Tax cuts for the rich

You’ve heard it for years. Depending upon your point of view, it’s either one of the more disingenuous claims of the populist Left, or it explains the unholy alliance of power and money of corporate America with the wealthy oligarchy.

You’ve examined the veracity of the claim, and answered it to your own satisfaction.

There is only one reason the Left continues to trot out the “tax cuts for the rich” theme: it works.

The reason it works is equally simple.

It is true.

It’s also false.

There are infinite possibilities to spin “the truth” from both sides of the political spectrum, with each side scoring points, discrediting the position of their opponent, and making convincing arguments of the “rightness” of their position.

TCFTR is an emotional, almost gutteral indictment that will never be successfully countered by a scholarly rebuttal, even with a little snark mixed in. That hasn’t stopped the Right from trying. Stephen Moore has tried, and tried, and tried. His case is persuasive – if you want it to be persuasive, and shameless propoaganda – if you are so inclined to believe. Largely ignored during the primary season, it will again become the Left’s weapon of choice in the general election season.

John McCain will not counter it. He believes it. He used the rhetoric of Left to oppose the Tax Reform Act of 2001.

Mitt Romney cannot counter it. A Harvard Business School response will fall upon deaf ears. Romney knows this, and he won’t even try.

Mike Huckabee can. He is, in fact, the only one who can. The way to respond to an emotional, populist charge is with a response that is equal parts of emotion and populism, and delivered with conviction. Huckabee can do it with the credibility that will be necessary to make it stick. And, once successfully countered, it is put to bed, once and for all.

The question is, “Will he?” It is a general election theme. The rewards for rolling out a tactic before time might decrease it’s effectiveness, but as time grows short, it may be the last card that Huckabee has left to play.

Interesting tidbit: “Who pays income taxes?”


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46 Responses

  1. It would be nice if he could address it properly, but he needs to get more face time in the televised debates, than a few minutes.
    The GOP establishment is really pithing me off with their icing of the people they don’t want, and the shameless promotion of the one they do want.
    Now I’m hearing the meme that Mike is dealing with McCain, to split the conservative vote with Mitt, so Mitt can’t win, and Mc can. Even Rush was saying it the other day. UNEFFING BELIEVABLE!! Mike doesn’t care one bottle of sacremental grape juice about the VP slot, and even if he did, why would he conspire with Mc to get it?
    Romney needs to drop out after Tuesday, and throw in with Mike, if conservatives are to show up on election day. The conservatives I’m reading on the net favor Mitt, but they aren’t the only ones out there who vote, there is the silent majority, and the latest Rasmussen Poll shows Mike doing much better than Mitt in the SDT states, overall, especially in the South.

  2. […] Minister Gordon Brown’s grilling by senior MPs on the Commons liaison committee. (19 clicks) Tax cuts for the richYou’ve heard it for years. Depending upon your point of view, it’s either o… TIME   Time waits for nobody Time…TIME Time waits for nobody Time waits for nobody We […]

  3. I’m not rich in any sense of the word save for the love of a good woman (oh, and two wonderful adult children, the friendship of a few decent folks, etc.), so I have no problem throwing the bullshit flag on the “TCFTR” meme. Of course, I’m not easily swayed by the true aim of the charge (an appeal to greed and envy); having the love of a good woman makes envy of the material posessions of others seems kind of petty.

    So, while Huckacon might be able to make an emotional appeal that partially negated the appeal to greed and envy that is the basis of the TCFTR meme, until and unless folks are able to see beyond their own greed and bury their envy of the possessions of others, the the TCFTR meme will still sail on.

    Face it: if one lusts for power, one cannot go far wrong (within the constraints of amoral–or would that be immoral?–politics, that is) appealing to the worst in human nature, as the TCFTR meme does.

  4. that is a video for keeper file, n2l.

    Amoral, I think, David.

    Unfortunately, amorality is a more difficult nut to crack. The power to change human nature does not originate in Washington DC.

  5. Hidey hoo friends. Sitting here in at least 2 feet of fresh Global warming, and running the generator. The laptop has some kind of battery backup that should keep it safe, at least that’s what I’m telling myself.
    Here’s an idea of what it looks like around here, with more to come.

  6. The picture is correct, the stats on the right are really screwed up.

  7. That’s a lot of gorebal warming there, Robert D.
    With temperatures like that, they should butter algore’s butt, and call him a biscuit.

    Still chuckling about David. High moral standards and an ad hominem attack, all rolled into one comment.

  8. Have you noticed, algore never speaks in the winter months?
    David is just going with that economy/green thing and try to use less space/energy by not posting twice. (get all the points in at once and move on)

  9. How long have you been on generator power?

  10. Yeah, algore is in Davos, don’t you know. He’s too self-important to be bothered with the suffering and dying of ordinary folks, due to one of the top winters for killing folks, in a long time.

