Couple find nearly $12K in ‘cold cash’

JANESVILLE, Wis. – A Janesville couple are hoping they will be allowed to keep the nearly $12,000 in cash they found in their refrigerator when they moved into an apartment.

“It would be a very big help,” said Colleen Mesler, 65. “We’ve been waiting and waiting, and nobody’s called to claim it. Other people have found money and got to keep it.”

Mesler cried as she talked about the money she found while cleaning the refrigerator in her apartment in early December.

The previous renters have been charged in drug trafficking cases. Police searched the apartment in February and seized crack cocaine, marijuana, a scale and other materials related to drug sales. They found $1,100 on one of the defendants but no bills with serial numbers matching those undercover agents used to buy drugs.

Janesville Deputy Police Chief David Moore said the city will likely keep the money.

“If it is determined that the money is the proceeds from the sale of illegal drugs, then it would be contraband, and on behalf of Janesville taxpayers, we would seize that money,” Moore said. But, he added, that has not yet been determined.

Colleen Mesler found the moldy and deteriorating bills wrapped in tin foil and plastic in the freezer. Her husband told her to throw the tray out.

“I thought it was old meat, stale meat,” said Jim Mesler, 55.

“But it didn’t smell like bad meat,” Colleen Mesler said. “I pulled it apart and found $100 bills. I was more shocked. ‘I’m not throwing this away,’ I thought.”

I say, let them keep it!

What say you?

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Fred Sez

Fredo8 has released Senator Thompson’s plan for reducing Federal government spending

In 2007, the federal government’s spending rose to an astounding $2.8 trillion– the equivalent of $22,000 per household. Growth in federal government spending, however, rarely translates into better services for the American people. Solutions for many public policy problems are best found in the private sector, and then at the State and local level–not in Washington, DC

Unfortunately, the platitudinous plan reveals a poor grasp of the problem, and offers no real solutions to runaway Federal spending. Here are a few examples (in no particular order).

Fred sez:

“Medicaid costs have also been increasing dramatically. Providing tax credits to Medicaid-eligible individuals and families to allow them to purchase private insurance will increase the options for low-income individuals, expand personal choice, and should reduce costs as well.”

Medicaid is a state administered welfare program, the primary eligibility requirement is poverty. A tax credit in this instance would be useless, as the intended beneficiary is not on the tax rolls. Unless, Fred is proposing a refundable tax credit, in which case he is actually proposing a new spending program, completely based upon some expected cost savings.

Fred sez:

“Expand Means-testing of Medicare. Requiring wealthier seniors to pay more through higher premiums, increased co-pays, and higher deductibles is a reasonable and equitable approach that would go a long way to reducing Medicare costs.”

Means testing? Penalizing the wealthy? Is Fred taking a page out of the Dem playbook?

Fred sez:

“Providing Voluntary Personal Retirement “Add-On” Accounts to Supplement Benefits. These accounts would act like a private-sector employer 401 (k) plan and provide government matching funds for every contribution made by the participant.”

Since this is a “supplemental benefit”, the matching contribution represents a massive new spending program, and does nothing but add to the unfunded liability.

Fred sez:

“Indexing the Social Security Benefit Formula for Prices, Not Wages. This action would go a long way toward resolving the impending bankruptcy of Social Security while ensuring fairness by making sure future retirees receive the same amount as current retirees in real terms.”

This is actually a great idea. But, it will be portrayed by political opponents as a reduction in benefits.

Fred sez:

“Government also does a poor job of prioritizing the areas that do require regulation, as it tends to respond to political demands, or the perceived need, rather than the actual need. Therefore, we must require cost-benefit analysis of all significant government regulations and proposed legislation, using modern economic and scientific analyses.”

Cost benefit analysis? No. This is nothing but bureaucratic mumbo-jumbo. Actually, this could be a good issue for him if he could boil it down to meaningful language that communicates the problem. Rather, Fred should say that to make government accountable to the people, then government agencies and entities will be required to be accountable under the same system of regulation as private industry. OSHA, ERISA, ADA, and SOX, to name just a few of the more onerous ones.

But, don’t just take my word for it. Read it all, and decide for yourselves.

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