I know a good gig when I see it.

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  1. The man could play, and he died far too young.
    He is included in this video of the Top 20 Coolest Guitar Licks.

  2. Just seeing if the avatar showed up. If not it’ll probably here later.

  3. Mike’s really stepped in it this time:

    In a new television ad debuting today in Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina, GOP presidential candidate Mike Huckabee does the unthinkable — he wishes early voters “Merry Christmas.”

    Merry Christmas and I Approve This Message 😉

  4. I saw that story and video yesterday, and I fail to see what the big deal is. So there are some symbols that some want to take issue with. I thought it was tastefully done, and a nice Merry Christmas greeting.

  5. The breathless report I saw this morning was about his son being arrested at an airport with a loaded Glock a little while back.
    I was outraged too!
    WTH is he doing carrying a Glock? Doesn’t he know those things go KaBoom(KB) in your hand?

  6. I saw the thing about his son last night also. They’ll attack whatever they can about Huck. It’s getting a little stale………

  7. Once again people, try and pay attention this time…there are no perfect candidates!!!
    Sometimes the best candidate is a poor executive, and some times the weakest candidate is the best. Let’s go through the process, see who most want to run, then support him.
    The option is a cuckolded witch, or Obambi.

  8. Rental car firm goes green for customers

    Enterprise Rent-A-Car and its partners National Car Rental and Alamo Rent A Car will start in January a carbon offset program that they hope reaches 25 million customers.

    By opting during the reservation process to pay $1.25 per rental, customers can fund certified offset projects that work to remove CO2 (carbon dioxide) emissions from the atmosphere.

    TerraPass, a San Francisco-based company, will administer the program funded by customers’ offset purchases. Customers will be able to purchase their carbon offsets while booking their reservations through call-in reservation centers or online at, http://www.national, or

    I found this in the local rag this morning. We’re really missing the boat here. We need to be selling some of this feel good.

  9. oh well………

  10. I know you’re tired of hillary n2l. But I found this while poking around.
    Hillary the Movie

  11. HRT…pfhhht!
    Talking about rentals, I saw the dangedest thing yesterday.
    The van had the name of the company in big letters, Rent N Roll.
    On the side, in smaller letters, it said wheels and tires—rent to own.(?) Now honestly!
    Every would be pimp and gangstuh wannabe in a raggedy 91 Caprice can have the latest 26″ flashy wheels with matching rubber, on a rent to own basis.
    Talking about missing out on a niche market.
    Have a good’un Robert D, gotta get some work done.
    Check out the Gates of Vienna, especially the “suppressing the video of dissent” thread. I saw that video yesterday.

  12. Wil do n2l,catch ya later.

  13. OOOOH!
    Nice graphic, there RD.

  14. We’ll see if it stays this time.

  15. WASHINGTON – The latest act of senseless violence caught on tape is cosmic in scope: A black hole in a “death star galaxy” blasting a neighboring galaxy with a deadly jet of radiation and energy.

    A fleet of space and ground telescopes have captured images of this cosmic violence, which people have never witnessed before, according to a new study released Monday by NASA.

    Things like this make the little global warming squabble seem awful petty. Don’t sweat the small stuff, look what could be just around the corner. 😉 Source

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