Tuesday Open

Primary day in Texas and Ohio.  photo slideshow

McCain is poised to lock up the Republican nomination.

The Dems are teetering on a brokered convention.

Babalu blog has an exclusive photo of the new Cuban-Venezuelan joint military effort: *snort*

Boortz presents: The Tuesday Reading Assignment…

CNN has a breakdown of the four primary contests being held today … for those of you who are trying to make sense out of all of this.

McCain said that Russia’s presidential successor Dmitriy Medvedev “would not pass the smell test in any functioning democracy.”

I know you are going to be shocked to hear this one … Ohio Muslims unite behind Obama.

Here’s an interesting look at the economic differences between Texas and Ohio, going into the primaries today.

Israel is accusing Iran of actively backing and supplying arms to Hamas.

Iran is thinking about blocking private Internet access during the upcoming election on March 14th.

Illegal immigration has taken a bit of a backseat these days … but here’s a reminder of how illegals are affecting our country.

Reuters gets the prize for moonbat headline of the day: Inspired by God, Hamas fighters battle on.

Michigan schools expect there to be 25,000 fewer students to be enrolled in government schools by 2011. That will save the taxpayers $190 million annually … but I’m sure politicians will find a way to spend that money.

A man saw his property taxes increase by 1,531%. He says it’s because he refused to sell his property to the Chief Deputy Assessor.

In Malaysia, they are using dogs to help locate pirated DVDs. The two labs will become the world’s first permanent, national anti-piracy canine unit

The list of architectural landmarks participating in this insipid “Earth Hour” is growing by the day.

11 Responses

  1. Geeze, who could’ve seen this one coming?
    Airborne Admits Its Not ‘The Miracle Cold Buster’
    I think when something like a cure for the common cold comes along, It will make headlines, not advertisements.

  2. Chavez, FARC loves Obama

  3. FARC was trying to become a nuclear player, too.

  4. Yeah, I saw that they were trying to become/may actually be a nuclear player.

    When are the Democrats going to be interested in something besides making sure we have a plentiful crack supply?

  5. Mike Huckabee’s speech was another in a long line of great speeches.
    Now what, three remaining candidates I despise and loathe.

  6. Oh, he quit?

    /The news is full of Obama/Hillary; not much to spare for McCain/Huckabee.

  7. We had a faculty meeting after school this afternoon. Nobody was sitting in the front, and people were jostling for the back seats.

    The principal came in, looked over the seating arrangements, and announced “I’m glad to see that all the Baptists are here this afternoon….”

    From Gates of Vienna…Pistol Packin’ Momma.

  9. Some people are really shocked that women, particularly older ones, are ready, willing, and able to defend themselves.

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