Setting The Record Straight On The McCain-GOP Establishment Tag-Team!

Ideology Support
Conservative: 43%
Moderate: 24%
Liberal: 9%
General Election Matchup
Huckabee (40%) Clinton (48%)
Huckabee (35%) Obama (51%)

John McCain
Ideology Support
Conservative: 31%
Moderate: 45%
Liberal: 8%
General Election Matchup
McCain (48%) Clinton (40%)
McCain (47%) Obama (41%)

Mitt Romney
Ideology Support
Conservative: 42%
Moderate: 28%
Liberal: 8%
General Election Matchup
Romney (42%) Clinton (47%)
Romney (38%) Obama (47%)

If the purpose of any political party is to win, to acquire or maintain power, then the logical question must be how to reach that goal. I won’t even discuss that question about the Democrats, they are all Marxist. However, for the Republicans it is a much more complex problem, with the various factions involved and how to get them to coalesce.

Without a clear perfect candidate for their party, a standard bearer of all the things Republicans hold dear, the answer for the GOP establishment was a very simple one, who could win against the top Dem contenders. To reach their goal of selecting that person, many people would have to be “brought around” and they would just have to “calm down.” Senator McCain was the chosen one by the GOP establishment, long ago, because of his internal polling numbers against the DNC rivals, but he had a troubling record with conservatives within the party. How was the GOP establishment to overcome the resistance to their annointee and still get the needed support from the conservatives in their party? The strategy was simplified and any candidate that presented a challenge to the GOP establishment’s goal of winning was implemented, and the one candidate that they couldn’t dismiss as a fruitcake(Paul) and appealed to the conservative element of the party had to be attacked and marginalized, made as unappealing as possible to those conservatives, so that in the end, those conservatives would have no place left to go and would fall in line and support the GOP establishments choice, or the result…HEAVEN PORTENDS…they would be helping elect Hillary! The left has long contended that the right uses scare tactics, but as is clear now, both the left and the right use them, but in this case, the right is using scare tactics on the right for their own selfish reasons. Principles be damned!

How else can McCain’s rise from the ashes be explained? In August he was on his hands and knees, he was on the mat, bleeding from his ears, broke and working without the operatives he had to layoff and none of the other candidates applied the CNS disconnect, the coup de grace. A bullet to the back of his head at that time would have been to the benefit of conservatives, but would not serve the interest of the GOP. Just like in a Kung Fu movie, he had to be allowed to continue kicking aimlessly and wildly, in a show-down with the antagonist.

The strategy would involve a number of competent, but not unifying conservative-like candidates, such as Fred Thompson and Mitt Romney. They would only be given limited roles in their grand strategy, lest they take support away from McCain, their role was to take votes away from Mike Huckabee, the only true life-long conservative in the race and the antithesis of the GOP establishment.

How to explain this analysis of the GOP establishments Kabuki isn’t very difficult. First let’s look at the awkward and halting campaign of Fred Thompson. I don’t care to look up the exact date it was first hinted, that there was a whisper, that Fred was considering announcing his candidacy for President in ’08, but it created a buzz throughout the LameStream media, but even more so in the new media. The echo chambers throughout the blogosphere, such as Michelle Malkin and Hot Air, were in the forefront of the blog buzz. As Fred continued to hold back from announcing, his would be supporters became frustrated and made even louder appeals for him to announce so they could start helping him gain support and momentum for his run, but he continued to hold back. Finally, at some point, he entered the race and his supporters were ecstatic and energized about the campaign, but as his campaign proceeded, even his own supporters had questions about his lack of enthusiasm and those who were not as enthusiastic about his candidacy, looked at his limited and sometimes questionable record in the Senate, along with his seeming disinterest and decided he didn’t have the fire in the belly needed for the long campaign. As the caucuses/primaries proceeded, his performance and results were less than encouraging, especially for those who had doubts about his sincerity, like this author. Finally, the week leading to the South Carolina primary approached and the whispers were if Fred didn’t win or do well in SC, he would end his campaign and he bashed on Mike Huckabee all week, but not on Romney or McCain. As a result, Fred had his best showing of the campaign and finished third. However, if you look at this realclearpolitics link, in particular the bottom graph, you will see that Fred’s numbers actually declined during the weeks leading to the primary, all the while bashing Mike, but that the two who did surge at the end were Mike and McCain. Romney climbed some during the month prior, then fell of at the end. So who was hurt and who was helped at the SC primary? Who was the “spoiler?” Contrary to the Republican echo chambers, Fred and Mitt were the GOP establishment’s spoilers for Mike, as he would have won SC had they not taken conservative votes away from him, knowing full well they couldn’t win. The following Tuesday, after sabotaging Mike’s chances to take an important win and holding off McCain in taking the delegate collection lead, Fred dropped out after his best performance of the race. The question as to why Fred would drop out after his best showing was raised and was still being asked on some talk shows as recently as this past week, but a report from Carl Cameron on the Fox News website, within hours of Fred dropping his campaign, answered that question very well, and with this report today, adds credence to the believable story that all Fred wanted was to be VP and was just waiting for the right moment to announce he was supporting the GOP establishment’s choice, which conveniently occurred on this date, just prior to Mike taking the stage at the CPAC.
What a coincidence, if you believe in them.

