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Iran’s Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is upset that President Bush sent a “message of confrontation.” He’s lucky that’s all he’s getting at the moment.

In Washington, politicians are starting to complain about the planned sale of oil drilling rights in Alaska … because of the poor polar bears. Remember, to the left a polar bear is worth at least 115 actual humans.

Almost 70% of black voters in Michigan chose “uncommitted” instead of voting for Hillary Rodham.

The mortgage crisis is set to hit the evil rich next … or at least those people that pretended to be rich by buying homes that were beyond their means.

Palestine is getting even more international aid than expected, and it is sending 40% to Hamas in the Gaza Strip.

Muslims in France are becoming increasingly observant to their peaceful, serene religion. Inch by inch …

This will really show us … Canada has decided to put the United States (and Israel) on their torture watch list. Maybe we’re building the fence on the wrong border. Let’s put Canada on a boring watch list.

What are the environmentalists going to do? A federal agency has recommended killing sea lions in Oregon in order to save the salmon.

Canada has banned talking on cell phones while driving. One group is upset: the doctors, who rely on pagers and cell phones to respond to emergencies.

The rate of students murdered at U.S. schools is down from the 1990s.

Everybody panic!

“Right-wingers” in Europe have formed a new organization “Cities against Islamisation” in order to fight the Islamisation of Europe. Let’s see how long it takes for some left-wing moonbats to call this whole thing racist.

A former NYPD officer wants a larger retirement pension after claiming he suffered injuries while on duty. The catch? The man weighs 500 pounds. He’s obese.

A woman in New Jersey won a bull in a card game. She kept it in her backyard. Someone tipped off Animal Control. They said get rid of it. So the women’s friend pulls up with a pickup truck to take it to a farm. This is when government says, “You can’t do that. It’s illegal to move a cow in a pickup truck.” Who knew? (And technically it’s a bull.) Only government.

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