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It’s That Time Of Year, Again!

This is the twentieth anniversary of the year’s worst reporting from the Media Research Center, known as the Best of Notable Quotables.
Of all the liberal biased comments from various media sources, whether electronic or print, the MRC has diligently gleaned through them all, selected the worst of them all, and submitted them to a panel of judges to assign a point total, giving us the worst of the year, and there is one clear winner, as the quote of the year.

“As Violence Falls in Iraq, Cemetery Workers Feel the Pinch”
— Headline over an October 16 story by McClatchy News Service reporters Jay Price and Qasim Zein.

There are sixteen categories, from which the judges had to review them all, ranging from ‘America Makes Us Sick,’ to ‘Tin Foil Hat.’
As there are many that attack President Bush, on many different topics, and not just the GWOT, here are a few selected quotes I found worthy of mention, in this festival of journalistic incompetence, as they are category winners.

Senator Barack Obama: “Let’s roll back the Bush tax cuts on the wealthiest Americans, let’s make certain that those resources go to the people who need it….We’re not going to solve it by pretending that issues of poverty and struggle among working families are just going to go away magically because the stock market is going up.”
Moderator Chris Matthews: “So much of what you say just grabs people like me, because it sounds like Bobby Kennedy. It sounds like the ’60s at its absolute best.”
— Exchange at AFSCME Democratic candidates forum shown live on MSNBC, June 19. [78 points]

“I’m just saying if he did die, other people, more people would live. That’s a fact.”
— Host Bill Maher on his HBO show Real Time, March 2, discussing how a few commenters at a left-wing blog were upset that an attempt to kill Vice President Cheney in Afghanistan had failed. [91 points]

Co-host Harry Smith: “President Bush getting ready to go to Europe for the G-8. The folks in the European Union want to do emissions reductions. The President said yesterday we’re not going to participate….If you were president, you would have probably signed on?”
Former Vice President Al Gore: “Yeah, yeah.”
Smith: “Do you mind if I-? [holds up a ‘Gore 2008’ pin]…There you go. You can hold it. [laughter]….Here, let’s see what it looks like. [holds pin to Gore’s lapel]…All right, all right. Save that in a freeze frame.”
— Exchange on CBS’s The Early Show, May 30. [64 points]

On and on it goes, and many of the runners-up in each category are worthy of being the best…or worst…whatever!
At the end of the list is a page listing the judges used to rate these quotes. I take my hat off to them for their efforts, they are certainly better men and women than me, but then they don’t mention how much Pepto-Bismol or barf bags were needed to complete this task.
I also commend the hard working employees of MRC for their diligence in listening to every inane comment made by the various journalist in this country, and compiling such an enormous amount of information for the judges to review, and for us to read, and to view, as videos of these comments are also available.
I experienced a full range of emotions, going through this list, but I had to rate and vote on the reaction that I experienced the most, and the winner is:

Lest we forget

Yes, Virginia.  There is a War on Terror.

National security is the number one issue of the Republican  primary for a very good reason.  Muslim terrorism is real.  It is a threat that America cannot ignore.  It is the reason that Republicans must prevail in the 2008 elections.  The Sun offers this reminder, lest we forget.

Qari Hifzur Rehamn, 60, spoke openly of imposing Islamic law’s stoning and beheading on Britain – as Pakistan was rocked by unrest over the assassination of Benazir Bhutto.

He warned: “We want Islamic law for all Pakistan and then the world.

“We would like to do this by preaching. But if not then we would use force.”

Rehamn, 60, spoke in the Pakistani town of Kahuta as the call to prayer echoed over the dusty streets.

He is Imam of the town’s fundamentalist religious school or madrassa, where classes for kids as young as nine include Jihad or Holy War and barbaric punishments.

His teachings are frightening enough. But his mosque lies in the shadow of the secret bunker where Pakistan produces nuclear weapons.

And when asked if it would be right to nuke British infidels, he laughed and answered: “Probably.”

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