Red Letter Days in Nukedom

As I think back over my blogging career, several days stand out in my memory.

Like the first time I got a tip in my pay-pal tip-jar. (Thanks Robert D.)

Or, the time when we had a post picked up by BBC.

And, who can forget the day “Nuke Gingrich” was ranked #1 by Technorati?

Yes, indeed. Blogging certainly has its rewards.

Here is one that will make the NG Top Ten List.

I’m going to have a pickle named after me.

pickle-man.gif…pickles soaked in Nuke Paste Juice. Nuke Paste is his blend of 7 peppers and some other goodies that add great flavor and heat to his sangwiches. He gave me one of the pickles and OH MOMMA was it good…

Ok, so if you’re still reading this, Keith needs your help. Well, he didn’t ask, I’m asking for him. He’s trying to figure out a name for these pickles. He’s thinking “Nuke Bomb” or “Nuke Missle” since the pickles look similar to a missle. For me, I like the Nuke part but am thinking of something less destructive to counter the Nuke name…

My friend HopHound wants to call it the Nuke Gingrich.

Please send in your comments, lets get these bad boys a killer name.

Naturally, I think HopHound is on to something…….. Heh™

26 Responses

  1. Dang!
    Nothing like a good pickle with a bologna sangwich.

  2. Nuke Nummies?

  3. Nuke Darling?

  4. Nice Nuke?

  5. Nuke Dandy?

  6. The Nuke. When size matters.

  7. Savory Nuke?
    Nuke Select?
    Choice Nuke?
    Muted Nuke?
    Agreeable Nuke?
    Edible Nuke?
    Harmless Nuke?
    Safe Nuke?
    Savory Nuke?
    Subtle Nuke?
    /i have more

  8. I gotta say, Nuke Cuke is really catchy, but we need to go with Nuke Gingrich. Come on now, visit the site and vote!

  9. The Duke of Nuke

  10. Nuke’emall

  11. Oh my Cow! Look at you all go! Keith will be pleased to hear all the suggestions! feel free to send some of those comments on my blog as Keith (the creator of the Nuke Gingrich pickle) checks it out daily to see if anyone has commented.

    My blog gets some good, local traffic but not everyone comments. Go for Nuke Gingrich!!

  12. I’m tryin to get em there. (they don’t listen to me much though) 😕

  13. We all be some hard heads, Robert D, but we come around.

  14. Robert D:
    Bend, Oregon looks like a part of the Free State of Jefferson

    I bet they make good pickles.
    With a name like Nuke, it has to be good.

    /borrowed from Smuckers Jelly

  15. Hey BOR.
    Thanks for dropping by!

  16. It’s close enough to make it. We can do some, (what’s that called) Jerry mandering, to get it in. 😆 Especially if the pickles are named for you.

  17. I vote to include Bend in the Free State.
    Bend, Jefferson.
    Has a nice sound.
    And they make good pickles!

  18. I like it! Sounds a lot like where I live. 😉

  19. […] Nice piece, Michelle. Next time you’re in Jefferson, give our bud Robert D. a shout. And if you make it up to Bend, be sure to drop by Keith’s, and check out the “Nuke Gingrich.” […]

  20. […] of partial to Nuke Goat and the Mayo. Speedshop Deli could have used this generator when they were naming my pickle. […]

  21. […] the blog front, we’ve even had another of those Red Letter Days in Nukedom. And, although it can’t really compare with having a pickle named after us by The Speed Shop […]

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