Hong King schools close amid flu fears

Update from ABC News“Since March 6, health officials have recorded nine flu outbreaks,mostly at schools, affecting 532 people in the territory of nearly 7 million”

also, NP’s amyjudd reports

All kindergartens and junior schools in Hong Kong have closed early for their Easter holiday, after a flu-like illness killed three children.

The Education Bureau described the move as a “precautionary measure”.

More than 30 students from one school have showed flu-like symptoms and three children have died from apparently similar illnesses in recent weeks.

Experts are investigating a link to either bird flu or Sars
, a respiratory disease that hit Hong Kong in 2003.

Just when you thought flu season was over….

I went by the local hospital yesterday and asked them why they were extending the period for flu vaccinations. Normally flu season is over by the end of February, but this year, the CDC has extended the vaccination period to run through the end of March.
[cue spooky music]

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  1. Ummmmhmmmm, and extended the recommended age limits for those getting the flu shots, too.

  2. More flu?

    You know, the Spitzer story isn’t done, until Ann has her say.

  3. The overseas papers are indicating the kids died of bird flu in their headlines (as does ABC); however, the story does not say so.

    DANG, wish we had better info. I would NOT trust (Red) China not to be covering up an outbreak.

  4. This sucks.

    As has been noted elsewhere, Miskolczi’s theory could explain why the warming that models have been predicting for decades has never materialized.

    NASA’s response to the new results? It refused to publish them, reports DailyTech.com. Miskolczi quit, citing in his resignation letter a clash between his “idea of the freedom of science” and NASA’s “practice of handling new climate change related scientific results.”

    The space agency isn’t inclined to fund research that refutes the Al Gore view that has eaten away reasoned thinking and been adopted uncritically by much of the public.

  5. from abcgo.com,
    “Since March 6, health officials have recorded nine flu outbreaks, mostly at schools, affecting 532 people in the territory of nearly 7 million.”

    Nine outbreaks in less than a week? Dang.

  6. Xinhua says H1N1, influenza A outbreak.

  7. Ann’s too funny. I’m reading “If Democrats Had Any Brains, They’d Be Republicans”.

    Ack. I’m gonna be late tomorrow if I don’t get some sleep!

  8. Well, of course he’d be ignored by NASA. He’s one of those Damned Dirty Deniers.

  9. Night Swampie.
    I’m about wore down for today. Never got a nap.

  10. Night y’all
    I swung over to the state line to buy me some powerballs. If I hit tonite, I’m going to have $230 million reasons not to go to work tomorrow,

  11. ‘Night! Me, too. Or either. Or…nevermind, I’m just going to sleep.

  12. Hot damn!

    /I hope you win. At least ONE of us will have some money then.

  13. Powerballs…henh.

  14. […] a world renowned expert on respiratory diseases. Last year, he made statemenafludiary.blogspot.comHong King schools close amid flu fears Update from ABC News ?????Since March 6, health officials have recorded nine flu outbreaks,mostly […]

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