Huckabee: No Economic Conservative

You’ve seen the ads, you’ve heard the mantra. You know, in your heart, and without a doubt that Mike Huckabee is not an economic conservative.

At least, not in the way CfG’s Pat Toomey and Dick Armey want to define economic conservatism. And apparently, to hear Quinn Hillyer describe it, not the way Mark Levin, Rush Limbaugh, George Will, Phyllis Schlafly, Michael Reagan, Jed Babbin, Rich Lowry, Jonah Goldberg, Kathryn Lopez, Fred Barnes, Charles Krauthammer, Peggy Noonan, Ann Coulter, Bob Novak, Bob Dole, Laura Ingraham, David Limbaugh, Donald Lambro, Thomas Sowell, John Fund, the Wall Street Journal, Pete Wehner, David Frum, Deroy Murdock, Paul Mirengoff, John Hinderaker, Frank Gaffney, and quite a large number of bloggers want to define economic conservatism either.

In fact, to hear Fred Thompson say it, Huckabee is just a pro-life liberal.

Huckabee’s critics who charge that he is not an economic conservative with regards to his record in Arkansas are right, at least by their own shallow definition.

Here are some of the things in Huckabee’s gubernatorial record that the Club for Growth deems at odds with economic conservatism and to his discredit as a candidate for president:

-Increasing motor fuel taxes to help facilitate a voter-approved bond debt of a billion dollars to repair our crumbled interstate highways.

-Three increases in the sales tax combining to amount to 1.5 cents, to address court-ordered school reforms, meet general budget needs and enhance conservation and recreation.

-Confronted by an initiated act would have repealed sales taxes on groceries at state and local levels and not replaced the money, bankrupting cities and counties, Huckabee joined the rest of the government establishment in warning of the doom and persuading the voters to say no.

-Huckabee passively accepted some of that, backed into a bit of it and wholly embraced some. He openly resisted higher taxes at times, even typically grandstanding inanely at one point by setting up a spoofing Tax Me More Fund for people to send in their voluntary taxes.

In the end, though, state government grew by a larger percentage under him than Bill Clinton.

That’s not a bad thing. But the Club for Growth is positively salivating at the prospect of being able to tell Republicans that Huckabee is a more of a tax-and-spender than Clinton. source

Arkansas highways, deemed “worst in the nation” are better. Arkansas schools have improved. Arkansas children have health insurance. Arkansas prisons, while not up to Gitmo standards, are holding the bad guys. Huck left office with a budget surplus of close to a billion dollars, and approval ratings in the 60’s.

The quip that I often hear on the Rightosphere is that “Huckabee could have vetoed those tax increases.”

Sure. Most everyone knows by now that the Arkansas Legisture is governed by a Democrat majority. What most people do not know is that it takes only a simple majority to override a Governor’s veto – not the 2/3 majority required in most every other state. So, yes, Huckabee could have vetoed every single veto-proof spending bill that the Legislature sent him. Huckabee chose instead to govern as an economic pragmatist, and the people of Arkansas are the beneficiaries.

If Arkansas issues such as good highways, good schools, and healthy children, are a problem for Toomey and the Club for Growth, I am not surprised. Their march toward irrelevance continues unabated.

Dick Armey should know better. Quinn Hillyer has no excuse, he does know better. The remainder of the list of probably took the carefully framed CfG talking points on good faith.

But, if they did know these things, and they still disagree with the Tenth Amendment principles of responsible state governance, then they can go jump in the lake.

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  1. They can go jump in the lake.
    You show remarkable restraint nuke. Obviously most of the people bitching about Huckabee have never had to run a state, much less with another party in power. I think the whole republican party has lost all perspective. And that is a real shame because the dems are so weak it’s unbelievable, and it should be easy pickins.

  2. my first draft said, “they can kiss my white azz”
    I thought better of it.

  3. Well that just shows the class you have in the line of fire. Some (a lot) have resorted to name calling and even, believe it or not, severing ties to friends over this. 😉

  4. Heh. I heard that

  5. Think I’m gonna shut down for the nite.
    See ya next time RD. Nite

  6. Nite nuke. I’m headed that way myself.

  7. […] nuke wrote an interesting post today on Huckabee: No Economic ConservativeHere’s a quick excerpt-Confronted by an initiated act would have repealed sales taxes on groceries at state and local levels and not replaced the money, bankrupting cities and counties, Huckabee joined the rest of the government establishment in warning of … […]

  8. […] nuke added an interesting post on Huckabee: No Economic ConservativeHere’s a small excerpt […]

  9. Giuliani came to Yulee, Florida to give a speech. None of the other candidates even know where Yulee is.

  10. they will next week, Heh

  11. Early voting started Monday.

  12. Will the extensive campaigning throughout the state while the others focused on earlier primaries help Giuliani? I just do not know. He did have a very strong speech on the importance of a strong military and intercepting the terrorists before they arrive here.

