucks on the 2nd amendment. And Waxman? just look at that turd and tell me he didn’t get beat up on the schoolground. That’s the reason for his attitude.

  50. Henh…I don’t think Waxman got enough ass-whoopins, if you ask me.

  51. gotta agree on that…..

  52. You hear about this guy?
    All kinds of videos on youtube and liveleak about the black panthers protests outside his house.

  53. Dang!
    Now wonder they want their citizens disarmed in the UK.
    Electricity firm gets warrant to break into house.

  54. Yes! Heard all about him, he is my hero.

  55. uh, was that the wrong answer? ’cause I aint changin’ it.

  56. Nah!
    Trying to get stuff done, so I can go to bed.
    Once last thingie, then I gotta go.
    Sheehan wants Pelosi impeached.
    /but she can’t, she can only be expelled

  57. Well that used to be two peas inna pod. Guess the pod just aint big enough. I hope they’re both done with their 15.
    G’nite n2l.

  58. Hey n2l, it’s snowing! We don’t get the crappy weather you get back “east”. We get it first, take the best, and send the rest.
    I just made that up…..

  59. not the snow part though…… 😀

  60. Hey n2l, it’s snowing!

    Sorry to hear that, Robert D.

  61. […] here, I wrote about the U.S. caving to the demands of some third world nations wanting welfare. Link. I have since learned that I was a little quick to react. (dangit I hate when that happens) There […]

  62. […] here, I wrote about the U.S. caving to the demands of some third world nations wanting welfare. Link. I have since learned that I was a little quick to react. (dangit I hate when that happens) There is […]

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