Christmas eve roundup from our Reciprocated Link-friends

So who is blogging tonight?

Apparently, not just me. Here’s a quick look at our blog-friends who have posted on 12/24/07…


The 1389 Blog takes a video journey through Orthodox Christmas carols.

Blue Star Chronicles notes that the Republican-controlled culture of corruption has evolved into the ethically challenged Democrat-led Congress on Beer Monday.

David Drake has Dean Martin.

Plus, I’ve got my work cut out for me in order to bring Doug Ross into the Huckabee camp.

Richard Dawkins is cranking up the effort to build an army of non-believers. I wonder if they see the irony? Flanders Fields has the story.

The Hammer sends Christmas greetings, so does Free Thoughts (international version),

Ft. Hard Knox has the best Pictures of the year, and Right Truth reminds us that God is still in control.

Hatless shares Christmas joy in the Gospel of John, while

Helvidius discusses Selective Humanity, in terms of economic theory with a nice bash of the NYT.

The 102nd Combat Eng. located another brother at IOR .

VH brings us some very cool sand sculpture. Check it out.

Jammiewearingfool has the story of a burqa-clad suicide bomber, and MOR asks some important questions in “God bless us ever one?

Thanos has The Carol of the Bells. Very cool. So is RT’s Christmas video message.

The Midnight Sun takes a look at anti-Western violence in Saudi. Clicking on their link showed me that I needed to fix their link. Sorry guys.

The Nose on Your Face has the latest fashion rage from the rage boy himself.

Ivo is a little tired of libertarian and socialist paranoia, and spins a nice rant.

Wolf Pangloss takes President Musharef to task. Ain’t the internet wonderful?

Angel has a picturesque Holiday Message, and Writer Chick says, “All is Calm.”

+++++ +++++ +++++ +++++ +++++

From all of us at Nuke’s, Warm wishes for a Joyous Christmas.

You folks are great. Glad to have you as friends.

14 Responses

  1. Blessings to u my get back to celebrating!:)

  2. Dang…that’s a lot of linkage.
    Merry Christmas…every one.

  3. Aww shucks thanks Nuke!

    Merry Christmas!

    God Bless all of the Nukes News & Views Gang!

  4. Merry Christmas to all…….and to all a good night. It wouldn’t be Christmas, however, if I didn’t wish all my good friends here happy holidays.

    /Back to the ovens…..

  5. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and yours!

  6. Merry Christmas to you and yours, Nuke! This coming year should be a doozy. 😉

  7. I just learned, as I am preparing to leave, that as of 2a.m. Christmas morning, I have only one Uncle still living.

  8. Sorry for your loss n2l….

  9. So sad to hear the news, n2l.
    Hang in there, bud.

  10. Dang, N2L. My condolences to all.

  11. Thanks for the link-love! 🙂

  12. Sorry to hear that N2L, Merry Christmas to you all!

  13. Thanks for the kind thoughts, y’all.
    We weren’t real close, but he was still my Momma’s BIL, the father of four of my cousins, who are taking it very hard. He was 94, and still going strong with few health problems, until October, when he fell and broke a leg. They performed surgery to repair it, and he steadily went down hill from there. The injury and the violation of surgery just took his remaining life force away.
    I’m mostly saddened for my cousin, Susan. She, as I, was the sib of her family that took most of the responsibility of taking care of her parents to the end. A very sweet and loving person. My prayers are mostly with her, but also with her three sisters.

  14. Thanks for the link and the good wishes. I trust everyone — other than no2liberals — had a peaceful and pleasant Christmas.

    N2L, even though 94 is a pretty good innings, death is never welcome. Strength to you and especially your uncle’s family.

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