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The UN human rights experts have decided that the United States needs to do more to combat racial discrimination against African-Americans, Arabs and Muslims, Hispanics.

The ACLU is suing a city in Iowa that fines parents up to $750 if their precious little angel is suspected of breaking the law or violating curfew three times.

The driver of the van that struck a school bus in Minnesota and killed four students was in fact an illegal alien.

Democrats want every student in America to perform 100 hours of community-based service prior to high school graduation … in order to improve the country.

You’ll be happy to know that wolves have been taken off of the Endangered Species List … somehow the tax payers are still going to be paying $3 million a year to protect them.

What happens when the West underreacts to radical Islam?  We are seeing it happen in Europe right now.

Fake plaques were sent to a police station in Massachusetts in recognition of the officers being “corrupt.”

Imagine that one day you find out that your neighbor is a registered sex offender … suddenly, you are deserving of a tax credit.

A woman who pleaded guilty to drunk driving was ordered by the judge that her wrecked car remain in her front yard until she finishes her three year probation.

And now for some Muslim outrages …

A teacher was fired from an Islamic school after he complained about books that referred to Christians as “pigs.”

A woman in Iran was arrested and then beaten because she was not wearing a pair of socks.

A bank in the Netherlands has been giving piggy banks to young children for years.  Now the bank has stopped giving out the piggy banks because Jews and Muslims consider pigs to be “unclean.”

courtesy of Neal Boortz

Y’all have a great weekend!


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  1. Yeah, I love that dog/Marine story.

  2. As for Mrs.Obama, She’s as shallow and self centered as her husband.

  3. Well, well, well…lookie here.
    Michele(I have no pride)Obama releases her Princeton thesis, and guess what, it’s about race.
    I know it’s a shocka! 😯

  4. Yeah, Ol’Nubs has got a good long dog’s life coming up.
    What a personality. It was meant to be, how else could have Nubs tracked him down so far away, no food, no water, but find him he did.

  5. Yeah, she’s seen a lot of dicrimination, hasn’t she? And she wakes up every day wondering how shes gonna make ends meet. We should be so lucky…

  6. Aren’t animals amazing? That’s why I prefer them over most humans.

  7. Yeah, poor baby, I don’t know how she does it, faces each day without any pride in…anything…except for those zombies cheering for her husband.

  8. They really are. I think God decides which critter will match up with which human critter. There’s no other way to explain how Nubs is on his way to California, or how I met ma’boy, and how he claimed me, or my black lab pup that found me when I was ten, and on and on and on.

  9. You’ll find this amusing/amazing also. Check this out.

  10. Hee-Hee.
    She ain’t lying, even if she is a moonbat.

  11. The officer was a twenty year veteran, with four kids.
    I know the LSM will spin anything against Bush and for LLL, but this issue is a little close to home for me.

  12. ok, I understand.

  13. Such a shame. Most people don’t realize how dangerous motorcade details are, especially for motorcycle cops. They have to leap-frog, at high speeds, to keep intersections blocked, and to keep traffic from getting to close to the rear of the convoy. The bridge where he was killed has a very sharp turn, and he was passing the motorcade at high speed, to get up ahead, and just as he negotiated the curve, he bumped the edge of the curb with his front tire, lost control, and slammed into a concrete abutment.

  14. Damn, that is sad. I had no idea how difficult it was.

  15. Damn, that is sad. I had no idea how difficult it is

  16. I saw that on a msnbcqrxuepowv news story, a little while ago. I call BS, even if that story and another fact checking story don’t get to the bottom of it.

  17. Most of the time, it is when they are blocking an intersection, that is the greatest danger, but the leap-frogging at high speed to maintain the integrity of the motorcade speed is very dangerous, as evidenced today. I think part of the problem today was the temperature. It was in the low thirty’s, and with a cold pavement, and cold tires, his traction and control couldn’t be anywhere near he would normally like to be.

  18. There’s no truth to it. But I like it that someone decided to call his bluff. It’s a start to showing some nads. Maybe they’ll grow into some balls, and we can get some dignity back on the right.

  19. talk about leapfrogging….

  20. Dang! That’s gonna leave a mark.

  21. Like I said, it’s the intersections that are the most dangerous on motorcade/escort duty.

    Senior Cpl. Victor Lozada-Tiada,age 49, wanted to go home to his family.
    He tried so hard, but in the end, it didn’t even matter.
    Rest In Peace, officer.

  22. So Robert D, you going down to Fontana this weekend?

  23. There’s people down there……and smog and it’s, it’s, well I came from there about 40 years ago, and I didn’t leave anything worth going back for.

    No, actually I won’t even go the 300 or so miles to Sonoma. TV has such great coverage, why bother. I’m not such a big fan in my old age, and since Dale was killed.

  24. Okay, then.
    I had no idea where Fontana is, and didn’t know they raced in Sonoma.
    Yeah, I still can’t watch them since Dale died, and I still get pithed at the mention of a certain driver with the initials S.M.

  25. Fontana is Los Angeles, Sonoma is Frisco. S.M……(give me a minuet or two)

  26. S.M. is the C.S. that made Dale crash.

  27. OK. Drawing a blank here…S.M.? (i know i will smack my head like a V8 commercial)

  28. Oh come on now. Dale made Dale crash. I’m one of his biggest fans and I know Sterling didn’t do anything wrong. It was Dale’s lack of concern for his own safety, and a freak accident that caused his death. And he was blocking like crazy for his team to finish 123. He died happy……we should all be so lucky.

  29. We will just have to disagree. To me, what S.M. did, with the finish line just a few hundred feet away, was inexcusable.

    Fidel gets old school.

  30. We will do that, but if you get to see it again you’ll see that Sterling did not even move his car, and Dale came down on him. nuff said

  31. I watched it many times.

  32. Hey n2l, Junior is on Speed, Back In The Day. The old days.

  33. I watched 3 again last weekend. Made me sad all over again.

  34. nite y’all

  35. Ya know, I can’t watch any of that stuff. I’ve yet to see “Dale” and it’s recorded on the DVR. I heard it is the one that RC and Teresa approve of, yet I didn’t hear them say anything bad about ‘3’ when it came out. And Jr. said it was good with him.

  36. I tried to watch the Dale show, but with Paul Newman’s voice, I couldn’t stand it. 3 is really good, it starts with Dale as a boy, trying to gain his Dad’s approval, and Dale was just a hard-headed wild boy. Then he became a man, after learning the lessons on his own, that his Dad tried to save him the trouble of doing.

    How about a little….word association.

    Nite nuke.

  37. Well, better get ready for the bunk.
    Got to get up kind of early, and get some things done.
    See ya’ tamale Robert D.

    I’ll leave you with a most excellent rant.

  38. 3 is good. My Dad taught me how to race starting at 4 yrs old. I listened to every word and got to be pretty good at it. Then we moved away from the racing to live in the woods, and I became a teenager. Then it seemed Dad wasn’t quite as smart anymore, and I knew all about the world according to crap I was hearing. I’m glad I got to tell him he was right…..

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