The Tuesday Open Thread

First up, a cool video from the Military Channel, comparing Mark46/Mark 48 machine guns.


Next is a piece from Christopher Hitchens, describing the argument from the Left — it’s apples and oranges —

Iraq: Worth the Price

Think how many candy-canes and vacations I could have if it were not for the space program, or the cost of carrier-groups or special forces or — I don’t know — Black Hawk helicopters. (If you think I am being unkind or frivolous, see if you can detect the thread of reasoning that connects Iraq expenditures with the crisis in the mortgage system.) There are days when I think that the money raised by Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama might have been better spent on the alleviation of poverty, but I can still tell an apple from an orange and am not hopelessly stuck on the zero-sum fixation. Once again, the economic “experts” turn out to know the price of some things but not the value of anything.

Time to start moving dirt…. the Toyota deal is bringing the beginnings of a boom in north Mississippi

Auto parts maker Vuteq USA plans to build a $31 million plant in New Albany to supply molded plastic pieces and other components for Toyota’s assembly plant in Blue Springs.Vuteq, a Japanese company with seven facilities in North America, will hire 130 people to work at the New Albany plant and up to 500 to prepare parts kits at the Toyota plant.

Vuteq’s building will be the first in the Martintown Industrial Park, open land Union County bought with Toyota suppliers in mind.

Primary day in the Magnolia State … Beagle Scout who lives down on the coast in MS 1st district, is calling for voters to cross over and vote for Hillary. I live in the 3rd, and I won’t be crossing over. We’ve got a pretty good selection of hopefuls vying for the Pickering seat. The Club for Growth jumped in and endorsed Charlie Ross, to which I say, “forget Charlie Ross.” I’m pulling for David Landrum. So is Mrs. Nuke. Sure hope he makes the runoff.

U.S. House, 3rd District. For the Democratic nomination, Randall Eads of Starkville will meet Joel Gill of Pickens. On the Republican side, voters will choose between Gregg Harper of Pearl, Charlie Ross of Brandon, David Landrum of Madison County, John Rounsaville of Madison, Bill Marcy of Meridian, Gregory Hatcher of Meridian and the Rev. James Broadwater of Flowood.

So what’s going on in your neck of the woods?

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  1. The firepower of that 48 is impressive. I try to catch Futerweapons when it’s on.

    Glad to see Toyota doing more investing in the USA. I’ll bet the NASCAR connection raises the car sales just as it did the truck sales.

  2. I’ve seen that episode of Future Weapons several times.
    Other than that, I got doodley-squat.
    Wait…I do have this bizarre propaganda video from Iran.
    Emphasis on bizarre.

  3. Yeah, too bizarre to finish, makes my head hurt…

  4. Local returns coming in, BHO takes 90% of the black vote, but 2/3 of the dems said “race wasn’t a factor.”

  5. Henh…sorry Robert D, didn’t want to hurt nobody.

  6. Really? That’s not what Geraldine said/says.

  7. Ahh…the new media, not the same as the old media.
    What Did Pelosi Know about Amgen’s Woes and When Did She Know It?
    How many instances of her failure to drain the swamp is it now, Del Monte, and something else, that escapes me.

  8. It is high time for our side to sharpen up the rhetoric and go on offense.

  9. Why run? Why hide?
    /you’re only going to die tired and scared

  10. I had a very disconcerting exchange with a client this morning.
    She and I know that we are each conservatives, and have never or seldom disagreed on anything. I was talking about B-HO’s reciting the adhan in a first rate arabic accent to a NYSlimes reporter, and she stopped me, and said he isn’t a muslim, and that she was a B-HO supporter.
    What is with this emotional connection some people are making with this fraud? It’s pure emotion, not rational.

  11. Thanks for the link, nuke. How did your local races turn out?

    My evil genius plan to throw the Democratic primary to Clinton didn’t do a lick of good.

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