Hawkeye Cauci GOP Presidential Poll

Welcome to The Hawkey Cauci Presidential Preference Poll. Posted over at the CB site Please vote for your favorite!

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  1. Can’t get into this.
    the Iowa coffee klatch, and the NH thingie don’t interest me.
    I’m waiting to see what happens by the second week of Feb.

  2. Huck wins tonight.

  3. Good for him.
    I’ve become less enamored with Mike.

  4. Looks like Robert D is getting some rough weather, out yonder.

  5. I understand. Me too.

  6. A lot of it is the hate-talk coming from the Fred crowd that keeps me pulling for Huckabee. Vicious stuff. Riles me up and makes me want to kick some azz. Plus, the east coasters looking down their noses on anyone who who dare not accept their endorsement of Romney.

    The whole process is about to wear me out.

  7. Lost my connection earlier, after clacking out a thoughtful response.
    I agree with what you said. I also have grown increasingly concerned that Mike isn’t ready for prime time with some of his responses in recent weeks to serious questions concerning national security. It’s one thing to shoot yourself in the foot when no one is looking, but not when you are the center of attention. The office he is running for doesn’t suffer fools easily, and I expect when someone doesn’t have an informed opinion on a serious matter to say he doesn’t know, instead of an off the cuff BS response. Whatever free time he has, and whatever he does with it, he needs to serious up and study what is happening in the world. Also, when he says he won’t run an attack ad, I expect him to be truthful about it, and not run it.
    I don’t have a great deal of confidence in any of the candidates on national security, particularly the candidates that should be the strongest, and as a package, I don’t see any of the candidates as inspiring.
    /I don’t consider Reichs Marshal Paul a candidate

  8. Yep. I agree with the assessment of Mike; I haven’t been happy with his answers to national security questions at all, and running an untruthful attack ad that he said he wouldn’t run isn’t exactly helpful in battling the political sleaze factor. The only thing I really liked about him was his backing of the fair tax which realistically probably would not be passed.

    Fred is still my favorite in all-around conservative candidates.

  9. Mike has run with his strengths. He really needed to work on his weaknesses more, before they became so evident.

  10. SwampWoman. Do you think Fred wants the job?

  11. Yes, I do, or else he wouldn’t have made the financial sacrifices necessary to run.

  12. On the other hand, he doesn’t want it badly enough to compromise his personal integrity by shamelessly pandering to every interest group out there in order to get it.

    I respect that.

  13. Fred just doesn’t seem very enthused.

  14. You prefer, perhaps, the enthusiasm of ol John Edwards?

  15. What an absurd thing to say.
    If Fred wants the job, then he needs to act like it. I don’t do inevitables.

  16. I think it’s absurd that he should run around glad-handing everybody in sight. He’s stated his positions. He’s spent weeks traveling around meeting everybody possible in Iowa. He’s been in Florida several times. If you like his positions, fine. If not, vote for whoever you want.

  17. I’m not going into the current meme that he’s lazy, I don’t think that’s it. Maybe he’s pacing himself? I’m not attacking him, so don’t get so worked up, he just doesn’t seem interested in the job, and has said almost as much.
    I just wish there was a believable candidate that actually pushed American values and the conservative philosophy. Someone to lead, and for people to rally around. Newt said it best before the ’94 elections, when he promoted the Contract With America, that people want something to vote for if they are going to turn out and vote, not something to vote against. If we are relying on people to vote against the donk candidate, we are already screwed.

  18. Who said anything about voting against the donk candidate? If they ran a fiscally conservative Democratic candidate with actual ideas on how to win a war on terror, I would vote for them.

    As it is, I can’t vote for somebody who doesn’t want to vigorously pursue the WoT which I think is the most important issue of our time. Securing our borders and stopping illegal immigration is part and parcel of that. I don’t want to see our neighborhoods deteriorate into nightly car-be-ques and shootouts between rival drug gangs.

  19. The donks are too far left to ever do that.
    I’m just not enthusiastic about any of the GOP candidates, and have basically resigned myself to voting for whoever wins the nomination. I will vote against the donks, even if I am less than pleased with the GOP candidate. I fear too many won’t even do that if their candidate isn’t nominated.

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