Obama on racism, circa 1990

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TEXT: (July, 1990) Photograph: Robert Lieberman,The Chicago Reporter,Issue 221

The last thing that Barack Obama will have to worry about next year when he graduates is job offers. Obama finished his second year at Harvard Law School this spring and has been elected to lead the Harvard Law Review, a prestigious position traditionally reserved for a top student.

“It’s a great time to be a young black law school graduate – if you’re from Harvard and in the top quarter of your class,” said Obama. “But the point is that there are a lot of talented young minorities who may not have been able to go to the top schools. For example, a lot of minorities go to state schools due to financial constraints.

“Until the minorities who are going to the good but not the most prestigious schools, those who are doing a good job, who are highly competent and have the intelligence and the energy to do terrific work – until those people are looked at and hired in significant numbers – I think you are going to continue to have serious recruitment and retention problems.”

Before going to law school, Obama spent four years in Chicago, working at the Developing Communities Project on the South Side. Currently, he is a summer associate at the firm of Hopkins & Sutter in Chicago. Last summer he worked at Sidley & Austin.

“Certainly, a lot of large frims are interested in hiring more minorities,” he said. “The issue you confront is: What kind of minorities are the firms looking for? I certainly wouldn’t have a hard time finding a job in Chicago. I have all the right credentials.”

Even firms that are making an effort to recruit minorities – and there still are not many of them, Obama said – are reluctant to take a chance on students who do not have the top credentials. It has been said, Obama noted, that it may be time to ask if minorities are getting the same right to be “mediocre” as white males.

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  1. He and his wife are completely obsessed with race, yet he speaks to the nation as though he were some great healer, a uniter.
    A campaign based on a canard.

  2. I have the stats for all this stuff. What he is saying is TOTAL B.S.. Not partial, just unmitigated b.s..

    Minorities get more financial aid at law schools than do whites. They do so even though they are less qualified. The end result of affirmative action is that students who, by the numbers, should be at third-tier schools wind up at schools like Georgetown.

    The effects on hiring are even greater. It’s sick. Basically, if you’re black and you apply to law school, people will bend over backwards for you. Ultimately, though, everyone suffers, from the talented people who were turned down from schools at which they could have excelled, to the minorities who find themselves hopelessly out-gunned.

  3. BHO racial stereotyping white folk in this shoddy attempt to explain why he threw his grandmother under the bus.

    “The point I was making was not that my grandmother harbors any racial animosity…But she is a typical white person. If she sees somebody on the street that she doesn’t know . . .inbred…reaction in her that doesn’t go away and it comes out in the wrong way.”

  4. Yeah, so much for a color blind society. But then, what do I know? I’m just a typical white person.

  5. I made a post on my blogsite about your post . From what I have read all across the net is Obama has always used the race card. I sure do not want to be punish for something that happen before my time so will have to vote McCain and or Hillary if she would somehow pull off a suprize. 🙂
    Oh and thanks for a good post!

  6. I have been accused of being racist. How dumb is that. I grew up on a plantation with folks living in the old slave quarters, helping us, etc. and we all hung out and were friends, regardless of how much money, stature or anything. Good people know no color..

    When I got asked if I was a racist, my response was no.

    I did not know anything about that racism stuff back then. When I was young, there was a country store and one room of the store was designated “Colored People” on a sign above the door. I use to go in there and hang out, all were playing cards, drinking their beer, bar-b-queing out the back door, playing music, etc.. just having a regular day.

    Being young, not knowing what racism was, I asked a question to my parents and the store owner.. It was a simple question…

    “How Come We don’t have a room like that too?”

    I did not think it right that those folks were in their own little designated room having all this fun and the rest of us should be able to have the same kind of cool fun room too..

    By the way, the person that asked if I was a racist, was a racist.. He is black, think people owe him something for nothing, very well educated, good at what he does, smiles and does all the stuff Obama does to help his career along, etc.. list of good qualities is long, his list of bad is longer, but, at the end of the day, he is one of the biggest racists I have ever met.. I just do not understand that kind of thinking and do not like to associate with people that are racist. I separate myself from those that are and associate myself with the good people of any color, creed, gender or hair style..


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