Then there is the matter of Mitt Romney, the “conservatives conservative.” Did this candidate earn this embellished title from years of supporting conservative ideals, such as being a tax-cutter, pro-life, pro-family or pro-gun? Hardly, his own statements from the 90’s and the early 2000’s contradict his most recent claims as to being conservative on all those issues. For such an allegedly smart investor, the enormous amounts of money he spent on his campaign, with such a poor return, belies that claim. Going into Super Tuesday, with the internal polling he could afford, he knew he didn’t have a chance to win other than in states that no one cares much about and certainly not in the South where even McCain is very weak, but Mitt’s presence in the race, at that time, was essential to the GOP establishment’s strategy. Mitt had to siphon off the conservative vote from Mike, so McCain could win some close races(such as Oklahoma and Missouri) and so that Mitt could deprive Mike of needed delegates in those states that were not winner take all. Their plan succeeded and McCain was able to add an almost insurmountable lead in the delegate count and it should be noted about Mitt’s campaign, and his much vaunted conservative values, he only carried his former home state of Massachusetts by ten points over McCain. So, a few days later, Mitt the “spoiler,” having done what was asked of him by the GOP establishment, took his marbles and went home, all the while complaining about Mike’s campaign and whining about results, while only days before, admonishing Mike for whining.

But wait!
How was the conservative voter supposed to believe that Fred and Mitt were indeed the conservative choice in this race, knowing they would have to rein them in, in the end and have them walk away handing a likely nomination to McCain? McCain being the most reviled candidate in conservatives eyes. Simple, they would need to dominate the talk show air waves and the blogosphere with anti-Huckabee lies, distortions and half-truths, and repeat them as often and as loudly as they could in order to build in enough resistance to his campaign and record as possible, knowing that in these echo chambers the message would resonant enough so that the majority of the listeners and readers, who would never do their own research, would accept their lies as the truth. The propaganda worked, especially the big lie, that Mike was responsible for huge tax increases in Arkansas, while conveniently leaving out the fact that the Democrat controlled state legislature overrode Mike’s vetoes of those tax increases.

Now the GOP establishment is making calls…no…demands…that all conservatives should coalesce around McCain as their nominee and defeat the Dem candidate, whoever that may be. It doesn’t matter if the conservative voters ever know that they were played or that they never had a chance to vote for a true conservative with a record to prove it, the GOP establishment wants their power and they have no interest in the thoughts or feelings of conservatives, as long as they vote straight ticket GOP. Any dissent from that position and the brow-beatings, derision, or whatever the latest demonizing adjective they can conjure up may be, will be applied without mercy until the election and maybe afterward, if the GOP doesn’t get to keep what matters to them the most, their power.

For the record, I am a conservative, not a Republican, so I never accepted any offer of a cup of punch Kool-Aid from the establishment or their many duped minions.
Mike may not have a statistical chance of winning, at this point, thanks to the spoiler tag-team of Fred and Mitt, who both dropped out conveniently after depriving Mike of needed votes, but he isn’t quitting either, unlike those two. In this letter by his campaign Chairman, the message is clear, and he will fight on until he or McCain has the delegates needed, or maybe all the way to the convention, which is what I would like to see. If the GOP truly wants to win, they will need the many different types of conservative voters, they will also need to be truthful about the only conservative choice and they also need to visualize an old, disabled Washington insider Senator on the same stage with a young, energetic populist Democrat nominee, in the form of Obama. Despite conventional GOP wisdom, I don’t believe McCain can defeat Obama, but I do believe Mike has a better chance and Mike has already had first hand experience fighting and winning against the Clinton machine.

Is my opinion worthy of a thoughtful analysis as to how we have arrived at this point in time? Is it believable?
Is the echo chamber’s analysis believable, that Mike played tag-team with McCain? If so, who is Mike tagging up on now, Ron Paul?

I wouldn’t have spent my Saturday morning writing this, if I didn’t think my analysis was more believable than the echo chamber’s and I leave it to you to step out of any emotional attachment to the candidates and think about it.
I think Republicans have been played and I don’t know about them, but as a conservative I don’t like the feeling.

Some Members Of The GOP Echo Chamber:
Michelle Malkin-go feel the duped love, especially in the comments.
Gateway Pundit-sad, such good work on news and information, but duped on Romney
Rush Limbaugh-still valuable for info and commentary, but sadly spreads the GOP’s strategy by bashing Mike
Sean Hannity-first he was for Rudy, then Mitt…the establishment?
Hugh Hewitt-based on his months long Mitt support, I think he was duped completely

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  1. That helps me understand the anger you and nuke have a little better.

