Tuesday nite cool thread

Florida Primary.  Good news, bad news.  It looks like a McCain night.

It also looks like it’s time for Huck to drop out.  Maybe Rudy too.  Then, it’s McCain v Romney.

Hold the nose and vote for the nominee time.

Enough politics.

This is the Tuesday Night Cool Thread.  Presenting a brand new cool site that I’ve stumbled upon…called,

I Love Music Video.

Just type in the artist that you’re searching for, and voila!

So, naturally, I typed in Stevie Ray Vaughan.

42 Responses

  1. Nice tune…..

  2. Dang. Romney’s speech is outstanding.

  3. nuke, I gotta ask. How can you bash Romney in one post, and praise him in the next? (just askin cause I’m gettin a bit confused)

  4. I didn’t praise him.
    But, his speech was outstanding.

  5. I don’t hate romney. I just don’t like him very much.

  6. WTF is going on in Florida?
    I disagree, it’s not enough politics.
    If McCain wins the nomination, I think I will vote for the donk.
    Obviously conservatives and other Republicans have forgotten just how bad it can be. At least HRT would unite the conservative movement, unlike Mc.

  7. I just walked in the door, I’m tired, hungry, had to put groceries away, and had no clue as to what was going on, and I switch onto Fox and there is that little bully waving to the crowd, as they announce he is the winner.

  8. “it’s not enough politics.”

    I’ve been too invested in Huckabee to think past the next primary election.

    I’ve gone after Thompson, and Romney because they went after my guy.

    I haven’t really gone after McCain, because I thought Huck would beat him in in SC. That didn’t happen, and Florida didn’t happen, and Now that it looks like McCain, I just don’t know.

  9. I said it before, I know how to beat Mc.
    You make him mad, make him lose it, make him get out of his comfort zone. No one has really gone after him in the right way.
    I prefer Mike too, but if Mc gets it, the GOP is wrecked, and I don’t know for how long.

  10. I’ve seen the talking heads say that the military vote was for McCain; however, in the local counties, the vote was for Romney by a wide margin. (And that area includes NAS at Jax.)

  11. hmm. Romney took the Thompson vote.

  12. Guess I forgot to put the link in for the distribution of votes by county.

    The counties with high proportions of people that were born in countries other than America went for McCain.

  13. usually by now, I’ve gotten an email from Huck, wrapping up the primary, and asking for a donation.

    Nothing yet

  14. Yep. Told ya the Thompson voters wouldn’t go to Huck. Lots of people made that mistake. I had to explain it very patiently to a big time Huck supporter at work, too.

  15. Rudy to endorse Mccain.
    Dang, just dang.

  16. patiently?

  17. I didn’t see Thompson people migrating to Huck either. Most of Huck’s supporters were originally looking at Fred, then Fred kept dithering, and they went to Huck.

  18. If Romney is smart, he will want Huck to stay in the race to draw support away from McCain.

    Oddly enough, unless Romney makes peace with the Huck people, he’s going to lose.

  19. Huck is looking for that VP nod from McCain. I don’t think any peace pipes will be smoked.

  20. If you don’t take a break from Politics, THIS is what you’ll end up like. Lighten up a bit……..

  21. Or you can tell me to STFU and I wil.

  22. I lightened up. Stevie Ray, an open thread, and a cool new website. That’s lightened up. So STFU!
    Heheh, just kiddin

  23. As long as you don’t end up like that guy…..

  24. that was pretty gross.
    Guess I’ll take a short break from politics.
    Til tomorrow.
    Then, I reckon it’s bash Mccain time.

  25. psssst….did you catch this amongst all the confusion?

  26. yeah. saw it this morning.
    she’s a smart lady. Just like her mom.

  27. Here is the first shot

  28. I don’t know all about whose people went for whom or where, or who wants to be whoevers VP, I just know that if Mc is the answer for conservatives, then the question is…since when?
    Besides, Fred has already laid claim to the VP slot, whoever wins.

  29. I’ve been listening to SRV for the past several days in my buggie. Can’t hear anymore.
    I need some metal.

  30. catch y’all manana.
    We’re headed out tomorrow nite for NOLA.
    Business meetings, then mardis gras.

  31. nite nuke.

  32. Does that mean we’re free to run amuck and amud? (within reason, of course)

  33. Night nuke.
    Have fun in NOLA.
    You won’t ever catch me down there for that occasion.

    Ah…just what I needed, some Tool.
    Sorry it’s a song about the end of California, he is from LA, after all.

  34. Well, if nuke is gonna bail out for some drunken people, flashing their glands, we will just have to try and keep this juke box turning.
    I’ve got a post all ready to write up, as soon as I have some time, and ain’t wore out. About the most incredible marksmanship exhibition ever seen, and is now immortalized in a special trophy.

  35. Sure am tired.
    See y’all tamale.

  36. Nite all….

  37. gland flashing? Heh.
    This is a business trip.

  38. You did say Mardi Gras…that ain’t nobodies business.
    Oh, and good by Silky Pony, we hardly knew ya’…or even wanted to.

  39. Thanks Nuke…….. that video search site is Cool,

    It saves hours of culling through the garbage at You-tube,,,,,,,, and only returns embeddable ones,

    Very handy.

  40. it is wayyyy cool amigo.
    Good to see you,

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