Welcome to the big leagues, kid

I just read an interesting piece of original writing over at Free Republic.

Ever Get the Feeling You’ve Been Cheated? (Obama and the Nut Roots Meet the Clinton Machine)
Tuesday, January 8, 2008 | Kristinn
Posted on 01/08/2008 10:24:24 PM CST by kristinn
Hours before the voting started in New Hampshire today, the Hillary Clinton campaign was on the verge of implosion. At least that’s what the Clinton campaign wanted us to believe.

The polls showed Barack Obama heading for a knockout blow against the inevitable Democratic presidential nominee. Hillary got teary eyed and her voice choked in a rare public display of emotion. Word was leaked that her campaign staff was going to be shaken up, that her campaign funding was in trouble and that pressure was mounting for her to drop from the race.

Tonight Hillary “stunned” the political world with a victory that seemed improbable this morning when the latest polls showed her down 13%.

We’ve been down this road before with the Clintons. They are masters of deception, feeding the media garbage that they breathlessly regurgitate and then marvel at how the Clintons beat the low expectations they set for themselves.

When then President Bill Clinton testified before a federal grand jury in the Monica Lewinsky case, the Clinton camp spread a tale of Bill Clinton flying into a ‘purple rage’ during his testimony.

Later, when videotape of his testimony revealed that he actually kept his cool, the media ignored the lies it had been fed and celebrated Clinton’s coolness under fire.

The Clintons did it again tonight. Hillary’s tears were as real as Bill’s purple rage. All the while the media went with the story the Clintons wanted told about her diminished prospects in New Hampshire, their political machine was getting ready to put the shiv in Obama.

There was no way the Clintons were going to let Obama win. There will be stories of ballot shortages and other shenanigans, but that’s all they’ll be–stories told by embittered losers.

Welcome to the big leagues, Obama and the nut roots. As Johnny Rotten so famously asked, “Ever get the feeling you’ve been cheated?”


Who psyched who?

The early polls had Barry Obama up by double digits in New Hampshire.

Reports circulated that the Clinton campaign is on the verge of implosion.

Hillary made a supposedly fatal gaffe by dissing Dr. MLK.

Hillary weeps. PSYCH!

But it worked, she gained the sympathy vote. It worked for her before, it worked again.

The day before voting starts, I wrote that NH Dems were poised to do something patriotic by ending the Clinton era. PSYCH!

The interesting part for me, as an amateur observer, is the fact that I’ve been right on this stuff at least as much as the folks who do it for a living.

On to Michigan.

P.S. I just listened to John Edwards’ closing speech, does it get any smarmier than that? Jeeeesh.

Columbia professors plan to visit Iran to apologize to Ahmadinejad

NEW YORK (MNA) – An academic delegation of Columbia University professors and deans of faculties plans to visit Tehran to officially apologize to Iranian President Mahmud Ahmadinejad.

The delegation plans to express regret for the insulting remarks Columbia University President Lee Bollinger directed at Ahmadinejad on September 24 in his introductory speech, the Mehr News Agency correspondent in New York reported.

Since the incident, the deans and professors from the faculties of history, anthropology, Middle Eastern studies, philosophy, and Islamic studies have criticized Bollinger’s behavior toward Ahmadinejad.

A member of the delegation, who requested anonymity, said the main goal of the visit is to meet the Iranian president and officially apologize to him.

6 million Holocaust victims had no comment.

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Taxation without representation?

This is one of the more bizarre articles that I’ve read in some time, as reported in Brussels Journal

American presidential elections are not “home affairs.” American decisions have repercussions all over the globe. The American mortgage crisis affects banks in Europe. The insatiable American demand for oil makes the Arabian sheiks rich. The American refusal to care for the environment causes the North Pole ice to melt and coastal areas in Asia to flood. A weakened dollar and an immense budget deficit affect the global economy.

Hence, the world should be given the right to vote. Because the current situation is a blatant case of taxation without representation, against which the Americans rebelled in 1776. But of course the world will not be allowed to vote. The best we can hope for is that the Americans choose a leader who is deeply aware of the U.S.’s responsibility, as a superpower, for the rest of mankind.

The international community was able to limit America’s hegemony somewhat through organisations for international consultation, agreements and the corresponding judicial apparatus. But that system is in crisis, partly through the actions of the current American president.

Wait a minute. The Euros might be on to something. Hillary is looking for votes to beat back B. Hussein Obama, and she’ll do anything to win, even giving the franchise to “the world.”

It could work.  Not.

/Now go away before I am forced to taunt you again.


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