  2. Thanks, Robert D.
    I try to stay under control, and keep my rants to a minimum. This wasn’t so much a rant, as it was a case for what I believe is the more plausible explanation for the mess the GOP is in now.

  3. Well here’s a little good news for ya.
    Huckabee wins Kan.

  4. Oh, and as for the control thing. You do a fine job. (and nuke too)

  5. Yeah, they called Kansas early, with about 11% of the vote counted.

    Thanks, I try, it was one of the reasons the SYM was who he was.
    Like nuke, it don’t do to pithmeoff.

  6. I hope I’m home in time for the finals…wait…I have tivo.
    /never mind

  7. Need food now…Mongo hungry!

  8. Check this out n2l. I’ll be back in a while.
    Jim DeMint Takes on Marine-Despising Berkeley Moonbats
    There’s a petition also.

  9. Since I don’t have a candidate to cheer for anymore, I don’t even know what the score is.

  10. It’s daunting for Mike, Swampie.
    He has 234, and the magic number is 1191.
    McCain has 719.

  11. Louisiana requires the winner to have a 50% victory or better to get the 46 delegates.

  12. AQ in Iraq is on the outs.
    Poor Baby!
    /baby killer, that is

  13. Well they started it!! Don’t let your alligator mouth overload your hummingbird ass. (DMP)

  14. Reminder for n2l—- The NHRA finals are on———espn2

  15. Hey, bud.
    Yeah, watching them on and off. I did see Tony Pedregon’s car go KABOOM.

  16. That was big! I tivo’d it so I’m just seeing it now. I like the delay to get thru some bad commercials.

  17. Sounds like they need to add some more train cars.
    /just sayin

  18. Now that kind of rational thinking will get you nowhere, young man!

  19. Dang, watching drag racing, phone’s ringing, emails poppin’ up.
    How’s a man supposed to chat?
    Hypocrisy? Hillary? Aren’t those words interchangeable?

  20. You’s one busy man!
    Hillary, Hypocrisy, Hateful, Harmful, Hellish, Hippothighs…..yeah, they go together.

  21. One thing you can’t say about her is……………………?

  22. Dang!
    Murdering bastids.

  23. Force’s own young team member beat him in the semis.
    I love John Force, he’s a good ol’boy.

  24. no2liberals, on February 10th, 2008 at 10:29 pm Said:

    Murdering bastids.

    That’s a little mild, but we are rated PG here.

    Yeah, Force is one of a kind. His races are always straight up, no team orders there.

  25. John’s done good for an ol’truck driver.

  26. Hang em. Hang em high. There should be no civil interference.

  27. Uhhh…murdering bastids?

  28. Got to shut it down, Robert D.
    Hope nuke and his kin are all okay.
    See you tamale.

  29. Manyawna n2l.

  30. Nice essay. You have very little work to do in order to convince me that Republicans have been played. I, like you, am Conservative, which does not always equate with being Republican.

    As for:

    their role was to take votes away from Mike Huckabee, the only true life-long conservative in the race, and the antithesis of the GOP establishment.

    I really think Duncan Hunter, the first to announce his candidacy (I think?) was the ideal candidate, but the GOP worked against him early on.

    Why has Huck buddied up with McCain so? Seriously, I question that and would like your take on it. However, I’m all for Huck playing this out through the end.

    The GOP is practically worthless, and it’s probably time to start taking a third party look. Seriously, what other organization works so hard against their base as the GOP? I’m sick of it.

  31. I agree with you, Tammi, about Duncan Hunter, but when he couldn’t gain any traction on his own, he wasn’t a threat to the GOP big-wigs.
    I don’t think Mike has buddied up with Mc…at all, quite the contrary, I think Mc has buddied up with the big-wigs, because early internals showed Mc beating the donks. That was one of the purposes of this article, to show that Mike is on his own, his support is from people that have taken a look at him and his record, and despite the lies that have been spread about him by the various echo chambers, he has gained support.
    When Mike decided to get in the race, it was to win, no other reason. The establishment is worried with Mike, being an outsider, as his primary wins and fund raising in the past week, are against their wishes. They had Gov. Perry of Texas try and talk Mike into dropping out, and Perry is now a Mc supporter, after being a Rudy supporter before that. Perry is of the new breed of GOP conservative, the kind the establishment likes.
    The GOP leadership has lost it’s formula for success, they have forgotten how to win.
    What I would like to see, more than anything, is for Mike to get enough delegates to deny Mc the 1191 he needs to lock it up, and force the GOP into a floor fight at the Convention.

  32. I’d like to see that too!

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