Winning in Iraq

One of the great pleasures I have found while hanging out at Free Republic has been reading some of the outstanding investigative pieces from contributors like Fedora, Hal 9000, Doug from Upland, and jveritas.

Jveritas translated a number of Saddam’s secret papers that were published on the internet by the Defense Department.  His insight is unique, and his patriotism is unquestioned.  This one, just posted by jveritas, tells the story of the War in Iraq, as translated from an internet forum …

In a very surprising thread posted tonight on Ekhlaas terrorist forum, the largest terrorist forum on the internet, the author of the thread was calling for urgent help to the terrorists in Iraq. He said that the last bastion controlled by the terrorists in Baghdad has fell in the hands of the US and Iraqi forces. He described the situation in Iraq as very dangerous and very difficult. He said that weapons are few but men are even fewer.

This thread on Ekhlaas terrorist forum is a very surprising admission of defeat and confirms without any doubt that they are running out of terrorists males in particular the foreign non Iraqi terrorists who used to conduct massive suicide terrorist attacks. Today we saw the terrorists using two mentally retarded women to unwillingly conduct terrorist attacks in Baghdad market by detonating them from a distance. Just six months ago the terrorists were saying that they must never use women in “Jihad”, in the last few weeks we have seen more suicide terrorist attacks conducted by women and now we are seeing them using mentally handicapped women to do their evil deeds.

In December 2007, I posted a thread on Free Republic about a speech by Al Qaeda spokesman in Iraq admitting that no more than two hundreds foreign terrorists were left in Iraq Al Qaeda Confession: Only 200 Foreign Terrorists are left in Iraq . His statement caused a lot of angst among the terrorists forum, but it now appears that surprisingly his admission was truthful.

We are winning this war against Al Qaeda in Iraq and we are winning it big. The terrorists have been utterly defeated and driven out of Anbar, Baghdad, and Diyala. Their remaining and defeated forces fled to Northern Iraq, and to the City of Mosul in particular where the Iraqi and US troops are going to conduct an eminent decisive attack against them.

God bless our brave troops.

PS: Ekhlaas terrorist forum is a password protected so even if I give the link to the thread you will not be able to access it until your register and wait for activation of your account. The Ekhlaas terrorist forum is hosted by an Internet Service Provider called Hosts located in Tampa Florida

Thank you jveritas.  I appreciate your invaluable work.

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  1. Sounds like an excellent resource.

  2. I got an email from my Kurdish bud, who is still serving as a “terp” with the military, since Apr 2003.
    He was heading from Diyala to Baghdad yesterday, with some military officials for a meeting at the Ministry of the Interior, and said that the officers going with him had never been to Baghad, and that they were excited to see it. My bud was happy to go, so he could do a little shopping and eat at good restaurant, and was glad he was able to be their tour guide, as well as their “terp.” He is so trusted and respected as a terp, because of the fact he is an American citizen, and for all that he has done since the invasion. He worked with Special Forces in the North in the early stages of our involvement, and has been on many knocked down door raids in the middle of the night. I hope he stays safe.
    I forgot to mention that he called me New Year’s Day, and I haven’t heard him so relaxed in years, and he was laughing a lot, something that I noticed right away.

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