Texting may be hazardous to your thumbs

Well, it had to happen sooner or later.

The first recorded case of “Text Messagers Thumb”. In New Zealand.

The 20-year old student is thought to have sent up to 100-text messages/day, which resulted in inflammation of the tendons in her thumb, causing grave discomfort. The condition, is officially known as tenosynovitis.

100 per day?

Dang, I feel old.

7 Responses

  1. No reason to feel old, nuke.
    You should be thankful you aren’t a warped, insecure teenager.
    I might text twenty times….a month.

  2. I’ve sent two text messages in my life. Both to the same teen age boy to tell him to stop texting me. He had the wrong number, and thought he was texting some girl named Britney.

  3. So that means that text message I sent you a couple of months ago is still floating around in band width limbo?

  4. that would be a correct assumption

  5. Henh.
    Thought so.

  6. Dad,

    So THATS why my thumb hurts.

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