Deep Thoughts, by Chicago Sun-Times

What would be the result of an Obama presidency?

Well for one thing, multiple murders on college campuses would become a thing of the past. In fact, it is the lack of the kind of ‘hope’ that Obamessiah brings to the world that causes seemingly normal people to go off their meds and go on shooting rampages. Or so says Mary Mitchell in the Chicago Sun-Times

obamanose.jpgIf you’re wondering why Sen. Barack Obama’s message of hope has resonated with so many voters across the country, consider the shooting rampage at Northern Illinois University. […]

Like many of you, I watched the televised reports on the violence feeling completely helpless, and wondering how such a horrible thing could have happened in a place where people should feel safe.

How is it that we live in a country where a young man can get his hands on four weapons, including a shotgun?

Why are people walking around armed to the teeth?

The only reason I can think of is that too many people have lost hope.

There’s more, but I think you get the gist.

The Dems are in sad shape. They are willing to put the full weight of their collective and individual futures on the hope of one man, seemingly convinced that the power to change their lives will originate in and emanate from Washington, D.C.

Update: David Brooks asks, “What will happen when the magic fades?”

…They know that most of his hope-mongering is vaporous. They know that he knows it’s vaporous.

I hope they know. But then, we are talking about Democrats. And as we know, with the Left, thoughts never get in the way of a good feeling.


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  1. Roy from Hattiesburg gave Rush an education on Hope today.

    But for a man as masterful with words as you are, to let somebody steal this word of hope, which is a biblical term, which is going to abide forever because it’s written in the Bible that it’s going to abide, you’re letting them have this term, man. I want to hear a solid, sure definition from Rush Limbaugh, because Rush Limbaugh knows what hope is. Hope’s not some dummy sitting around here waiting for something to happen not doing nothing. It’s after you’ve done everything you can do, you’ve done the possible, now you’re waiting on God to do the impossible, and he’ll do it, and that’s what hope is. That’s according to a biblical term, not some whacked out nut that you quote.

    RUSH: Now, wait just a second. Now you’ve brought something brand-new into the mix here, and you have shown me something. You have reached me in a way that few have on the subject of hope. You just said that hope is what follows the full expenditure of effort —

    CALLER: Yes, sir.

    RUSH: — and desire.

    CALLER: — absolutely.

    RUSH: — and when that has not succeeded, you hope for God to —

    CALLER: Thank you.

    RUSH: All right. Now, do you not find it interesting that the appeal that Barack Obama has is also based on a messianic godlike ability to deliver miracles?

    CALLER: I may find it interesting, but I find it just as foolish as it is interesting. And anybody that’s nuts enough and dumb enough —

    RUSH: All right.


  2. That was a nice teaching and learning moment there.

  3. It were, Swampie. Roy from Hattiesburg was fired up, and all over Rush for that stupid Nietzsche saying about hope.

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