Obama: “I never knew it!”

The audacity of chutzpah.

After 20 years of church membership, Senator Obama now claims he had no idea of the anti-American, leftist hate speech from his pastor,

“None of these statements were ones I had heard myself personally in the pews,” Obama told FOX News. “Once I saw them I had to be very clear about the fact that these are not statements that I am comfortable with. I reject them completely they are not ones that reflect my values or my ideals.”


Are we back to parsing statements, and redefining the meaning of “is?”

Better yet, why don’t we just define what Obama is lying about.

If in fact he never heard Wright’s hate-filled sermons, it simply means that he wasn’t in attendance on the numerous times that Wright went on a rant.

But, it doesn’t mean that Senator Gravitas wasn’t aware of Wright’s words, or his separatist views. And it doesn’t explain why he waited until now to disavow Wright.

It simply means he never heard it from the pews. And frankly, that’s just not good enough.

It’s clever, just not credible.

Ok Hillary, the ball is teed it up for you. If you don’t slap this sucker baldheaded, then you don’t deserve the nomination.

Bob’s Bites asks, Is Obama Lying?

He expects us to believe, that in twenty years of attending the same church, he never knew his pastor hated America. I find it hard to believe he didn’t know about the hatred Rev. Wright has for America. This man preaches about America spreading HIV to blacks on purpose, planning Sept. 11, 2001, and preaches God Damn America. How in the world can Obama not have heard about this in 20 years of attending this church.


Update: The Smoking Gun ….. In a story by the NYT [ screenshot ] dated March 6, 2007, Jeremiah Wright recalls a telephone conversation with Obama. In that call, Obama explains why it was necessary to distance himself from Wright.

“You can get kind of rough in the sermons, so what we’ve decided is that it’s best for you not to be out there in public.”

That clanging sound you hear is the sound of all four tires flying off the Obamagasm Express.

Update:  Jake Tapper at ABC agrees.


Update: Obama campaign throws Wright under the bus. But, MSNBC is not above a little moral equivalence, comparing Wright’s hate speech with recent comments by Geraldine Ferraro…

Wright was the latest in a series of advisers to Obama and Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, D-N.Y., who have stepped aside as supporters of both candidates trade racially charged accusations.


Update: Youtube pulls the Wright “G-D America” video (h/t velvethammer)


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  1. Oh man, what an opportunity for HRT. I hope she she gets Carville to help her with this. It’s right up his alley.

  2. One choice word.


  3. totally agree with the one word sum up “LIAR”

  4. Obama has starting his spinning in defense of his association with Rev Wright.

  5. Yes he’s lying, he’s been lying about…well…everything, this entire campaign. Have any of you ever looked at the about page at the website for his church?
    I have, after receiving the following email from our internet buddy, Jim Baxter, back on 10 Jan.

    Dear Friends,

    In the 1980’s, after wife Carol and son Matt went to be with
    the Lord, I began making short-term lay-missionary trips
    to Central America (4x), Russia (2x), and once each to
    South Korea and Israel. My message then, as now,
    “God’s Answer to His own question, ‘What is man…?:’
    Earth’s Choicemaker.” Psalm 25:12 Joel 3:14 KJV

    In several C. A. countries we found a rampant idealogy
    of humanistic collectivist Marxism selling itself to the
    people as ‘Christian’ under title, “Liberation Theology.”
    The resulting damage to religion, governments, and
    people, goes on to this day.

    I recently went to Senator Barack Hussein Obama’s
    church site to read what his ‘pastor’ teaches – and he
    obviously supports. I found Liberation Theology &
    Racial Collectivism (Black) – neither of which is Bible-
    based, or Christian, or American-principled. Little is
    even said in behalf of Jesus other than superficial
    camouflage. It is a site dedicated to pure humanistic

    The whole site is worthy of analysis and rejection. Two
    particular pages are:

    http://www.tucc.org/about.htm listed in Contents
    http://www.tucc.org/talking_points.htm no longer listed

    http://www.tucc.org/ Homepage & Contents

    Now you know what Obama really believes!
    Error produces only error.

    please share with your Pastor and others…

    James Fletcher Baxter
    semper fidelis

    For me, it has never been a question of if B-HO is lying about his church…or mosque, but rather why it has taken so long for the LameStream Media to actually report on it.

  6. So he is a church-going man that never heard the sermons in a church he’s been attending 20 years?

    Perhaps he better get his hearing checked.

  7. Just thought I’d mention, the video is still up at my site.

  8. When I want to know about somebody, I always look at who they associate with.

    If they associate with people that I believe to be hard working, responsible citizens, then I assume that they in turn are the same. If they associate with religious people doing good work and donate their worldly goods towards betterment of people worse off, then I believe they, too, are people of faith and humility. If they attend BBQ dinners with the local Klan leaders, well, I assume they are dumbass racists.

    So far, all I’ve seen from Obama is that he is good friends with a crook and a racist, and his wife whines about the difficulties of getting by on a nearly half million a year income (plus royalties).

    I know that if John McCain attended a church where all the woes of the world were blamed on black people (after all, AIDS originated in Africa, so it must be a black plot against humanity), the press would have been all over that like flies on roadkill. The assumption made would have been that John McCain is a racist if he went there for 20 years and, indeed, is quite friendly with the pastor.

  9. Two Americas? Looks like Edwards was right after all. Dangit, I need a shower after that.

  10. I note that the “Rev.” Wright said that Hillary has never been called a “n****r”. Dollars to doughnuts ol’ Obama has never been called a c**t, b***h, or ball-buster.

  11. Uhhh….yes he has.
    /i admit it

  12. which one?

  13. All of them.

  14. Obama has known it, and agrees with this pastors views all along, he just tried to bamboozle the american public about his true colors. He even admitted it on interview yesterday, that he MIGHT’VE quit the church only if he had heard them “REPEATEDLY” WOW, I wonder how many does he mean?

  15. good point. How many times does it take to cross the “repeatedly” threshold?

    Obama is truly Clintonesque in his ability to parse words.

  16. He can say well..um…I was not present during such and such sermon. BS The church’s foundation (according to the TUCC vision statement) is based on James Cone’s black liberation theology. So Wright must have spewed his venom on numerous occasions. Obama is lying through his teeth.

  17. So, vh, what you are saying in essence is, he is a lying B-HO.
    /get it…doublet entendre

  18. LMAO! I get it.

  19. And yep that what I be sayin’.


  20. Just wanted to be crystal. 😛

  21. You’ve succeeded. 😆
    As much as I cringe at BHO running fro Pres. There never has been a dull moment. lol BHO the gift that keeps on giving. That is if one is conservative. 😉

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