FL Gov Charlie Crist endorses Mccain

Breaking 7:52 pm EST, Gov Crist endorses John McCain for President.

This is a nice endorsement for McCain. Tuesday’s vote will be close, and this is the type of thing that could move McCain to the top of the pack and keep him there.

Did it look like McCain was chewing gum?


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  1. Eff that sawed off Consitution trampler.

  2. He’ll likely win in Florida because the more Republican vote is split between Romney, Huckabee, and Giuliani.

    Yes, I do consider all of them to have more Republican values than McCain.

  3. And the governor is waaaaay too in touch with his feeeeelings for me.

  4. There was quite a good turnout for early voting today; the parking lot was full and the voting machines in full use when we arrived and left.

  5. the campaign folks are saying Huck is pretty strong in your area.

  6. There is a grassroots organization working to get out the vote. I think Mitt’s organization is stronger here, though.

  7. He and Mitt were very popular with the teachers who get to see the effects of a splintered family every single day.

  8. The Huck campaign is almost 100% grassroots. It’s been remarkable to see what can be done using the internet.

  9. I think an endorsement by Jeb would carry more weight.

  10. Dang, a Steve McQueen movie I never heard of. “The War Lover,” with Mc as a B-17 pilot flying missions over Germany from England.

  11. It would. I understand that his people have been quietly helping Mitt. .

  12. I’m not sure why I’m supposed to care who endorses who. Really, who cares?

    Although ol’ Huck has sure been blowin’ in McCain’s ear today.

  13. not just today.

  14. Ouch! That’s gotta hurt.

  15. Ideologically, they are a good match.

  16. As are Romney and Giuliani, although Romney is a bit more conservative.

  17. The GWB special is on Foxnews now. Replays at 11 est.

  18. Yeah…it’s back on.

  19. Oh well, looks like everyone has bailed. I kept trying to post, but it gave me a “server maintenance” message.
    I did want to say to Swampie, I don’t see Mike and John as being remotely alike, ideologically. I just don’t see it.

  20. I’m still hanging around, not a lot to say. Although two low pressure fronts are having quite a go at it over us now. Snow, rain, wind , lightening and thunder. Quite a show! The lightening in the middle of a blizzard is something to see.

  21. I’ve seen a thunderstorm during a freezing rain storm before, the lightning and thunder were muffled. Made for a weird day, especially with 2-3inches of frozen rain sticking to everything.
    I heard this morning y’all had a bad ass system heading your way.

  22. It’s been ok til a few hours ago. The low pressure coming from the south, didn’t give up to the low from the north like predicted.
    Causes quite a stir. 😆

  23. We were almost 70 today and mostly sunny, after a thick fog this morning, and we are supposed to have a nice week, with temps well below normal.

  24. Dang, a kid here in Dallas that is an Eagle Scout, has done something remarkable. He has earned all the merit badges possible, 121, and it took him about two and a half years to do it.

  25. Not much news on the feeders, unless you want to hear about the Clintoons ad nauseum.

  26. I don’t know how you do it. 70 is below normal? I want 70 to be in the upper range, 85 should be hot.

  27. OOPS!
    That should read above normal, and 85 ain’t hot, it’s ideal.

  28. I posted this earlier at RN. More idiots doing without thinking.
    Capturing Carbon Pipe Dreams

  29. I see them as very similar.

    I watched a history channel program on oil (crude) and danged if they didn’t throw every global warming hysteric into the program that they could possibly fit. The ice ages went missing somewhere, and apparently we’re about to lose all polar ice.

  30. I wandered over there and saw it when I couldn’t post here.
    What a world…what a world.
    They are gases, you idiots.
    /and plant food

  31. Well, DAMN. I didn’t cover up my cuttings and will probably lose them to the FREEZE tonight that we weren’t supposed to get.

  32. Well, go and do it between critter patrols.

  33. Looks like the low from the north won. It’s quiet and snowing now.

  34. Did anyone watch the GWB special on Fox? I thought it was great, but then again I like him.

  35. We barely missed out on a snow or ice event Friday morning. The temp dropped to about 35 in the early morning, and stayed there for hours, while it poured down rain. We lucked out. I wish I could see this winter pass without any of that winter precip.
    That crap is killing people by the bushel basket over in China, right now, and the photos I’ve been sent of the rare snow in Tehran, is weird.

  36. It’s freakin’ COLD outside!

    /Sigh. Critter patrol. I banded lamb tails today, and need to check on them. I went down the line palpating udders and don’t think anybody’s in imminent danger of lambing. Which means somebody probably will. And there are ducklings in my bathroom in an incubator. Geez.

  37. I didn’t know about it until about 7:40p.m., and they had a commercial every minute and a half. I’ll tivo it, and watch it tomorrow when I can zip through the commercials.
    I recorded about fifteen hours of the Barrett-Jackson, and watched them this past week, and being able to zip through the BS segments, and cars I didn’t care about, made it even more enjoyable. Maybe I should record everything I like, and do that.

  38. Sounds like the critters are patrolling you.

  39. Yeah, seems strange about all the snowfall in China not being really even mentioned. Guess it might make people doubt the rapidly rising earth temperature, although the program was very unhappy with India and China wanting to drive automobiles instead of happily pursuing a 3rd world lifestyle.

  40. Saw that at Gateway, which is how I knew.

  41. How’s the ducks Swamps. I read about them. They gonna make it?

  42. Sorry about the 2 disparate thought processes being matched up. I meant that:

    (1) Seems strange that we don’t see or hear more about the China snow, and

    (2) The program on oil was pissed off at China (and India) anyway for wanting to buy cars. Maybe Gaia is striking back.

  43. I need to start getting ready for a really early start in the a.m.
    Good night y’all. Hope the weather cooperates with everybody.

  44. They will unless I give them back to their momma to raise. Right now, they’re covered in water and oatmeal (I didn’t have any scratch feed so I fed them rolled oats.) Dang, I have steel cut oats, shoulda thought of that. Won’t be as messy.

  45. G’night, n2l, crap, way past my bedtime and no time for weights.

    G’night, Robert D!

  46. I need to get Mrs. D to read your blog. You two would have a lot to talk about.

  47. Well alrighty then……….

  48. No doubt we would! Hey, I saw where some dams in Gila County, AZ have given way and some towns are fixin’ to get flooded and evacuations are going on. Guess y’all really have been getting a lot of rain if Arizona’s getting that much.

    That’s gonna be a HUGE fire season and resurgence of the hantavirus this summer (when we first moved there, several bridges were washed out and the little mice multiplied like crazy, and the first known deaths from the hantavirus occurred.)

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