  13. Giuliani? I barely remember the name. But then again he hasn’t lost anything yet has he.

  14. Good thing I have tivo, cause I got to go out, and won’t get to see all the classic goodies tonight.

  15. goodies? eh?

  16. Well ok then, be that way.

    Have fun n2l…….see ya tomorrow.

  17. Barrett-Jackson auction, nuke.

  18. ahhh,
    (No get speed chanl) 😦

  19. How do you survive? 😯

  20. Probably much like I do, on CSI reruns.

  21. and sci fi channel

  22. How It’s Made is a favorite of mine.

  23. Did ya watch Smash Lab on Discovery yet?

  24. OK then, back to the auction……

  25. No, I haven’t! SwampMan is king of the remote.

  26. I’ve been reading the testimony in the Wesley Snipes tax trial.

  27. Got the bottom line for you on that one Swamps. You can rape rob and murder and get away with it. But you better pay your taxes.

  28. Yup. No taxes paid on 38 million earned from 1999 through 2004. The penalties are gonna smart on that one.

  29. Wow! Maybe it’s just me, but if I were ever lucky enough to be in that tax bracket I would hire people to watch my people and I would make damn sure my taxes were overpaid.

  30. Does he have a defense? I heard he’s claiming ignorance.

  31. G’nite all….

  32. Yeah, he has a defense, he claims he doesn’t have to.

  33. Well, well look who just crawled in….. 😉 how ya doin’ bud?

  34. ok gnite again…..

  35. Sorry, dude, thought you had wandered off, and I was checking and sending emails.
    I’m okay. At least I don’t have to get up early, which is a good thing, as it will be in the 20’s, so me and ma’boy can get all snuggled up, and sleep til the sun comes up.

  36. Good deal that you can snuggle up with your boy. it’s kinda funny that our temps will drop 10 more degrees this weekend to the lower teens at the same time. Seems that Global warming just quite can’t get the traction it needs around us. Swamps is quite cold too. That kinda covers our country, don’t ya think?

  37. There is some justice in the world.

  38. I’m gonna have my little snack now, and head to bed. Dangit, I actually have to do something tomorrow….

  39. Have a good’un tomorrow.
    Yep, danged ol’gorebal warming, had to break out the thermals today…and the gloves…and the hat.

  40. Just to be clear, My comment about justice in the world was for your post Dang Girl

  41. Now I can say g’nite……

  42. Well, snap, looks like everybody came out after I went to sleep.


  43. That man hit her in the head with a hammer! She should have revived him, and then choked him to death again. The article said “she had a peace-loving demeanor” or some such shit. Yeah, because nobody there whacked her in the head with a hammer and pissed her off.

  44. He hit her with the claw, too.
    Like my daddy always warned me, you gotta watch out for those quiet types; and my grandma always told me, don’t count your chickens til the eggs hatch.
    Sounds like this dude should have stuck to janitorial work, as he never got such wise council in his formative years.

  45. Damn. I can just imagine the pain. Bastard deserved to die, and her ol’ man better hope for a long prison term.

  46. I just got a call from daughter wondering when I’m coming by to pick up Jake. He told me he has his robots packed, his tractor packed, his cars packed….no clothes, though.

  47. I had so many things to do before she called she was wondering if I was going to make it over there today. After talking to me for an hour, I still have all those things to do because once Jake gets here, there will be no time to worry about those pesky household maintenance chores.

  48. So you got the day off, Swampie?
    Better get your running shoes on, with that little dynamo coming over.

  49. Yeah, I took today off. I’m thinking of having all the grands here tonight which probably means that I need to get psychiatric evaluation immediately.

  50. We were planning on running up to central Georgia for a visit tomorrow but with 100% chance of rain, high in the low 40s, breezy, and low about 20, it doesn’t sound like it would be a good time to bring the little perpetual motion machines with us.

  51. Oh Hell No!
    They would be stuck inside, and drive everybody nutz, while bouncing off the walls.

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