Identity Politics in Nevada

From the Associated Press:

On the Republican side, Mormons comprised a quarter of those attending Nevada’s GOP caucuses, and more than nine in 10 were voting for Romney. Romney is a Mormon, and his religion has been cited as a problem by some Republican voters.

About half of Romney’s overall vote in Nevada came from Mormons.

This would seem to be a clear-cut case of “identity politics.” Fine with me. I don’t give a hoot why a voter chooses to vote for a particular candidate. It isn’t any of my business. It isn’t anybody else’s business either.

Mike Huckabee has been criticized and reviled by a large number of conservative pundits and molders of conservative opinion for “identity politics.”

NRO’s Kathryn Lopez’s , in a post-Iowa Caucus piece captures the truly dramatic rhetoric from Michigan congressman Pete Hoekstra, who says he is “scared.” According to the Congressman, the identity politics of the Huckabee campaign, and the implied bigotry of Christians who will not support a Mormon candidate causes divisiveness, is a threat to world peace, apple pie, and the Rule of Law.

Republicans “need to stick up for our principles,” Hoekstra told National Review Online on Monday afternoon. We’re about “freedom and opportunity” — we don’t exclude people based on such things as race or gender, class or religion. But Hoekstra sees the Huckabee campaign as a divisive vessel of religious and class warfare.

No doubt Hoekstra, Lopez, Lowry, et al, have a perfectly reasonable explanation for the fact that 9 out of 10 Mormon voters in Nevada supported the Mormon candidate. And, we can be absolutely sure that it has “nothing at all to do with religion.”

After hearing CAIR deliver that same line for the last 6+ years, hearing NRO use jihadist rhetoric will be strange, to say the least.

But with NRO’s implicit support of Congressman Hoekstra for using Al Sharpton’s rhetoric, then I guess we really shouldn’t be too surprised.

Update: (1/21)
Chas Johnson calls Huck a Leftist.

This time last year, there was a lot of buzz over at his blog as to whether or not the social conservatives would support Rudy if he won the nomination. I thought so, at that time. Seeing this come from the self-proclaimed leader of the counter-jihad, I am now not so sure.

You don’t win support by trying to marginalize potential allies. But, since Rudy has been invisible in the Republican race up to this point, I suppose Johnson is just releasing some pent-up energy, and the same can probably be said of Tammy Bruce’s statement that she would vote for the donk candidate rather than vote for Huck.

So, Johnson and Bruce join the NRO-WSJ chorus, accusing Huck of being unable to expand his base. The unspoken irony is that none of the leading candidates have been able to do so.

14 Responses

  1. So, what happens if Baptists vote for Huckabee then?

  2. Or if wives with husbands that tend to stray vote for Hillary?

    Seems rather silly.

  3. Were people worried about the Catholic Scourge with JFK (Kennedy, that is)? I think they were!

  4. So, what happens if Baptists vote for Huckabee then?
    Then Huck wins the Baptist vote.

  5. Heh. It shouldn’t be any surprise that Romney would win the family values votes, that Hillary would win the naggy bitch who knows how to run your life better than you vote, and Huckabee would win the people that can’t dance vote.

  6. Hehehehehe

  7. that sounds like a nice blogpost title

  8. Who gives a shiite?
    Obviously those that need to find any reason to bash or belittle Mike do, unless it there guy or gal.
    I’ve never cared that Romney was a mormon, just don’t like his opportunistic approach in the campaign, and running as some one he never was before.
    As for Mike, well, what happens if Catholics and Jews vote for him? Heads explode?

  9. time to begin operation mccain

  10. BTW, you missed the joke. Nobody here was belittling Mike. The comments above had to do with a poor taste joke I posted, and then thought better of.

    ( I deleted 2 comments)

  11. Just what kind of math are they using here?

    Her margin over Obama — Clinton led by just under 6 percentage points with about 98 percent of precincts reporting — was a convincing victory in a state whose most important player, the Culinary Workers union, endorsed Obama and pressed hard for victory. Obama won the delegate count, however, earning 13 delegates, compared with 12 for Clinton, according to Associated Press projections.

    And it looks like the usual Clinton goons are at it again. But I’d bet money they try to turn it around and blame Obama.

    “We currently have reports of over 200 separate incidents of trouble at caucus sites, including doors being closed up to thirty minutes early, registration forms running out so people were turned away, and ID being requested and checked in a non-uniform fashion. This is in addition to the Clinton campaign’s efforts to confuse voters and call into question the at-large caucus sites which clearly had an affect on turnout at these locations. These kinds of Clinton campaign tactics were part of an entire week’s worth of false, divisive, attacks designed to mislead caucus-goers and discredit the caucus itself.”

    Hillary Clinton’s Tainted Nevada Win

  12. It is interesting in Nevada, an area where Evangelicals and Mormons mix a lot, the Evangelicals voted for Romney. I think it is a good sign for the rest of the country. Even if you take the Mormons out of the election results in Nevada, Romney still kicked everyone else: 35% Romney, 18% Paul, 17% McCain with the numbers adjusted.

    Check it out at this site: Fleeting Thoughts

  13. It was a good win for him. Strategically, it reminded me of MacArthurs’s “island hopping” Pacific strategy.

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