  11. Only about 5hrs now nuke. It was 3 days last time, so we’ll see. We were pretty lucky this time though, we got about 18″ of fairly wet snow on top of what was left before some trees somewhere out there took down a line.

  12. Well, you need to put on a jacket, hop in the buggie, and run down to Radio Shack, and get one of those doohickies that will connect your computer, then zip right back home.

  13. algore is blowing more hot air in Davos?

  14. Yep, he’s doing all he can to help melt the glaciers in the Alps.

  15. There’ll be no hopping in any buggy for a town trip any time soon. But I’m already here, connected and everything….. 😀

  16. Just got back from about as rural middle Georgia as you can get. Talked politics with the in laws. They’re Baptist to the core. They’re voting for Romney.

  17. He may be melting a glacier, but the cold air is circulating around the world. China is at a standstill, Iraq, Iran, The Magic Kingdom etc., all with rare snowfalls. He should be ashamed. But such is the life of a Snake Oil Salesman………

  18. (grin) Of course, in laws came from the typical poor rural family, lots of kids, not much time for education, having had to leave high school to earn a living. That didn’t stop most of them from becoming self-made millionaires in a variety of businesses.

  19. China, for all of the money they have pouring in, is in a world of hurt. The southern third of the country is basically in grid lock, due to the snow and ice, one of the canals from drought stricken areas to provide water to Beijing for the Olympics is almost done, and their crop failures are gonna kill a bunch of folks.
    But algore is in Davos, reveling in his self-importance, and the world keeps turning.

    So Swampie went to see the outlaws, eh?

  20. Yep, with 3-year-old and 6-year-old that we picked up after work Friday night.

  21. Lil’ blondie told them she didn’t know anybody as old as they were.

  22. Well, she can’t say that no’mo’.

  23. That link above is too good, it keeps updating to real time every hour.
    This should work better

  24. I was just reading up on China’s weather disaster. I haven’t heard of 223,000 houses in a province collapsing from global warming.

  25. Just put on a light jacket, hop in the buggie, and go for it.

    China is ate up with a disaster from their snow. I just won’t end, it’s been going on for more than a week.

  26. Got everything I need for several days right here.

    China is catching hell, but shouldn’t they be just a tad better prepared? And they’re going to host the ‘limpics?

  27. Their government is totally corrupt, they are commies, for Christ Sake. They are putting their money into their military, and pushing people off of their ancestral lands, and giving the land to developers. It’s a third world country on steroids.

  28. I was just reading up on China’s weather disaster. I haven’t heard of 223,000 houses in a province collapsing from global warming.

    Well the ones collapsing from global warming are just melting away one at a time, so nobody notices.
    Hope they dig out in time

  29. Gotta go clear some Gorebal warming. BRB….

  30. Hang in there Robert D.
    Looks like Swampie is gone, and I’m fading.

  31. Well I’m back, but if you’re fading don’t fight it.

  32. Yeah, been a long week, and didn’t get the rest up time I wanted today, too many things that didn’t get done around here, and had to help out some folks today.
    If ma’boy will let me, I plan on sleeping a little later than usual in the morning.
    Gotten into it with a recent Romney supporter at Gateway. This person seems like a Hot Air type. All the slams about Mike are true, but all the slams about Mitt aren’t. Amazing.

  33. They all have their good and bad points. But if you’re thinking of sitting it out or voting against the GOP in November, please look at THIS first.

  34. Yeah, saw that a couple of days ago.
    Also, been discussing this with some leftards.
    I’m baffled by the Rasmussen poll that shows McCain beating Obambi or Hildebeast, but not Romney or Huck.
    If Mc gets it, though, I seriously don’t think I can vote for him. We may have to live with a Marxist administration, but it might be what we need to remind so many dipsticks how bad it can really be. I do, however, have to live with myself for my remaining days on Earth, and living with the knowledge that I had voted for him would be far more difficult for me to live with, than allowing the donks to win.
    What I was talking about with the commenter at Gateway is an unbending mind, that all that Mike says today is untrue based on his past, but all that is said by Mitt today is true, regardless of his past. Baffling.
    Well, good night. Hope your igloo building skills are up to the challenge.

  35. igloo will be fine, but your line of thinking is a bit disturbing. But, so be it, unless Romney can pull it off we will be under the rule of a muslim. Now That ought to teach us!!!!
    G’nite n2l.

  36. It is disturbing to think Mc is even this close to the top, but he would be a disaster.
    Obambi can’t beat HRT, but even if he does, he won’t get much accomplished, other than bringing the troops home, unless the donks get a veto proof Congress.

  37. So giving up on Iraq is OK? I don’t think so. We have to… know, nevermind, because if it doesn’t bother you (after all I now about you) I should be a little less bothered by it too.

