The sincerest form of flattery

Update:  Obamessiah says, “it’s no big deal.”

Is it imitation, or is it plagiarism? Here are the videos. You be the judge.

Deval Patrick, 10/15/06

BH Obama 2/16/08

There isn’t any doubt in my mind that Senator Gravitas riped off Gov Deval’s speech.

h/t jdm


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Ryan Newman, Kurt Bush finish 1 – 2 in Daytona 500

Coming into the finish. 22 laps to go, the yellow flag is out after a 4 car accident.

Dale Earnhardt jr leads.


1203292818.jpgTwo more yellows, and the final restart with 4 laps to go…

Newman, Kurt Bush finish 1 – 2, team mates, Dodge Charger, Penske Racing

Six of the first eight finishers were driving Dodge Chargers.

Not Bad.

Letter To The Editor!

Obamamania and the Liberals

I have a theory as to why the MSM and the liberal pundits are falling in love with Obama (Chris Matthews recently had a “Thrill go up his leg” while listening to Obama). Obama’s speeches remind me of the sermons given by a preacher at one of those mega churches. They give feel good sermons using words like change and hope. Now a lot of conservatives go to church on a regular basis and they hear oratory like Obama gives all the time and they wonder what all the fuss is about. A lot of liberals on the other hand don’t go to church and they have never heard “sermons” like this before and it really affects them emotionally. I just hope once the two parties have chosen their candidates (More than likely Obama and McCain) we can get down to more substance and less emotion.

Danny Huddleston
Houston, Texas

All I can add to this letter is…AMEN, BROTHER!


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