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splodeydope-badge.jpgWe have an early favorite for the 2008 Darwin Awards, and winner of posthumous Splodeydope Merit Badge, while wounding three others in the city of Khost, Afghanistan………

A WOULD-be suicide bomber fell down a flight of stairs and blew himself up as he headed out for an attack in Afghanistan, police say.

It was the second such incident in two days, with another man killing himself and three others on Tuesday when his bomb-filled waistcoat exploded as he was putting it on in the southern town of Lashkar Gah.

Yesterday’s blast was in a busy market area of the eastern town of Khost, a deputy provincial police chief said.

The would-be attacker tripped as he was leaving a building apparently to target an opening ceremony for a mosque that was expected to be attended by Afghan and international military officials, said Sakhi Mir.

“Coming down the stairs, he fell down and exploded. Two civilian women and a man were wounded,” Mir said.


Wednesday Reading List

Courtesy of Boortz

Bill Clinton falls asleep during an MLK event. Wow, that’s REALLY gonna help Hillary in South Carolina, isn’t it? Sorry folks, thought this was on the Nuze yesterday.

Here’s a print and save story for you. A comparison of all the candidates and where they stand on the issues important to our country.

Hillary Clinton is trying to paint Barack Obama as a flip-flopper when it comes to healthcare. She is upset because his plan really isn’t “universal.” In other words, it doesn’t make the government strong enough.

Coming soon to a left-wing campus near you. A global warming “teach in!” Can’t wait! My guess is that Emory will be first in Atlanta .. then Ga. State to be followed up by Georgia Tech.

Looks like my friend Congressman John Linder decided to pen a little column about Mike Huckabee!

Michelle (sigh!) Malkin says that McCain still hasn’t learned his lesson on the subject of immigration and illegal aliens.

The U.N. Security Council’s permanent members have agreed to a new draft resolution on sanctions against Iran, which includes moderately expanding existing sanctions.

There’s a Hitler suite at a hotel in Yugoslavia. Jews aren’t amused.

Oh great. Now it’s Venezuelans running off to Florida … to get away from Hugo the Hideous.

MoveOn Democrat party officials are getting a little antsy about the feud between Hillary and Obama. Hey … we’re lovin’ it!

The Wall Street Journal says that Obama is just now starting to realize that the Clintons will do anything .. and that means anything … to win.

Senate Banking Committee Chairman Christopher Dodd says that more action is needed to aid housing and financial markets, despite the emergency Federal Reserve interest rate cut. I’m sure that Dodd is talking about bailing out borrowers who borrowed money they knew or should have known they couldn’t pay back.

This isn’t a good start to fixing our absurd obsession with pork barrel spending. President Bush says he’s unlikely to defy Congress on spending for pet projects, but he might insist that lawmakers provide more justification for earmarks in the future. And so it has been for the past seven-plus years.

The Supreme Court has ruled that Muslim inmates cannot sue the government if copies or the Koran or their prayer rug go missing. Ahhhh. A victory.

Osama bin Laden’s son says that his father is “very sorry when he does something like 11 September.” Gee, I feel better now. What do you say we just let him slide.

Here’s a taste of the “blasphemous” movie on Islam, made by a Dutch politician. The mobs are gearing up to protest. Me? I’m looking for a DVD.

Senator Byron Dorgan is upset that starting January 31st you will have to show a birth certificate or passport to cross the Canadian border.

How much taxpayer money will be spent to ensure that these endangered frogs don’t go extinct?

The “Today” show tried a little stunt where they all carpooled to work together to “save the environment.” That didn’t work out so well.

A popular Dutch merchant is selling items with the image of Anne Frank wearing a kaffiyeh – the symbol of Palestinian terrorism.

In Britain, one out of every four people who contacted a debt helpline last year admitted that some of their financial woes were because they spent too much money on sex. Remember, my friends. There is no such thing as free sex.

Wow is this kid a piece of work. Congrats to the parents for raising such a productive member of society!

In an effort to save our inbox, the book Neal mentioned by Chris Crowley was Younger Next Year: Live Strong, Fit, and Sexy—Until You’re 80 and Beyond.


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