Fauxtography: Adobe weighs in

You mean, even reputable news agencies might alter a photo? Well, I’m just shocked. Shocked I tell ya.

NEW YORK – Sometimes, a photo is simply too good to be true. [ed. note: ya’ think?]

Tiny details in an image, for instance, may be too similar to have occurred naturally, suggesting a cut-and-paste maneuver. Or the color patterns may be too “normal” — beyond the limitations of sensors on digital cameras.

A growing number of researchers and companies are looking for such signs of tampering in hopes of restoring credibility to photographs at a time when the name of a popular program for manipulating digital images has become a verb, Photoshopping.

Adobe Systems Inc., the developer of Photoshop, said it may incorporate their techniques into future releases. source

Now, if they could figure out a way to spot “staged” photos, they would really be on to something

Update: from Powerline  Chinese Fauxtography

(h/t Robert D.)

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