  38. And I meant that as a compliment.

  39. Heh. Yeah, I’ve been arguing with people who are just going to pursue the lemming-like strategy advocated by Rush and stay home and not vote, and to hell with the country.

    Rush gets paid (and very well, too) to bitch and moan. It would be in his best interests to have a Democrat back in the White House along with a Democrat-controlled congress and senate. LOTS of bitching and moaning opportunities there! As I don’t make a dime from bitching and moaning, I’ll have to pass on that strategy.

  40. If y’all want to stay home and not be a part of the process, it is your perogative. You don’t get to complain about the consequences because you were part of the problem.

  41. Dang straight.
    This is primary season. Get out and work for your candidate. It’s looking more and more like we’re going to have a brokered convention. Whoever emerges from that battle will be a helluva lot better than either of the inexperienced candidates the donks are offering up

  42. Swampie, you don’t even listen to Rush so how would you know what he advocates?
    Actually, Rush advocates just the opposite.
    Oh, I’ll be a part of the process, it’s just if Mc wins, I will leave that particular ballot box blank, when I go vote.
    I’m a conservative, not a Republican, and if Mc wins, I won’t have a candidate to vote for. And I can’t vote against both of the party nominee’s. Voting for the lesser of two evils is a positive? I don’t think so. At least we know with certainty what the donks will do, Mc could be even worse.

  43. I was actually listening to talk radio when I heard Rush make (and explain) that comment. I thought it didn’t make good sense then (unless you factor in that complaining is his way of making a living) and time hasn’t improved my opinion of it any.

    Like many people in Florida, my family and I were registered Dems so that we could vote in the local elections because only Democrats were running for office. I often voted Republican in the national elections (and the gubernatorial elections). I didn’t vote for Bush initially because I thought he wasn’t conservative enough, but could not in good conscience vote for Al Gore, either.

    Luckily a very few more people in Florida decided that they could live with a certain lack of conservativism over the prospect of an Al Gore presidency, and thank the good Lord that they crossed over party lines to do so.

  44. The other day, before I quit listening to him and all the other big name talk shows until after the GOP convention, Rush was admonishing a woman for expressing the exact same view as mine, and asked her to call him back if Mc does indeed win, so he can try and talk her out of her decision. Then Rush proceeded with his bizarre notion that Mike is in cahoots with Mc, so Mitt won’t win. That is the most absurd thing I’ve heard since Paul first learned to talk. Then I noticed that other hosts and blogs were repeating the same nonsense. So I said eff all of you, I listen for information and entertainment, not so I can be force fed the GOP establishments line of BS. It’s the GOP establishment that I am fed up with, they have taken us conservatives for granted far too long, and only learned their lesson when Reagan went around them to the American people, and won. Since the freshman class of Republicans in 94, the conservative message has been continually down played, so the Republicans would have a chance to stay in power by drawing independents. Screw them, I will not be taken advantage of, or told what to do or think, or who to vote for. No one tells me what to do, not my friends, not talk show hosts, blogs, TV, and most certainly not the smug GOP establishment.
    The GOP wants my vote, they have to earn it, the days of assuming I will vote their ticket just because, are over.
    Of the three remaining candidates, in my view Mike is the only life long conservative with a record to prove it, Mitt is now conservative sounding with good business skills, and Mc is a glory seeking bully, that has lied all through the campaign, has lied about what he has done as Senator, and is now lying to Conservatives. Conservatives aren’t buying into it, either, as this breakdown indicates, I ain’t the only one that feels this way. In fact, Ann Coulter said she would go a step further, and vote for Hillary if Mc gets it, an idea I toyed with and abandoned last week.
    Looking at that same breakdown, it is clear why the establishment wants Mc, because for some bizarre reason, the poll shows Mc beating HRT or B-HO. I don’t care what the establishment wants anymore, they don’t promote conservatism, and trot out a little bully that has pissed on conservative ideals for twenty years, then I say piss on them.

  45. The way things are going, I hope it goes to the National Convention, before the GOP nominee is determined. It will give the leftards and their friends in the media less time to zero in on the nominee, and it will give more time for the GOP to get the message I and other conservatives are sending, and maybe enough delegates committed to Mc will mysteriously change, and go to Mitt or Mike, knocking Mc out.
    Once again, I will repeat my position and principles, I am a conservative, not a Republican. If it were up to me, I wouldn’t even care about the election, Texas would be a sovereign nation of it’s own, but since I don’t see that happening, I have my principles to guide me, and unless the GOP offers a candidate that comes close to those principles, then they don’t get my vote. Do I really have to go over all the things Mc has opposed, tax cuts, second amendment, pro-life, and free speech? Not to mention how he has shat upon the families of Viet Nam POW’s.
    Politics is self-interest, and if my interest aren’t served by any of the candidates, then I have no one to vote for.

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