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  1. 😆 Very Good nuke! 😆

  2. There’s a big Birthday coming up for all of us here!!!

    Happy Birthday, Vast Right Wing Conspiracy!
    By Bruce Walker
    On Sunday, January 27, 2008, our nation celebrates an important political anniversary. Ten years ago Hillary Clinton (then the First Lady) went on television with Matt Lauer and said:

    “This is the great story here for anybody willing to find and write about it and explain it is this vast right-wing conspiracy that has been conspiring against my husband since the day he announced for president.”

    Thus was born the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy. Hillary expected serious Americans to believe that the Whitewater convictions (which put a sitting Arkansas governor in prison), the suicide of the Deputy White House Chief Counsel under mysterious circumstances, the unconscionable firing of the White House travel staff, Hillary’s strange acumen in predicting the cattle futures market, an allegation of brutal rape against her husband, the perjury of Bill Clinton in a federal grand jury proceeding, his affair with a White House intern, and the countless other moral debauches of the Clintons were created by some cabal with power greater than the president, the Democratic Party and the huge phalanx of media flacks, fawning Hollywood starlets, militant activists and nihilistic academicians.

    Read It All from American Thinker

  3. Got 6″ new global warming on the ground already, and still coming down. Supposed to keep up for 6-7 days. (be careful what you wish for) 😕

  4. Mike handled his opening question well, he opposed the bail-out without being critical of W. Good move.
    Ron Paul is on…what a fruitcake.
    /and I don’t like fruitcake…at all

  5. Mike seems fired up.
    With fewer candidates on stage, it seems more cogent.
    Now, if fruitcake would go away and be a door prop somewhere, the adults could carry on without the high pitched voice.

  6. So far it has been a good debate. I see Mike on attack for the 2nd amendment.

  7. Good question from Giuliani to Romney re catastrophic fund.

  8. Yeah, ol’ RP is a distraction for sure. SwampMan loudly announced that that Yankee sumbitch (Tim) could kiss his fat ass and headed on off to bed. (He does not like the accusatory way Tim has been “asking” questions.)

  9. Oh, gawd, Tim Russert is whining about “global warming” and “greenhouse gases”, and doom and gloom etc.

  10. Well, McCain is a gorebal warming believer. Scratch him from consideration.

  11. SMan is probably the smartest of us all.
    Russert is such a blow-hard, but he is better than Matthews.
    I thought Romney did a little head-bob on Mike’s question, but said all the right words, in the end.

  12. They are all being very gentlemanly, but there seems to be a tension, like somebody is going to put a “kick me” sign on there back if they turn away for a second.

  13. Oh…and the auditorium is filled with Paulistinians…again!

  14. McCain is lying again.

  15. Romney and McCain are getting most of the air time.(??)

  16. Mike and Mitt sound more conservative than they have before. It must be they have more time.

  17. huck has had more of an opportunity to talk about the fair tax tonight than at any point so far in the campaign

  18. Yep, and gave some good explanos.
    It would sure be a hard sell in Congress, what with the lobbyist, and the donks.

  19. An examination of the Heritage Foundation’s database of the earmarks in the fiscal 2008 omnibus appropriations bill revealed the total number received by Presidential candidates from the Senate and House: Sen. Hillary Clinton (D-N.Y.), 261; Sen. Chris Dodd (D-Conn.), 57; Sen. Joe Biden (D-Del.), 52; Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.), 46; Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas), 10; Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-Calif.), 9, Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-Ohio), 6; and Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.), 0.

  20. Poor Mc, he had to pass on all those bucks so he could run for higher office.
    Hillary bought an endorsement with some of hers.

  21. As I said, I believe any of the Republican candidates would make a good President except for Ron Paul.

  22. The catastrophic fund was, as you may have deduced, a big promise for Florida; however, our local news is pointing out that there ain’t no free lunch and McCain didn’t promise anything.

    The local news is also contrasting the gentlemanly behavior of the Republican candidates with the rancorous display by the Democrat candidates. They pointed out that it was like watching adults this time instead of children.

  23. Not familiar with the catastrophic fund.

  24. They (local news anchors) are bringing up the global warming discussion by McCain now. Heh. The news folk are talking about how many Democrat names McCain invoked, and how that isn’t going to endear him to a lot of Republicans.

  25. Floridians are having a horrible problem getting insurance. My property insurance went up 500% and many cannot get it at all. Giuliani and Romney said there needs to be a catastrophic fund to help people that cannot get insurance. McCain wasn’t for it because who would pay for it?

  26. Good night, everybody, I gotta go to sleep.

  27. Oh, for home owners, gotcha.

  28. Guess ol’Robert D is doing sumpin'(sumpin’).
    Have a good evening nuke.
    Long day, and think I will watch a little tv to unwind, and finish this mug of tea.

  29. Nite.
    What’s the deal with all the owl masks in the background of the interviews?

  30. I didn’t see that.

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