Mullah accidently blows up self, sons

A LANDMINE blew up in the home of a religious cleric in southern Afghanistan, killing the mullah, two of his sons and two other men who had been preparing an attack, police said today.

The cleric’s wife was critically wounded in the blast in their compound in the southern province of Helmand late yesterday, and a daughter was hurt, provincial police chief General Mohammad Hussein Andiwal said.

The bodies of the mullah and his two sons, both under 15 years old, remained at the site of the blast, he said.

Other people in the compound said two other men were killed but their bodies had been removed before police arrived, he said.

Alternate headlines:

“Five Early Favorites for the Darwin Awards”

“Work Accident Claims Five”

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34 Responses

  1. D’OH! Maybe the steps really ARE supposed to be performed in order.

  2. Henh, or another alternate could be, “Religion of Peace Cleric Goes To Pieces.”

  3. Pssst…Swampie, the red wire, not the green wire.

  4. Good deal. Anytime a father like that can take out his evil spawn it’s a good day.

  5. Well, well, wellie, well, look who decided to drop in.

  6. I’ve been hangin’ around all day, just didn’t know anyone else was home.
    (glad to see nuke back too)

  7. I know what you mean, it just ain’t right without nuke’s presence.

  8. Well now that someone is here, Two Americas? I think so.

  9. Waiting on some big rumblers to come through. Could be some flying ice balls.

  10. Nuke, that should be (l)

  11. I really enjoyed those CPAC videos of Mike’s speech.

  12. Nuke, what of the axe skills of my home boy, Wes Jeans?
    I think everybody will know him before too long.

  13. scroll down and listen to part 3 of Mike’s Cpac speech.
    Good stuff!

  14. Yeah, Robert D, for me-not for thee.

  15. I listened to them all, great speech, and I wasn’t a bit surprised he was not on tv Saturday morning. Very disappointed with Fox. They have their business channel now, but still had Bulls and Bears on FNC while Mike was speaking.

  16. Wes can wield the axe. I’ve never heard him before, but that’s gonna change.

  17. Looking at the counter on the vids doesn’t tell the whole story. When I go to el nuko’s, I clicked on the video, and opened a new window, which had all the others in the side bar.

  18. Huckabee is a unique talent.
    I’ve got to wonder what would have happened of CfG would have stayed out of the campaign.

    They attacked Huck and McCain, right from the start.
    Slouching Towards Irrelevance

  19. Yeah, CCFG’s big lie stuck, and is still alive and well today. Just in the past few days, several people I know, some not as well, were shocked to hear the rest of the story on Dumond, taxes, and scholarships for illegals. One asked me where he could go to find out more about Mike, and I gladly told him Mike’s website address.
    Several, who actually listen to Hannity,, asked me why this never came out before, why wasn’t talk radio giving the whole story. My reply? Echo chambers.

  20. CCFG is on my shiite list. They are gonna have to do some incredible feats of magic before I ever believe them again, on anything.

  21. that’s too much.
    I hate f’ing commies

  22. Hey, I need to get in shut down mode.
    If you have a moment tomorrow, could you pass that tag-team story over to the Huck folks you chat with?
    I wonder what is going on in Washington? A liberal and a Romney supporter over at Urban Grounds even said what they did to him was wrong.
    Welcome back, have a great week, and goodnight.

  23. Hmmm…..!

    It seems that Washington State GOP chair Luke Esser spent most of the day avoiding calls from the Huckabee campaign. And when he finally got back to them he told a lawyer for Huckabee’s campaign that they’d probably count the rest of the votes some time next week. When the lawyer, Lauren Huckabee, the candidate’s daughter-in-law, requested that a Huckabee lawyer be present when the remaining votes were counted, Esser hung up on her. Before the hang up, Huckabee also asked Esser about the DIY statistical analysis he did to conclude that he should call the race (Esser’s expertise in statistics apparently stems from previous work as a state prosecutor and a sports writer). Was there an analysis of what precincts the remaining votes came from? According to Huck campaign manager Ed Rollins, Esser admitted that he didn’t know which precincts the remaining votes came from.

    Now I’m done.

  24. For nuke. John McCain funded by Soros since 2001
    You’ve probably seen it or posted it or whatever, I can’t keep up anymore. But just in case……..

  25. g’nite all….

  26. You guys are great. By the way, I hate commies too.

  27. Dang, thanks Robert D, I don’t think I had ever seen that. I need to go back to that thread I posted about Soros and add him, if he isn’t there.

  28. You’re welcome, glad I could help.

  29. U.S. Navy Intercepts Russian Bombers Flying Near Ships

    WASHINGTON — U.S. fighter planes intercepted two Russian bombers flying unusually close to an American aircraft carrier in the western Pacific during the weekend, The Associated Press has learned.

    A U.S. military official says that one Russian Tupolev 95 buzzed the aircraft carrier USS Nimitz twice, at a low altitude of about 2,000 feet, while another bomber circled about 50 nautical miles out. The official was speaking on condition of anonymity because the reports on the flights were classified as secret.

    The Saturday incident, which never escalated beyond the flyover, comes amid heightened tensions between the United States and Russia over U.S. plans for a missile defense system based in Poland and the Czech Republic.

    Such Russian bomber flights were common during the Cold War, but have been rare since.

    The bombers were among four Russian Tupolev 95s launched from Ukrainka in the middle of the night, including one that Japanese officials say violated their country’s airspace over an uninhabited island south of Tokyo.

    First Iranian boats, now Russian bombers. Ya think they might want to start something because they perceive us as weak now? Thanks to Pelosi, Reid, Murtha et al. it sounds like we can’t find our ass with both hands.
    Let them keep screwing around, W has a year left……

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